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Run number 53, 19th December, 2007, the "Tinsel Hash":

WHERE: Coppertone & Bag Lady’s place, Redcliff Bay.
WHO: 13 Hashers and 2 Hounds.
HARES: Coppertone, Bag Lady & Carmel.
Well, it was the Tinsel Hash and we excelled ourselves. Hare Carmel arrived wearing her Santa suit followed by a stream of tinkling, twinkling and flashing bodies topped with reindeer horns and Santa hats. We certainly looked the part as the On On was called up the hill to Down Road and the first check. In keeping with the theme, the first regroup was a Viewing Check in front of a garden full of brightly lit reindeer, decorated trees, a Nativity Crib and even a Santa making his way up the chimney. From there the trail led back to Down Road and descended progressively through various patches of greenery to reach the cunningly disguised fuel tanks. Doubling back, it was On On to the coastal path and a Regroup on the foreshore. The narrow strip of woodland running parallel to the coast led us further along until the trail started to head away from the coast to the ever welcome Beer Stop and Mini Bar. To find the ON IN involved trailing around the back lanes of Redcliff Bay until Nore Road came into view and Queensway led straight to the beers.
CIRCLE: Deep Throat had brought along some Brass Knocker Real Ale for the Down Downs which started, as is the custom, with the Hares. For wearing a hat in the circle, Backwoods was next up (DT, full of Christmas Goodwill To All Men, decided to overlook any hats which had horns or were red with white trim but Backwoods black-as-the-ace-of-spades model didn’t qualify). It seemed that Mo had been heard on trail saying “oh look there’s a spot” and “there’s another spot” rather than the traditional cry of “On On” for which she was honoured with the Hash Handle of Spot On. Backwoods was up again for not being festively attired (Bah Humbug) accompanied by Twirly who had sneaked into the circle quietly without seeing anything of the trail. Can’t remember why June and Max had a Down Down but they must have committed some heinous offence.
ON ON ON: As everyone had brought food to share, it was time to eat, drink and be merry. Coppertone managed to offload some of his homebrew bitter and what with mulled wine, mince pies and sausage rolls galore, it was all very festive. Bag Lady introduced us to a localised version of the Dead Cats Society Christmas Carols. Happy Christmas to all our readers!

Run number 52, 12th December, 2007:

WHERE: The Little Harp, Clevedon.
WHO: 15 Hashers, 2 Hash Hounds.
HARE: Big Stick.
RUN REPORT: In Victorian times people would come to Clevedon to “take the airs” and Big Stick clearly decided that we needed to do the same. The trail led straight onto the Sea Wall and along the edge of the outdoor sea-water pool before turning away from the coast to find the woodlands on Church Hill and Wain’s Hill. The Runners went along much of Poet’s Walk while the Wednesday Walking Wibblies short-cut to the seawall defenses on the west side of Clevedon. The trail then followed water again along the rhyne leading to the Kenn Road area and into the back streets of the town to Old Church Road. Climbing to a high point behind Victoria Road took us to the Beer Stop and a view point over the town. Suitably refreshed, we headed for the ON IN but were treated to another view point – a garden bedecked with Santa and reindeer, lights and glitter in keeping with the season.
CIRCLE: Jim, not a virgin hasher but new to Bogs H3, was welcomed with the customary Down Down. The RA continued to remind us of hashing protocol by giving Down Downs to those wearing hats in the circle – naughty Inchworm, Backwood, Twirly and Royalty. SCB Coppertone was called up for his crime and again, with Bag Lady for completing 15 runs this very day. Some people never learn. Twirly was up again for putting his hat back on and Coppertone for sitting at a check – just like last week.
ON ON ON: Inside the pub two lovely fellas gave us their table because there were more of us. I think it was a gesture of Christmas spirit and not because we scared them. A decent selection of sarnies and festive decorations made for a convivial evening.
Run number 51, 5th December, 2007:

WHERE: Kings Arms in Easton-in-Gordano.
HARES: Cinderella & Walky-Talky (Hev refused to take any responsibility but I’ll bet she was involved somehow).
RUN REPORT: The old adage is that “what goes up must come down” but this trail seemed all “On Up” from the pub – through the woods and across the countryside south of Easton-in-Gordano. Apparently DT had requested a “less flat” trail and the Hares were happy to oblige. They did, however, later provide a Kodak Opportunity where the dazzling lights of Bristol, Avonmouth and even the Second Severn Bridge were on display and very nice they were too. Walky-Talky directed the Wednesday Walking Wibblies away from the worst of the shiggy but, with their own checkpoints and regular regroups, we were all brought back together and eventually found the Beer Stop and the ON INN.
CIRCLE: Returnees Rex and June were welcomed back with a Down Down followed by DT, Coppertone and Backwoods who were all charged with the Hash crime of sitting at a regroup – they are young but they will learn. Jim had been at it again: for 2 weeks running he had been caught lying around on the grass on trail for which he was honoured with a hash handle. By the power invested in him, DT named him “Inchworm” after the song which goes: “Inchworm, inchworm measuring the marigolds” - apparently.
ON ON ON: Sarnies in the pub around a roaring fire and some hashers received the Bogs of Somerset HHH shirts they’d ordered.
Run number 50, 28th November, 2007:
First report by new Hash Scribe, Bag Lady.

RUN REPORT: The forecasted rain was no deterrent to the 10 runners, 4 walkers and 1 hash hound who turned up for this auspicious occasion – the 50th BOGS HHH run. After depositing our food goodies with Swallow (ready for the Pot Luck Supper afterwards), it was ON-ON down Hill Road to find 2 Falsies on the right: one in the park and one down Prince’s Road. The real trail headed off to the Dial Hill area where we continued to weave in, out and around with lots of Falsies and Turn Backs to keep the pack together until eventually the Beer Stop was found near Walton Park Hotel. The Walkers were then offered a shortcut along Wellington Terrace while the Runners set off to Ladye Bay and a long slog on the coast path to arrive back at Hill Road and the ON IN.
CIRCLE: Deep Throat, holding the fort as Grand Mattress and Religious Advisor, presided over the Circle where 3 Hashers were honoured with Hash Handles. By the powers invested in him, DT named Paul Cinderella (as he always has to leave the ball early). June got off lightly with the name Royalty (in remembrance of turning up at the Royal instead of the Royal Oak a few weeks back - oops). Cheryl was named Walky-Talky and no-one seemed to think that was inappropriate.
AGPU: see attached minutes [PDF file].
ON-ON-ON: After the AGPU, it was ON-ON to DT and Swallow’s kitchen to scoff all the goodies and revive ourselves for the journey home. Thanks to the hosts for having us and to everyone for bringing yummy nibbles.

Run number 49, 21st November, 2007:

Six walkers, seven runners, one hare and two hash hounds had an interesting outing across the moor between Nailsea and Tickenham. The hare swore he laid flour everywhere (up power poles, on walls , under stones, on cows...) but most of it we never saw. Perhaps the sheep ate it all. Thanks to our incredible powers of deduction and some hints from the hare we nevertheless found our way round Tickenham Church and the (real) Moorend Spout to a gourmet beer stop, and then on to the Moorend Spout pub for hash nosh.
Run number 48, 14th November, 2007:

Despite the cold night there was a warm welcome at the Princes Motto, Barrow Gurney. A particularly devious trail led past the baying hounds of the Animal Rescue Centre, who obviously regarded us as supper. Some fields and hills later we arrived at the beer stop to find no beer - but it was just hidden down the lane. An easy run downhill took the pack back to Barrow Gurney, where after a swift circle we sat down to a feast in the back bar.
Run number 47, 7th November, 2007:

On another dry night the pack of 8 runners and 4 walkers set off from The Old Inn, Clevedon, on a flat route around east Clevedon which took in fields around junction 20 of the M5. The runners got off to a quick start but were caught up by the walkers in the dog-walking field with use of a turnback on the other side of the hedge. A wait in the cowfields while the walkers caught up was spent stargazing and after much searching the trail was picked up again and after a quick regroup we all went over the motorway pretty much together. Down the other side the runners loop into another field meant that the pack arrived at the beer stop at similar times (only because Heather stopped Wendy and Mo investigating what the local lads get up to in their car in dark dead-end streets at night!). After refreshments and another upwards gaze, looking for meteors this time, the run continued through paths, alleys and quiet streets then bought us over a footbridge and back to the main road leading back to the Old Inn just as it turned 9 o'clock. A quick down-down preceded us going inside where we enjoyed sandwiches and chips washed down by decent beers and cider.
12 Hounds, including Virgin Mo Luffman, plus Buster (who was the only real hound there) and 2 Hares - Paul & Heather.
Run number 46, 31st October, 2007:

Eleven Hashers, plus Buster the dog, set off from the Langford Inn, Langford, on a pleasant Halloween evening, though only Big Stick was correctly dressed (as a skeleton). Walkers and runners kept together reasonably well as we chased the trail laid on cowpats across dark fields. Carol, the farmer's wife, appeared as we regrouped in Lower Stock Farm and mentioned that people were shooting in a big field that the trail would go through! Fortunately the hare, Deep Throat, had an alternative up his sleeve. Some impressively smelly shiggy in a gateway caught Big Stick by surprise when he opened the gate - and the hare when he closed it. The beer stop required a silent sneak through an orchard to collect the beer and was punctuated by sleepy clucks from the chicken farm over the hedge.
After the usual circle we moved into the Inn for good beer and huge trays of food. Buster showed lighting speed as he snaffled a sandwich off the table but there were enough butties to go round so it wasn't a problem.
Run number 45, 24th October, 2007:
As a Hasher said last week "if it's in Portishead, you know it's going to go up and down and up and down" and, in that regard, the Hares (Coppertone, Bag Lady and Just Carmel) didn't disappoint. Starting from the Royal Oak on West Hill in Portishead, the trail a total of eleven hashers, including Virgin Visitor Just Alison, led downwards towards St Mary's Church and then westwards and upwards to Weston Bigwood. We managed not to lose anyone in the woods (plenty of checks) and eventually emerged in Valley Road. Following the path alongside the road for a short while, the main trail then crossed back across the road while the Walkers short cut. The regroup was at the bottom of The ZigZag path near Nore Road where Big Stick caught up with us having got plenty of exercise looking for the Pack. The trail then took the Pack down to the coastal path with a Beer Stop at the sailing club then a final climb back up again. This trail was longer than your average Hash but luckily the weather was kind and the pub was still open when we got there with sandwiches and bevvies aplenty.
Run number 44, 17th October, 2007:
The Miner's Rest, Long Ashton, is high up the hill on Providence Lane, so lots of scope for up and down. The pack of twelve hounds, plus Buster the dog, sets off down the hill and promptly gets turned round and sent up the hill round the golf course. Somewhere round the eighth tee the hare has set a regroup in a bramble thicket before climbing a wall and crossing the main Bristol road into Ashton Court woods. We all arrive safely in the woods and start a game of hunt-the-trail through the trees in the gathering gloom. Two hounds get detached while checking false trails but manage to find us again by the next regroup. Back over the road and up over the golf course (keeping a lookout for blind golfers playing in the dark) then down a steepish muddy path where the hare takes a flying header into the shrubbery, but picks himself up in time to open the beer car for a welcome drink.
Back at the Miner's Rest we welcome new hasher Wendy with a down-down, think of an excuse to give everyone else a down-down as well, then inside for glass of cheer and a cheerful chat over great mounds of sandwiches provided by the pub.
Run number 43, 10th October, 2007:

We met at The Royal Oak in Clevedon, on a warm night. The weather was dry but the pack was soon stripping off as they puffed up the hills. Thirteen were present plus hash dogs Buster & Lucky. Buster was one today, a bit young for beer so owner June duly drank a down-down for him.
Returnees Carmel, Bag Lady & Coppertone also received welcome-back down-downs.
Run number 42, 3rd October 2007:

Not quite so flat this week! Deep Throat, Backwards, Paul, Heather, Cheryl, Swallow, Jim, June Seville and dog Lucky followed Oliver's twisting trail from The Sawyers Arms, Nailsea, up to the top of the Failand ridge, enjoyed the view, then back down again. Deep Throat kept missing obvious hash signs and disappearing into the distance. Backwards and Cheryl demonstrated falling over in a number of entertaining ways and everyone got nicely muddy in the shiggy just before the beer stop. A refreshing rainstorm kept the beerstop short and we decided to skip the circle in favour of getting into a nice dry, warm bar. We hadn't arranged food beforehand but the landlord sportingly made us substantial fresh cheese or ham and salad butties which were excellent.
Run number 41, 26th September 2007:
The run from the Priory at Portbury was nice and flat - the biggest hill was a footbridge over the M5.
Eleven doughty hashers (Big Stick, Backwards, Paul, Swallow, Twirly, June Fegredo, Heather, Cheryl, Jim, June Seville and Lynn) plus one dog (Lucky) set off to tackle the trail set by devious hare Deep Throat. The walkers followed a smooth-surfaced nature trail through acres of parked cars while the runners did the same with some extra loops. Back across the M5 in Easton in Gordano then a woodland trail round Portbury services led to the beer stop. The final section led across fields, past Portbury church and through a market garden back to the Priory. The Priory keeps serving food until 10pm so we were able to dine on soup and bread after the circle.
Run number 40, 19th September 2007:
The Star at Congresbury made us most welcome. Eleven of us with hash dogs Buster and Lucky set off as dusk was falling and wound our way through lanes (some ankle deep in mud), fields (with a bull), over stiles (decrepit - one was held up with bits of string) via Claverham and Yatton to Cadbury Hill (beer stop). Rain during the day washed away those parts of the trail across grassy fields, which made it "interesting" for the runners, but they managed to catch the walkers before the beer stop.
The hare had forgotten how long it takes to get a group over a rickety stile so it was a bit late by the time we got back to the Star, but landlord Elly still managed to serve us nice crisp chips and potato wedges to wash down with our beer. He let us bring the dogs into the pub too.
Run number 39, 12th September 2007:
Hare - DT and Big Stick.
Pub - The Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano.
DT could not make hash. 12 persons plus one dog. Those present Big Stick, Dr Dave Maslin (after long rehabilitation from the dangerous game of cricket), Rewind, Maggie on flat batteries, Lynn Lewis (dressed in black), June and Twirly Fegredo (plus Buster), Cheryl, Heather and Paul Rosser, June (Portishead Loafers) and Rex.
A good route which (except for the on-inn) managed to synchronise the runners and walkers perfectly without using many regroups. Getting noticeably dark by the view stop and quite a challenge for those people who forgot their torch by the end.
Everyone seemed to enjoy it including three new hashers and even Twirly (Brian) until 100m from the end he had a packed ICE stop when he twisted his ankle after mountain bikers nearly ran down Buster (good job he displayed a red light to the rear). The pre-arranged pub sandwiches were a disappointment, but we ate 'em anyway. - Rewind.
Run number 38, 5th September 2007:

On a gorgeous late-Summer evening, a good turnout of 14 set off from The Blue Flame, West End near Nailsea. BOGS regulars Rewind, Big S, Jim, Twirly (Brian) and Lucy, Paul, Cheryl and Heather were swelled in numbers by Nailsea RC members Jules, Martin, and BOGS virgins Emma, Jane and Christine. Two dogs, Buster and Jasper, also joined.
After a loop round the hamlet of West End the pack went through "Cow City" which worried a couple of the female hashers (and some of the cows). The cows also caused distress to the hare (Oliver) due to their fondness of freshly flung flour (even when on their own pancakes). With three loops for the walking group the hash stayed together reasonably well to arrive back at the pub after 65 mins to enjoy drinks outside in a golden late sunset.
- Colin.
Run number 37, 29th August 2007:
Hare: Miss Jones. Pub: The Golden Lion in Wrington. Nine people including the Hare plus one asthmathic-sounding dog: Hare, Brian, June and Daniel (son 1st time) Fegredo and Buster (dog). Cheryl, Heather and Paul Rosser, Jim Bougnague and Rewind.
Humungous hill up but it came back down. Cheese and bread at Miss Jones' with magnificant hunter's moon rising behind the trees. Beware tripping over black dogs that suddenly stop in the dark. Two took walker's cuts but had been found running as well. Meeting up with the walkers was perfectly orchestrated. - Rewind.
Run number 35, 15th August 2007:

Five runners (and Buster) and seven walkers set off from The Plough in Portishead High Street. This was a challenge for the runners because rain had washed out the hare's false trail marks (in chalk) so they spent a long time on the first couple of checks. So long in fact that they didn't catch up with the walkers until the beer stop. It was also a challenge for the walkers because, with the runners behind them, the walkers had to check out all the false trails and check-backs.
In the woods, Val decided to slide down the first mud slope instead of climbing up it, but survived. As the walkers reached the top of the woods they could hear the first faint cries from the runners at the bottom.
After the beer stop the runners and walkers were more evenly matched and arrived at the on-on (at The Poachers) around the same time. Down-downs were awarded to newcomers Jim & Val, the hare and the gallant walkers, after which we tucked into big platters of filling (if not particularly healthy) grub over our pints.
Run number 34, 8th August 2007:
Run 34 from the Old Barn in Wraxall saw a record turnout of 17 people and one dog (Buster). Four runners (Paul, Zoe, June, Brian and Buster) were accompanied by Rewind, while 12 walkers (Lorenzo, Lorraine, Jackie, Jane, Nick, Cari, Heather, Cheryl, Fran, Gordon & Maggie) enjoyed(?) the company of Deep Throat. The two groups kept in touch until the last lap, when the walkers made it to the bar first!
The weather was perfect for our beer stop on the hill and for our ploughman's supper picnic over our drinks after the run.
Coming runs will include a walkers trail, and you are welcome to bring your dog (needs to be on a lead across farmland and on roads).
Run number 33, 1st August 2007:

Two new faces at run 33 from the George at Abbotts Leigh: Visiting hasher Legover from Bristol Greyhounds and newcomer Tim Moult. Also returning walker Maggie.
A convoluted route through the woods round the Abbotts Pool kept the walkers and runners interested and pretty well together. The next section saw the runners get ahead (must have longer check-backs in future) but the beer stop put that right. A lengthy runners' loop after the beer stop put the walkers back in the driving seat and they did eventually find the right trail.
The circle paid due tribute to virgins, visitors and the hare, after which Wendy at the George served us up a fine plate of sausages, chips, bread & salad.
Run number 32, 25th July 2007:

A small but perfectly formed pack of Rewind, Paul and hash virgin Tim Martin (see photo) ran from the Royal Oak in Clevedon on a cool and pleasant evening. After a tour of the seafront and Wains Hill followed by some lesser-known routes through the town we had a beer stop with a lovely view. After the run the hash circle duly honoured the hare, hash virgin Tim and everybody else, after which we tucked into a huge plate of sandwiches and sausages while joining in the music session in the back room.
Run number 31, 18th July 2007:

...from the Old Inn, Congresbury, was run on a beautiful sunny evening after the recent heavy rain. The trail was laid after the last heavy shower, but the wet ground had still done a good job of dissolving marks, so the hare had to "interpret" the run here and there. After a scenic route mostly through soggy countryside we found the beer stop next to the chippy and paused for fish 'n chips before completing the run.
Run number 30, 11th July 2007:

The weather was fine for hashing, but The Castle Tavern, Kewstoke was a disappointment - it considers itself a Bistro rather than a pub - so we ran from there as planned but had our beer stop with excellent freshly-cooked fish & chips at the Sand Bay chippy and took our on-on to The Commodore. Miss Jones set an excellent run: not too long, plenty of mileage in the false trails and lots of variety.
Run number 26, 6th June 2007:
Seven of us met up at the White Hart, Weston-in-Gordano, for this run on a beautiful evening: Gary & Ginette Corr, Paul Rosser, Deep Throat, A.Backwards, Oliver Twist & Rewind. Crossing the road from the pub we set off uphill into the woods, where we spent most of the next hour going up, down and round following flour through the trees. Lots of checks & false trails kept us pretty well together and halfway round we were joined by Big Stick, who had arrived late and followed the marked trail (that is why the hare keeps on marking the right way to go at each check).

The beer stop was at a convenient park bench with a beautiful view and then we had a short downhill run back to the White Hart.

Hash circle duly honoured the hare (DT) a hash misdemeanour (OT) latecomers (BS) and returnees (Gary & Ginette) before we moved into the pub to find excellent Butcombe beer and an enormous tray of sandwiches.

Run number 25, 30th May 2007:

Our celebration of Bogs run 25 saw a record pack set off from Herbert Gardens in bright sunshine following an intermingled walkers & runners Run 25 trail which had both groups checking in turn. Woodland paths took us down to All Saints and up into Court Woods. Somewhat to the Hare's surprise, everyone met up at the Regroup above Clevedon School, then more down and up brought us to the beer stop, but not before some of the pack spotted a playground and couldn't resist a swing. We had time for a leisurely drink and a chat about how it never seems to rain on the hash - and the heavens opened! Ten minutes later a pack resembling drowned rats arrived at the on-on in Deep Throat's conservatory.

Towels and dry tee shirts restored good humour and after a brief circle we tucked into the mountains of good food and drink brought along for the bring-and-share party. Many thanks to everyone.

Run number 23, 16th May 2007:

The run from the Angel in Long Ashton was full of surprises - starting with an out-trail that led over a dung heap (at least that's what it looked like).
A complicated route with many checks led us through fields to the Cumberland Basin, then through a maze of paths, stairs and underpasses to a regroup with a classic view at high tide down the river to the suspension bridge. Further devious checks followed till we arrived at Ashton Court Park. Once in the park it was up and down (mostly up) through the woods with lots of deer sightings. A BN in the middle of the woods got us excited and the hare conjured up a welcome case of beer hidden in the bushes. Still a good bit of running remained after the beer stop to renew our thirst, up over the golf course then down the long hill into Long Ashton.
Back at the Angel there was just time for the circle before the rain started. Neil, the hare, was congratulated in the traditional way for a most enjoyable trail, then ceremoniously named "Big Stick". I leave the thinking behind that one to your imagination!
Run number 22, 9th May 2007:
The run from the Kings Arms, Easton in Gordano was a wet one!
The rain poured down from the time the trail was set to the end of the run, which made finding the marks a bit tricky. This did not dampen the enthusiasm of the pack, however, and we enjoyed a scenic tour of the motorway service area and Portbury village, followed by a climb over the hill through woods and fields before finding the beer stop, from which it was a short trot back to the Kings Arms.
The bus shelter provided convenient cover for a quick strip and into dry clothes, and this was one occasion when the RA permitted the circle to be inside the pub.
Run number 21, 2nd May 2007:

Another good hash rounded off with another good plate of pub butties at the Market Inn, Yatton.
This run was a little shorter than planned, because the hare ran out of steam halfway through setting the trail (too much morris dancing on May Day!) but that leaves us more to explore next time we run here.
The route was exceptionally flat - the highest point was a bridge over the railway - and because of our long dry spell exceptionally dry (could be a different story in the middle of winter). Lots of lush green grass, curious cows and bouncy lambs plus a few muzzled dogs straining towards our ankles while the owner assures us they are "quite safe".
Run number 20, 25th April 2007:

A good turnout: Rewind (co-hare), Oliver Twist, David, Neil, Joe C, Bag Lady and Coppertone. The hare (DT) turned up sporting a shirt which read "We never run out of up" and it felt like it! On a fine evening in perfect running weather we wound our way up from the Black Horse at Clapton in Gordano to Cadbury Camp Lane, down the other side towards Nailsea, then back up to a regroup on the lane. A quick photo (complete with guard dog) gave us a few minutes to recover, and then we had a long gentle run along the lane (posh houses and security cameras) and back through the woods (deer) across the M5 and down to a beer stop by Castle Farm. A short circle and then beer and butties in the Black Horse.
Run number 19, 18th April 2007:

After last week's 9 runners we had a population crash to 3 runners this week, but quality made up for quantity as we trundled round a pleasant course in perfect weather. Curious horses, frisky bullocks and gossipy sheep kept us amused. At the beer stop, a spectacular sunset gave us earthlight on the new moon and even the sun lighting up the international space station.
The Lord Nelson chef provided two enormous plates of sandwiches, which we washed down with good ale.
Run number 18, 11th April 2007:
A record turnout (9 people) on a fine dry evening. The pack disappeared into the woods after a few yards and spent a happy hour exploring trails that had been vandalised by everything from passing dogs to local residents (you'd be surprised who lives in those woods...) before emerging as darkness fell at the beer stop.
The circle welcomed two hash virgins (Paul & Joe) and three first-time visitors (Jules, Bag Lady & Coppertone) followed by a couple of choruses of "Swing Low" before retiring to the Old Inn, Clevedon, beer garden for beer and (enormous) sandwiches.
The old hands present were Rewind, David, Oliver Twist and the hare Deep Throat.

Run number 17, 4th April 2007:

Rewind's "virgin hare" event traversed the Nailsea marshes (sadly dry after recent weather, but not always so) the main West Country rail line (legal but interesting) and a malodorous farmyard. The sunset views from above Chelvey were magnificent and we had a beerstop with wildfowl at Backwell Lake.
The Ring O'Bells, Nailsea, provided a range of fine beers and a hearty supper to round the evening off nicely.

Run number 15, 21st March 2007:

A fine night for our final "dark" run. Next week we start in daylight from the George at Abbotts Leigh. The pack enjoyed an entertaining trail laid in record time by Miss Jones. Neil overshot the beerstop but was persuaded to come back. The circle was followed by a ploughman's supper with chip butties, after which we washed it all down with well-kept Youngs Special in the Old Inn.
Run number 14, 14th March 2007...
BOGS run 14
...from the Sawyers Arms was an excellent route, expertly set by Oliver Twist. Somewhat less expertly followed by the pack which consisted of Deep Throat, but we got round in time to enjoy a hash line (hard to make a circle with two points) and a ploughmans supper in the car park followed by a warm welcome and good ale in the pub.
Run number 13, 7th March,2007:
BOGS run 13 BOGS run 13
A fine run, made more challenging because the hare was not with us! Bike trails (with jumps) through the woods were followed by shiggy galore in the fields below the Long Ashton bypass. A beer stop at the church refreshed us for the climb back up to the Miners Rest, where the conversation flowed so well we nearly got locked in at closing time.

Run number 12, 28th February, 2007:
The Met office forecast severe weather, and the RA promised a fine night for a run. The RA was right, as usual - it was cool and breezy with no rain. A brisk and confusing run around Clevedon, mostly on pavements but Neil found some shiggy to slip on. Beer stop was at DT's place (the RA did have some doubts) and the Circle was on Clevedon sea front. Then into the Moon and Sixpence for butties, beer and chat, with live entertainment in the background (Wednesday is "acoustic night" at the Moon).

Run number 11, 21st February,2007:
This run, hared by Travelogue from the Black Horse, first explored the darker secrets of the Gordano valley, then the contents of the Black Horse cellar. We had the biggest pack for some weeks, with Miss Jones, Oliver Twist, Martin Bird, Neil Isaac and newcomer Mavis.

Run number 10, 14th February, 2007:
The usual suspects turned up at the Ship in Portishead (Rewind, Neil & DT) suitably dressed, on what turned out to be a glorious clear cold night, with stars glittering in profusion as we plugged through ankle-deep mud over Portishead Down, chased false trails into the woods and tried not to wake the bull in the last field. A change of scene took us zig-zagging down through the town, along the coast path, then up, up, up back to the Ship. The down-downs were enlivened by hot mulled wine, beer fresh-delivered from France by Rewind and plenty of bread, cheese and pickled onions. We were then welcomed into (or should that be "aboard") the Ship by landlord Vic Long, where we passed a very pleasant evening.
Run number 9, 7th February, 2007:

From The Crown Inn, Churchill. Another good run and another new runner - Tony Hogg. The beer stop included mulled wine and the hash circle included bread and cheese to refresh us before getting down to the serious drinking in front of a cosy fire.
Tomorrow's World? A plug for wind-up head torches:
After receiving an imported DRAPER Wind up Torch for Christmas (Stock No. 79471 cost £5.00 and weighing 130 grammes), and subsequently modifying it, the world was presented with the first ever wind-up head torch on 29th December 2006. This has now been successfully tested on four Bog Hashes since.

Draper's suppliers, in a slightly better position to exploit the market, copied the idea and today, 28 January 2007, we note they are also selling an alternative DRAPER wind up head torch. Looking well-made and stylish it costs under £10.00.

If you are made redundant or can't get contracts and thus can't afford to buy batteries at least you can still continue to come hashing in the winter. Apart from this you can be proud to be green, not having to throw away non-recyclable batteries, and also benefit from a stronger drinking hand.

(See the hardware shop on the corner by Backwell traffic lights on A370, Weston road.)

Run number 8, 31th January, 2007:

From The George, Abbots Leigh. Another fine run through the woods, this time with a full moon. Tawny owls again (Andrew managed quite a persuasive mating call in response) and even some deer.
At the circle Andrew McConnachie was named "Rewind", then we retired indoors to a substantial feast provided by the Landlord (who unfortunately was unable to join us on the hash).
Next week it's The Crown at Churchill (more good beer), followed by our Valentine run from the Ship in Portishead. Worth a bit of dressing up for this one.
Run number 7, 24th January, 2007:
Run 7 was lovely crisp night lit by the moon and stars. At one stage we were high on a ridge with the Bristol Airport runway lights ahead and EasyJet planes coming in from behind not much higher than head height. We tried not to confuse them with our headtorches.

The usual thrashing about in woods was enlivened by a hairy scramble along the edge of Goblin Combe. Further on we were surprised to meet groups of people standing in the woods in the dark - doing a census of tawny owls.
After mulled wine at the beer stop (shared with some owlies) we arrived back at the pub too late for food, so had a bread and cheese picnic in the car park before going inside to relax over a pint. Discussions in the pub included the virtues of using self-raising against plain flour.

Run number 6, 17th January, 2007:

An excellent run through Court Woods from the Old Inn in Clevedon, set by virgin hare Neil Isaacs, followed by chunky butties and a big bowl of chips in the pub. Good beer too.
Run number 5, 10th January, 2007:
 From The Golden Lion, Wrington.
Run number 4, 3rd January, 2007:
BOGS run 4
A good run in Clevedon, with an indoor beer stop at Deep Throat's house - a chance to finish up some of the Christmas left-overs (see photo). It was pouring with rain till a few minutes before the run, but turned into a delightful moonlit evening.

Julie Vicarage maintained our record of at least one new face each week.

Photo shows (L to R) Julie Vicarage, Andrew McConnachie, DT and Neil Isaac.

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