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Run number 2, 13th December, 2006:
BOGS run 2
Run 2 got off to a good start with 7 people, including Full Term, an old hash colleague from Geneva, and the McConachie clan. Travelog caught up at the first regroup, bringing us up to 8.

The trail took us through the twists and turns of the Nailsea footpath network then across the fields (some excellent shiggy) to Backwell Common and back. Another regroup to make sure everyone had managed to drag themselves out of the shiggy then on to the beer stop for beer & mulled wine.

Beer stop photo shows (L to R):
Andrew McConachie
Travelog (Chris Bloor)
James McConachie
Full Term (Joel Goldstein)
Bloody Shiggy (Vicky Hollier)
Neil Isaac

Deep Throat (Joe Norman) was once again behind the camera.

After the hash circle and down-downs, we had soup and bread in the Scotch Horn bar to start the on-on.

Run number 1, 6th December, 2006:
BOGS run 1
Our inaugural run was held on Wednesday, 6th December 2006, from the Strode Leisure Centre, Strode Road, Clevedon; hare (and founder): Joe "Deep Throat" Norman. Present, as well as DT, (formerly of Geneva Hash), were (from left to right, above) Miss Jones (Bristol Greyhound Hash), Tavelogue (Town and Country Harriers), Oliver Twist (Mendip Hash) and Bloody Shiggy (Middle Yeo Surf Lifesavers). The last two received their Hash names on the run.

Despite an unpromising weather forecast an excellent moonlit run attracted only the odd shower (see above). Mulled wine went down well at the beer stop and the on-on was held at The Salthouse on Clevedon sea front.

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