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The Clevedon Boxing Day Road Race, 2009.

Wrong Way was missing from photo, as, true to his name, he was seen heading off to The Little Harp instead.
Salthouse field, Clevedon.
RUN REPORT by guest scribe, Happy Hooker. Seven hashers (Wrong Way, Duracell, Kerb Crawler, Cinderella, Big Stick, Deep Throat and Happy Hooker) lined up with the hordes to embark on the seasonal four-mile marathon around the streets of Clevedon to run off the effects of the over indulgence of Christmas fare. Nearly trampled under foot in the rush at the start by The Salthouse, the field quickly spread out and speed picked up going through the centre of Clevedon and out along Old Street and the Portishead Road. Thoughts of a beer stop at the Old Inn were quelled with a rugged determination to conquer the hill at Holly Lane. Down Castle Road and Wellington Terrace the ON ON (shouted by DT and not understood by the other runners) to the sea front brought the welcome sight of the finish cheered on by the crowds lining the way. Like the whacky races there was much jostling for position with an early spurt by Happy Hooker but stamina paid off with later surges by DT and Big Stick. All hashers completed the race in very respectable times and the Down Down celebration took place by the Salthouse play area swings with yet more mulled wine kindly supplied by DT (rumour has it he has shares in the Company). Despite being an road race modest shiggy was found at the Down Down and finish area to quality this as a Bogs hash and no doubt will be back to normal on the next hash.
Keep an eye on the web site for photos soon.
Run No. 154, 16th December 2009.
Newton House, Hill Road, Clevedon.
HARE: Deep Throat.
RUN REPORT: "The Tinsel Hash."
WalkieTalky, Cinders, Happy Hooker, Flasher, Flour Power, Deep Throat, Big Stick, Backchat, Duracell, Rewind, Kerb Crawler, Flasher, Up Yours, Bover-Penny, Poacher plus two raring to go hash hounds Pushover and Lucky, met at DT's pad on a cold wet evening. Looking festively regaled in Christmas decorations, DT sporting a tinsel wig and Big Stick lit up like a Christmas tree. Much to Pushover's pleasure an early T in Hill Road (anticipated by Rewind who avoided it completely) set a trail across Herbert Gardens his favourite park. On On down Hill Road devoid of Christmas lights and onto the wind swept sea front. Hashers took joy in 13 laps of the band stand then down into the depths of urban Clevedon. The season of good cheer was evident with Flour Power and Flasher seen holding hands. The hares promise of Christmas illuminations to light the way was successfully found with several view stops to admire houses seasonally glowing in the dark with Christmas lights placing much pressure on the national electric grid. A seasonal beer stop at an oasis with a pretty stone cottage adorned in lights was made. DT produced from his back pack (carried the whole way), a flask of mulled wine and very small glasses to warm the now wet hashers as it was lashing down with rain, unfortunately not festive snow. Back through the centre of Clevedon to see the Christmas lights (not as good as Portishead) and on up back to Newton House where après hash excellent winter fare festive food and drink awaited including a warming vegetable chilli and bread, cooked by DT himself.
CIRCLE: All good parties are in cramped kitchens and the down down was true to form in the kitchen of Newton House due to the adverse weather conditions outside. Pork Scratchings was welcomed as a latecomer. Returnees were welcomed back including Duracell, UpYours and Bovver. Flour Power was congratulated on achieving 75 hashes.
Best seasonal wishes from Happy Hooker (sub-chief-temporary-editor-until-Baglady-returns).
Run No. 153, 9th December 2009.
The Angel, Long Ashton.
HARE: Rewind.
RUN REPORT: The sun shone on the best hash trail of the year although twilight descended by the time the hounds got there. All the best people in the region came and those that didn't missed a great run; past streams, down country lanes, through woods, ferns and over lush grass with perfect views with just sufficient shiggy (see announcement) to qualify as a BOGS hash. No stats from WalkieTalkie (despite Cinders making the start of the run just as clues were being given away); no newcomers; no cows, bulls or rabid pets encountered; no incriminating photos.
A cunning plan of putting beer stop and the closing circle not far from each other meant the hash got the chips and basic meat or cheese sandwiches before the five pub regulars did. The RA did his job flawlessly - it only poured with rain on leaving the Angel. There is every chance hashers might be able to go there again as KerbCrawler remembered to pay the bill.
Announcement: Hashtrash may consider carrying adverts (e.g. for parties, grooms, hares or team-building boating experiences with or without the added Force 10 thrill) in order to pay for a pressure washer; Halfords are selling one half price.
A new sonnet to learn by next week: He's a hasher he's okaaaaay. Works all day comes out to play. Drinks it down without complaint or he wears it well. The song originated on the common theme of an average person who expresses dissatisfaction with his current job and then announces "I didn't want to be I wanted to go hashing".
HASH RECIPE: Bovver's recipe for the yummy chocolate brownies we enjoyed at the on-on:

10 oz dark cooking chocolate (Tesco value!)
4 oz Butter
6 oz porridge oats (Tesco Value!)
2 oz weetabix (crumbled)
2 oz milk powder
1 tspn baking powder
1 tspn salt
4 oz walnut pieces
4 oz chopped dates
4 oz soft dark brown sugar
2 tspn vanilla essence
4 eggs (beaten)
2 tblspns golden syrup (generous)
Method: Mix dry ingredients; melt chocolate & butter - cool slightly; beat eggs with vanilla essence; when chocolate is melted mix everything else in; put in greased tin bake 20-25 mins (180C/350F/gas 4) - or until edges are firm but centre is still soft and looks cooked; cool in tin; cut; store in airtight container.

Run No. 152, 2nd December 2009.
The Old Inn Clevedon.
HARES: Big Stick & Kerb Crawler.
RUN REPORT From guest scribe DT: The "Just-In-Time" hash.
Walkie Talky, Cinders, Jenny Dunleavy, Happy Hooker, Flasher, Flour Power, Pork Scratchings, Deep Throat, Sarah Gosling, Big Stick(Hare), Back Chat, Inchworm, Rewind, Kerb Crawler (Hare) plus two highly experienced trail sniffing hounds met at the Old Inn. The format, new to Bogs, began when Big Stick arrived, said a brief hello then ran off down Old Street with big grin saying see you later. After the warm up the team followed the freshly-laid trail still visible on wet grass accompanied by KC, the other Hare. As the trail was set quickly only one blob was on after a check making progress faster than normal. Cinders was able to catch up with us thanks to excellent back marking and radio contact with WT. Oaths were heard as HH and PS floundered almost sucking one shoe off in a short section of shiggy but with hound wagging tail in delight despite having gained legs a different colour to the usual golden brown. On the main road under the motorway FP gave false intelligence about the Hare's activities, quote "we saw the Hare and he went that way"; that way proving to be the wrong direction. No beer stop but did get a clear full moon.
CIRCLE: Sarah introduced herself as part of the full initiation ceremony. For competing in the nicest way Jenny, Sarah and Inchworm were singled out then DT for at the start running off down Old Street with big grin without checking.
ON ON ON: The pub did us proud with chips and seasonal sandwiches including turkey and cranberry plus other fillings including (a first) salad and forks. Flasher said Kerry has safely made it to Japan (see Run 151; we hope you'll run with us again some day Kerry) and with his vast yachting experience introduced us to www.passageweather.com. Now we'll be able to forecast if future Hashes will have a following wind.
Run No. 151, 25th November 2009.
The Golden Lion, Wrington.
HARES: Deep Throat.
WHO: 14 hashers and 2 hash hounds.
RUN REPORT: Once again in the pretty village of Wrington, the on on was called heading west, down the High Street and around the corner to a turnback which returned us to a point near the church heading north. (At this point I have to mention that I don't know my north from my elbow but Coppertone says it was north so north is what you get). Despite the heavy rains earlier in the day, none caught us on the trail as we went up hill and down dale (inevitable in this landscape) with BOGS Virgin Jenny leading for most of the way and eventually arriving at a junction where the Beer Stop offered its usual welcome fare. To complement DT's musical renditions at Regroups, various hashers put their minds to creating BOGS songs: here’s one: To the tune of that song with the chorus "for tonight we'll merry, merry be" this is Bag Lady's offering with Walky Talky providing the last line:
The BOGS Hash runs on Wednesday nights;
North Somerset, all over:
In Nailsea, Clevedon, Portishead;
But not as far as Dover.

Cinderella suggested a chorus of "For tonight we'll shiggy shiggy be...". Now, if you think you can do better, I look forward to reading about it in the trash (which from now on will be safely in the hands of Hash Scribes Happy Hooker and Rewind, by the way).
CIRCLE: After Hare, DT, came two BOGS Virgins – Kerry from Bristol and Portishead apparently, brought by Flower Power and Flasher but we probably won’t be seeing much of her for a while as she sets off to Japan imminently (why not check out http://www.kobehash.com/hashlist.htm for some pointers to local Hash House Harrier groups, Kerry?). Second Virgin was Jenny, also very welcome – hope you both enjoyed your first hash. Rewind was then charged with not calling a Falsie and letting Bag Lady run all the way to the big F; Kerry again for falling down a rabbit hole then Flower Power, Flasher and Cinderella for arriving late. Finally, Pork Scratchings, Rewind, Cinderella and Happy Hooker were called front and centre for incompetent checking – they really should know better.
ON ON ON: Those of us who'd hashed from this pub before could still remember the excellent sandwiches and they didn't let us down this time either – lots of them, all brown bread, all eaten.
MORE TRASH: From Rewind: http://regonline.activeeurope.com/Checkin.asp?EventId=781308:
A 2km fun run, 11am Sunday 6th December.
Location: Central Bristol.
Registration Fee: £7.50 adult, £3.50 child.

Run No. 150, 18th November 2009.

The Sawyer’s Arms, Nailsea.
HARE: Deep Throat.
WHO: 11 hashers - no hounds.
RUN REPORT: The trail initially took the Pack nicely through the back streets and lanes of Nailsea and then along some tight wooded trails. But the best was yet to come. After the Beer Stop, as the hare took off in his Hashmobile, he helpfully called out that there was a bit of shiggy coming up which could be bypassed by heading to the right. And sure enough shiggy there was – shedloads of it and all along the very route we had to take. As we waded through ankle to knee deep, legs splattered with the stuff, we noticed Swallow. She had been the only one to follow DT's advice and was now struggling to climb over a fence with more shiggy on her than I think she would have liked. [Note to self – ignore all DT advice from now on.] Cinderella recorded the total distance as 4.0 miles on his pedometer.
CIRCLE: The Circle took ages to get going as everyone who had brought a fresh set of clothes changed into them – you know how long men take to get ready to go out. Hare DT came forward for his down down, followed by Happy Hooker for being absent on his own hash last week and arranging “interesting” weather for it. Next up were all those who had avoided the shiggy – so that was DT again, followed by all those who hadn't avoided the shiggy – so that was everyone else. Notable quotes: from Happy Hooker to DT, "It was going very well until you left us" and from another, "I'm not saying it was deep but even the cows were avoiding it". It was suggested that from now on you might like to bring along a change of shoes, as well as a complete change of clothes, a deodorant and a pressure washer.
ON ON ON: To make reparations, DT coughed up for a round of drinks and, what with the warmth of the pub and the excellent sandwiches, all thoughts of shiggy were soon forgotten (although the smell didn't leave the pub until all of us did).
NOTE FROM DT: We had some shiggy to remember on this run. Unfortunately no photos of the real thing, but we do have a pic of the result on hashers' feet. This was after the beer stop, so the hare was absent, driving the beer car back to the pub. Coincidence? you decide!

Run No. 149, 11th November 2009.
The Miners Rest, Long Ashton.
HARES: Deep Throat and Happy Hooker.
WHO: 11 hashers - no hounds.
RUN REPORT: Heading left from what little remains of the car park (now that a house has been built on it), the pack picked up the trail on the right-hand side of the road, turning into a lane which went on and on and on downhill. After all the recent rain, the trail was very slippery but no-one managed to get down-and-dirty at this stage. The route then took us through a wood, onto a golf course, through more woodlands and ended up with a Beer Stop somewhere near Ashton Hill. BOGs Virgins, Sam and Rich were going well and I saw Walky Talky running (last time she did that she blamed it on gravity) . At this point the Walkers headed in one direction and the Runners in another but, due to the Runners completely ignoring any trail signs and heading straight for the pub, they arrived back before the Walkers. As the whole pack was in just before 9 o'clock, clearly the hares had been listening at last week’s AGPU.
CIRCLE: After a down down for the one hare (other not present), we welcomed 2 BOGS Virgins. Firstly, Sam from Wales via Bristol who is not quite a Hash Virgin. She'd been on the Malvern Hash recently and "loved it" so found us on the web and brought Rich along too. Rich is from Keynsham (that's Keynsham spelt Kay-ee-why-en-na- . . .). [You're showing your age!- Ed.] We look forward to seeing both again.
ON ON ON: For a pub with virtually no car park, there was a real buzz inside with cheery customers and staff and the warm glow of a real fire in the grate. Within minutes the first of three plates appeared, piled high with probably the best fillings we’ve had ever. "I thought you’d be cold" said our serving wench, "so I've done some hot chips for you" – and a few minutes later, there they were - bless. Delicious as everything was, the quantity defeated us and those who fancied sandwiches for lunch the next day, set about preparing their take-aways.
YET MORE TRASH: Rewind pointed out that I did not mention Dead End’s remarkable achievement in a previous hash where he included a T19. It is now recorded for posterity.
Run No. 148, 4th November 2009 followed by AGPU.
Rowan Cottage, Portishead.
HARES: Coppertone & Bag Lady.
WHO: 11 hashers (plus one more for the AGPU); no hounds.
RUN REPORT: The dreadful weather earlier in the day was forecast to continue into the evening but fortunately failed to put in an appearance. Initially downhill, the trail headed to the coast near the tank farm turning right and along the coast to the lighthouse. What goes down must come up, so it was ON UP towards civilisation, eventually reaching Down Road where the Walkers took a short-cut while the runners continued into Merlin Park, across the playing field and around the edge of the Police Headquarters, then headed to the ON IN. The hares were aiming to make it a short one to allow time for eating, drinking and the AGPU, so by a quarter to 9 they were back after a hash of approximately 3 miles.
CIRCLE: With the backdrop of an occasional firework lighting up the sky, the hares came forward to cries of "where's Poacher?", their usual partner in crime (you were definitely missed, Poacher) and everyone agreed this was the best hash ever – at least that's how I remember it. To a chorus of "knees up Mother Brown" six bare knees came forward to take a down down – Deep Throat, Rewind and Inchworm, I think but I didn’t take notes so do feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here. And it was to be a big occasion for Robert. Today, by the powers invested in him, Deep Throat awarded Robert the honour of his hash handle – Pork Scratchings. Apparently this did not relate to his habits among animals nor to any known food but was arrived at by reference to his T-shirt logo and interest in ham radio – geddit?
ON ON ON : Indoors - to the warmth and the food which hashers had provided in abundance. Sitting around the dining table, DT as Grand Master declared that the AGPU had commenced and the minutes, loosely speaking are given below:

BOGS AGPU 4th November 2009 at Rowan Cottage, Portishead.

DT thanked everyone who had held a position on the Mismanagement for the past year. Thanks also to Wolfie for doing a grand job on the website www.bristolhash.org.uk.


  1. Although Bovver had done a valiant job of fixing the weather each week, it was assumed that she was now ready to hand the baton on. Pork Scratchings was up for the job so he got it and the meeting quickly moved on before he knew what he was in for.
  1. Backchat and Inchworm (all please note the order of that listing) agreed to continue.
  2. Although cheap orange and apple juices are the usual fare, it was agreed that Hash Beer could spoil us occasionally with pineapple juice or whatever.
  1. Kerb Crawler agreed to continue.
  2. An accounts summary was distributed showing a positive cash year-end balance of £404.35 (£337.28 at AGPU in 2008)
  3. Food costs just about broke even.
  4. Insurance against third party damage was paid - £177.75. The point was made by DT that all hashers come along at their own risk.
  1. Walky Talky agreed to continue.
  2. There have been 134 different participants over the year including dogs.
  3. Talking of which, there have been 8 different dogs participating over the year.
  4. 57 people hashed once only (was it something we said?)
  5. 21 people hashed twice only
  6. Leaving 56 people who hashed more than twice over the year.
  7. BOGS can now boast no less than 5 Centurions.
  8. There has been an average of 14 hashers and 2 dogs each week over the last few months.
  9. No new hashers in the last month.
  10. Between August and October there was an average of 1 new hasher each week.
  11. The Stats are now available on the website. Check out www.bristolhash.org.uk/bogsStats.php.
  12. Most hashes took place in Clevedon, Portishead and Nailsea, unsurprisingly, reflecting where people live, where there is a choice of pubs and good hashing territory.
  13. Hash Stats also has listings of how many BOGS hashes everyone has done and details of each hash event including the food afterwards – is she amazing or what?
  1. Bag Lady agreed to continue when she is in the country which meant some arm-twisting was required to fill in during her absence. Despite Rewind’s proven ability with the quill, he was reluctant to take on the role but perked up a bit when Happy Hooker agreed to a job-share. So you get the Dynamic Duo from 1st December for 4 months and whenever BL goes on a jolly after that.
  1. As no-one came forward to fill this role, the GM takes it on by default.
  1. After the invitation for other contenders for this position was met with a resounding silence, Deep Throat will continue in the role.
  1. RED DRESS RUN: After a lengthy discussion, it emerged that there was not much enthusiasm for this so the idea was shelved.
  2. TINSEL RUN: This was a lot more popular and is planned for the 16th December. Place tba. Wear tinsel (that’s a given) plus anything else you consider festive eg bright red and/or Christmassy green hashwear, your Santa outfit, those flashing Christmas ear-rings or come as a Christmas tree (you know you want to). There will be a collection for a local charity, probably Springboard.
  3. PUB GRUB: When you make food arrangements with a pub, please could you ensure that vegetarians are well-catered for as there are quite a number of them on the hash. Also, please ask for mostly brown bread as that seems to be preferred.
  4. SATURDAY WINTER HASHES: It was agreed to hold 2 daytime hashes during winter. These would start at 2pm and be held on the last Saturday of January (30th January in 2010) and the last Saturday in February (27th February in 2010). The normal Wednesday night hashes on the week preceding these dates would be cancelled. As these daytime hashes may appeal to those who prefer not to hash in the dark, we could use these events to encourage new people to come along.
  5. RECRUITING MORE HASHERS: This is something everyone can be involved in by inviting friends and colleagues. Bag Lady will send a press release to The Portishead Paper noting that we meet weekly and promoting the Tinsel Hash; Pork Scratchings and Flower Power will be the Portishead telephone contacts. Deep Throat will do the same with the Clevedon equivalent (own contacts) and Rewind will do the same in Nailsea (own contacts). Flower Power will send a press release to the Mercury and the Times and will get hold of a Guide2Portishead (probably from the library) with a view to including our details in that publication. We need to take a photo to include with the Mercury and Times (are there any suitable ones recently taken?). We also need another press release after the Tinsel Hash for the Mercury and Times mentioning weekly hashes and noting the Saturday Winter Hashes.
  6. RETAINING HASHERS: It was suggested that we actively encourage those who have been to at least one hash to come along again.
  7. CHRISTMAS DATES: The Hash on 23rd December will not be held but hashers are encouraged to join in with the Clevedon Boxing Day Run – it’s about 4 miles long. This run cannot be included in your run count but there will be a BOGS gathering somewhere or other afterwards. More details to follow.
  8. LENGTH OF HASHES: Some recent hashes have been on the long side and this may be off-putting to some, especially when it’s wet and/or cold as well as dark. Deep Throat recommends that during the winter months the Core Route should be about 3 miles long with fish-hooks, turn-backs and false trails adding to the length for those who appreciate such things while keeping everyone together. The aim is to get back to the beer before 9pm.
And that sums up the AGPU for 2009. THE END.
Run No. 147, 28th October 2009.
The Blue Flame, Nailsea.
HARE: Dead End.
WHO: 13 hashers and 1 Hash Hound.
RUN REPORT: The usual start to a BOGS hash (and in hashing circles generally) would be a few words from the hare following by a cry of “ON ON THAT WAY” and away we would go. What made this one different was that we lacked the obligatory hare. He had shown his face but then dashed off again so, after doing the Hokey Cokey to warm us up, we set off in all directions to find the trail in the dark. Turning right from the pub car park, the trail was detected and followed until, at the second check, with 2 groups of hashers running falsies while the others guarded the check against marauding dogs and other wild beast, the hare eventually caught up with us. There followed a trail run through fields, woodlands and record-breaking quantities of shiggy until we emerged onto civilisation again. It was around this point that Dead End announced he wasn’t entirely sure he knew the way back. However, we made it to the Beer Stop where maps were produced and pored over and somehow, fortified by the amber nectar, we all made it back to the pub. I reckon Dead End just wanted to add a frisson of excitement to the evening because it was a great hash summed up perfectly by Walky Talky in the pub afterwards:
"At the beginning we started without the hare. At the end we had the hare but we still didn’t know where we were going."
CIRCLE: Heading straight into the pub, there was no circle.
ON ON ON: The Blue Flame has been described as a man's pub, and certainly it lacks a women's touch - or probably anyone's touch in the last 50 years. Outside toilets provided the novelty value. But for all that it was warm and welcoming and the grub substantial – great chunks of bread topped with Coronation Chicken along with more chunky bread, slices of cheese, bowls of coleslaw, pickle, butter and red onions which Cinderella reckoned had been marinated in balsamic vinegar. Very nice. The bar skittles game was a crowd-pleaser but experience won over amateur enthusiasm as Inchworm demonstrated how to knock all 9 pins down with 3 shots. But then he does have one at home so we’d have expected nothing less.
Run No. 146, 21st October 2009.
The Bristol Inn, Clevedon.
Happy Hooker, Rewind.
16 hashers and 1 Hash Hound.
We ran around Clevedon. Some bits were a bit dark and some a bit slippery.*
After the toast to the hares, our Grand Master informed us that we had a new Centurion in our midst - Kerb Crawler - who was swiftly adorned with the Centurion finery of cloak and helmet – well done, KC. Lime Cordial was up next because he voluntarily went back to a checkpoint to run what he knew was a False Trail, earning him the title of The Honourable Lime Cordial. After a down down for returnee, Bag Lady, the rest of the bunch came front and centre and then it was On On On into the pub.
How clever of our happy hares to find a new pub for us and very nice it was too. The plates of sandwiches, white and brown, with a choice of tasty fillings were soon woofed down.
*AGPU to be held on 04/11/09 (see Run List): In case anyone is considering the role of Hash Scribe, this is the standard of literary elegance that will be required. Anything more would be considered a bonus.
Run No. 145, 14th October 2009.
Prince of Orange, Yatton.
HARES: Inchworm & Backchat.
WHO: 16 hashers and 2 Hash Hounds: hares + Happy Hooker, daughter Lara and dog Pushover, Flasher, Flour Power, Alan Jouxson, Rewind, Rebore, Paella, Kerb Crawler, Walky-Talky, Deep Throat, Swallow, Rose Hogan (hash virgin) and Coppertone.
RUN REPORT From guest scribe DT: A snatch of the Hokey Cokey to warm up and the pack was off into the dark streets of Yatton. At the first check the runners took so long to find the trail that the walkers were miles ahead (unfair hints from the hares). The churchyard was next, peopled with ghostly moving figures, then footpaths, streets, a playing field, then off into open country (except for Rewind who had disappeared into the allotments). A loop back by the Cadbury Club (where all the walkers did a short cut) and up Cadbury Hill to a splendid view stop above Congresbury. Through Cadbury Camp we nearly lost half the pack chasing distant streetlights (or maybe a will-of-the-wisp) and down the other side to Claverham. Backchat marshalled us into an orderly crocodile through a farmyard then after a couple of fields a welcome beer stop complete with Bombay Mix and carrots. We passed an interesting stile on the way, where the tree next door had grown round the end of the stile. After the beerstop, Inchworm led the runners on a tour of Yatton while Backchat led the walkers straight (?) back to the pub. At this point we realised that all the beer was still back at the beer stop so we had to forego the circle.
CIRCLE: See above.
Run No. 144, 7th October 2009.
The King’s Arms, Easton-in-Gordano.
DT & Kerb Crawler.
2 hares 10 hashers and 1 Hash Hound. (Rewind, Big Stick, Cinderella - on time for once - Inchworm, Backchat, Poacher, Flour Power and Lucky, Happy Hooker, Cinderfella and Mike Welch).
RUN REPORT From guest scribe Coppertone:
The pre-hash circle warm-up exercises were half heartedly indulged in, in the fine rainy gloom outside the well-illuminated pub. It looked warm and inviting inside, why are we running off into the darkness?
On On was called, and the reduced pack set off like lemmings, not knowing what lay ahead. Anyway, to cut a long and rambling story very short, we ran/walked around Easton-in Gordano, Pill, under the M5 Avon motorway bridge and the periphery of Portbury Dock car park area. The latter two areas were new territory for me.
While indulging in our beer stop we were challenged by a Dock Policeman as to what we were up to hanging around in a dark country lane next to the dock security fence. "We're all out on a run and having a refreshment stop" was the answer given, not "we're on a Hash and stopped for a beer!" Then someone pointed out that one of his headlights wasn't working and did he know that this was against the law? "Oh dear" says he and quickly leaves, very sheepishly.
Ceremonies were kept to a minimum on account of the inclement weather and gloom of a back alley. After the Hares: DT and Kerb Crawler then two returnees, Coppertone and Big Stick, were out into the circle for down downs, quickly followed by DT and Inchworm for unknown offences, then everyone else who was still thirsty! We quickly adjourned to the comfort of the pub and a beverage with our sandwiches.
Run 143, 30th September 2009.

The Ship Inn, Down Road, Portishead.
HARES: Happy Hooker & Robert.
WHO: Good turnout, 3 hounds: Royalty with Buster, Happy Hooker with pushover, Flour Power with Lucky, Rewind, Pat & Alan Jouxson, Kerb Crawler, Walky Talky, Cinderfella & Mike Welch, Poacher, Swallow & Deep throat.
RUN REPORT: Apologies from BagLady/CopperTone formerly of the Dordogne, with last known address now Madeira, who were unable to get a flight over to be with us. They hope to see us next week so we need best sunshine for run 144 as they have gotten addicted to the sun-shining-daily.
Present were FlowerPower and her shaggy collie sheepdog still soaking wet having swum in the sea before the hash begun. People, especially those in shorts, get surprised when wet bodies unexpectedly glide/slide past them in the dark.
It was good to see Cinderfella and Mike allowed out on special release.
A hashsweetiestop with choice of three types including chocolates was held in memory of HeadDown long departed. Hares H&R also treated us to a viewpoint beerstop with a grand view of the Welsh coast lit up.
Buster opted out mid-run and on a downhill stretch (bring skateboard next week).
CIRCLE: Usual criticisms now DT is back were bestowed on Happy Hooker and Robert concerning the trail. Too flat. Not enough shiggy. Moon phase not right. Conditions after the beerstop got worse not better. Those thirsty who drank before the circle commenced got suitably recompensed with more as demanded by hash tradition but escaped the medieval torture bit involving loss of limbs. HappyHooker had his 15th run celebrated. No-one was called into the circle this week and made to roll up one trouser leg. DeepThroat who had failed to break away from three fellows all the way round the Bristol Half Marathon, even though they were encumbered by Morris Men apparel and bells, was presented with a tinned 'aid' to give him that edge next time.
ON ON ON: As usual The Ship sandwiches, stuffed with either ham, turkey that looked like cheese filling and lots of tuna hopefully not bluefin or yellowfin, were enjoyed by all. Flasher, as he was not present, was added to the list of shipwrecks around the Cornish coast on the pub wall. The other pub memorabilia and ship's tackle were admired. No guest speaker this week although a demonstration of a hash skype based comms system with zero recurring costs, possibly useful for rescue or lost situations, was given.
Run 142, 23th September 2009.
The Grove Sports Centre, Nailsea.
HARES: Rewind.
RUN REPORT From guest scribe Rewind: KerbCrawler Poacher FlourPower Robert WalkyTalky Paella D'Cell and hare Rewind trotted out from the Grove Sports Centre towards the sinking sun (sunseeking BagLady currently of no fixed abode please note the SUN bit). Robert had the distinction of being the only one with no real name. WT maintained close radio contact with Cinders who with the additional aid of WT's excellent back marking soon found us all.
After a Viewpoint the run swung round following Parish Brook and the pylons back towards Nailsea. Almost everyone got caught out by ignoring the turning off marked Private Drove (see black arrow) and failing to spot a smaller Public Bridleway sign close-by and even the Hare missed it whilst laying the trail (see photo below).

Just as a "T" with no number is often used a bogs innovation was a Fish-hook also with no number where everyone has to go back to the back; on this occasion the last two were admired for performing a neat pirouette. This feature also saves time having to decipher the number.
Paella had spent all day at work winding her new headtorch ensuring five hours of light just in case we got lost. The beerstop was by a unique stone stile with a hole in it just large enough for Lucky (our border collie) to squeeze through. A short pause revealed a racing cyclist coming across the fields with the familiar red bag. Our thanks to James who has run with us once and has helped us out several times since. His powerful helmet mounted headtorch from Tesco created interest; maybe if Poacher had such a bright light it would deter anyone from trying to knock her off again.
ON-ON: Long baguettes carefully chopped in three with a choice of mature English cheddar or edam specially brought in from the Netherlands plus extras and drinks from the bar were provided (sadly no dark beer this time). The hash literary/debating circle studied "Bicarbonate of Soda" by Margaret Briggs who suggests it a good idea to sprinkle this powder into trainers post hash to eliminate the smelly sock smell. The story of this author is very interesting and being a teacher for 30 years shares something in common with D'Cell, WT and especially Splaat with her sideline writing passion.
A warning from History:
DeepThroat trying to stop runners during the Bristol Half Marathon so that he could sign them up for the Bogs Hash -

Run 141, 16th September 2009.
Campbell's Landing, Clevedon.
HARES: KerbCrawler and WalkyTalky.
WHO: Two hares, eleven hashers* and two hashy dogs.
(*Backchat, Cinders, FlourPower, HappyHooker, Inchworm, Rebore, Rewind, RobertH, Lara, Paella and Poacher.)
RUN REPORT: Paella, whose brother used to put earwigs and woodlice under her pillow, was field testing a new headtorch from the Alternative Energy Centre. We have yet to find out if she went all the way to Machynlleth to get it. Five hours of light for a two second windup and brighter than any old fashioned 100 watt filament light bulb; everyone was most impressed.
Returning to the woodlice - one perfectly formed white flour blob had black woodlice all the way around its perimeter. This looked dead artistic and it is good to see the hash ensuring a fat woodlice population all over Clevedon (more later).
Speedyballs, just back from the Isle of Man TT, sadly missed the hash through overwork but did manage the ONON* aftermath. Note * pronounced NONO if dyslexic, drunk or Backwards. (Hello Backwards still there??).
Cinders, through lateness, managed his own mostly solo version of the hash but it all ended well. Lara and others got accidentally, we think, sprayed with screen-wash from a passing car at a regroup near the library but mixed with beer froth at the down-down it made a good hair shampoo.
Everyone agreed it was a splendid run (which is quite unusual because when DT is around the pack is always much more critical) with plenty of markings including fish-hooks that kept hashers travelling at individual speeds, or velocities in the case of Rebore, well grouped all the way round. As well as the library the route took in LIDL, Morrisons, Poet's Walk, St Andrew's Church, Hangstone hill, Curzon Cinema (The oldest purpose-built, continuously-operated cinema in the world! See www.curzon.org.uk), the sea-front and, of course, Campbells Landing just saved from closing down by its new owner. Campbells Landing (www.campbells-landing.co.uk) is located directly opposite the beautiful Victorian pier on Clevedon's famous seafront. The ten-room hotel, restaurant and bar boasts superb views of the Bristol Channel, the Holm Islands and across the water to Wales. The much-photographed Clevedon sunset, which we savoured at the start of the run, is a wonderful view from Campbells Landing except we returned after it (the sun) had sank.
ON-ON: Individual plates of chips with sausages or chips with cheese dribbled on them, depending on carnivore/vegetarian/pescetarian needs, and copious drink, or nitromethane in the case of Rebore, was welcomed at the end of the hash.
Run 140, 9th September 2009.
The Phoenix, Portishead.
HARES: Paella, Cinderfella, Rebore, Nelly from Brecon (with Mango).
WHO: 4 hares(!) 11 hashers and 1 hash dog (Mango).
RUN REPORT: From guest scribe DT: Expecting a trail straight across the river, the pack were thoroughly confused by a trail which meandered through the shopping centre then on along the dockside. After casting around below the Five Ladies and following a false trail up towards the Royal, the trail led across the lock gates... Oops, they're open! OK the other lock gate, then along the seashore past further artworks before cutting inland through thorny brush. A double back to walk the plank across a slimy drain and along the sea wall with fine views in the gloaming. A sadistic runners loop and finally it's the Beer Stop, with food and drink galore. Finally we got to view the Village Quarter on our way back to the Phoenix, with DT and Inchworm getting lost in a sea of thistles.
CIRCLE: Nellie was duly honoured as hash virgin, after which Inchworm and DT had to drink for being unable to recall any hash offences. No statistics.
ON-ON: Plenty of sandwiches for all. We took over the conservatory while the regulars watched football in the bar or chatted smokily in the garden.
Run 139, 2nd September 2009.
The George Inn, Backwell.
HARE: Duracell.
WHO: Nine hashers and two hash dogs.
RUN REPORT from guest scribe Rewind: The Hare did an outstanding job at laying the trail in driving rain, and despite the rain we still had a trail to follow. The weather improved to a misty rain by the time we started, which made the darkening woods very atmospheric. Was T11 at the top of the pyramid of steps an Egyptian hieroglyph for Tutankhamun the Third because we know the hare is now off for ten days in Eygpt? This probably takes the award for a turnback with the highest blob count. As usual the sun came out and we had a super run with a posh beer stop close to Nailsea and Backwell Railway station.
Flower Power even with red over-trousers and a dog failed to get the cows to react. Rebore lost the plot on a fish-hook trying to find the back markers that had taken a shortcut and rescue parties were on full alert.
Hash Concern say Dead End and Splatt have been busy with lots of work and an excessive six week holiday in Devon and the Scottish Highlands. They are looking forward to re-joining the Hash soon. Bogs hash has been missing their cheery company.
The hash forgot to give DT his go-faster-present for the Bristol Half marathon but it will be kept for his next event. Watch out for four Morris men with one shouting "On-On" on Sunday 6th Sep.
CIRCLE: Back at The George, it was already dark when we circled up for the usual criticism of the hare. WT looked splendid in the Bogs Centurion cape, now well adorned, however more signatures are wanted on it so keep coming folks. Happy Hooker was on extra liquid hash rations for late arrival at the circle. No statistics this week except we had no-one without a hash name.
ON-ON: and sandwiches for twelve!
Cinderfella turned up at the On-On for after-eight mints and some top secret discussions with Paella.
Food was abundant so Pushover is now overweight and won't win 1st Prize at Clevedon Flower show next year (Pushover won last week, but didn't wear a rosette on the hash).
Courtesy of Rebore our guest lecture concerned Earth's magnetic field reversal which could happen in 2012; so get on as many hash runs as you can whilst you still have a chance.
Duracell mentioned Eddie Izzard, who is on on a 1,000-mile seven-week marathon for Sports Relief - http://twitter.com/eddieizzard.
Run 137, 19th August 2009.

The Old Inn, St.Paul's Causeway, Congresbury.
Happy Hooker and Deep Throat (a combination to send chills down your spine forever more).
WHO: 2 hares, 18 hounds and two hash hounds.
RUN REPORT From guest scribe DT: "You can't have too much of a good thing" they say, and as the pack straggled homewards under a darkening sky two hours into this hash, I'm sure that's what they were thinking. A scenic route that managed to combine confusion with entertainment (playing on the keep-fit equipment), gastronomy (a sweety stop as well as a beer stop) and sheer sadism (215 fish-hooks - at least it probably felt like that to Cinders). After a gentle start across fields, the track swung abruptly uphill through trackless bush, wound interminably through delightful woodland trails then plunged downhill through a couple of manors and a chicken farm to the scenic beer-stop. At least it would have been scenic if there had been any daylight left - those with good night vision could just make out a renovated water-wheel. Restored by beer, fruit juice and assorted slices of fruit the pack set off in good heart on the final yomp back to the welcome lights of the Old Inn.
CIRCLE: The hares were duly honoured. After which no less than four virgins were welcomed to Bogs Hash: Alan & Pat Jouxson (who used to be friends of Flasher & Flour Power), Rob Jones (Up Yours' other son) and Robert Huntley (who had no-one to blame but himself). Vital statistics followed, celebrating 15 runs for Upfurit and 2 years for Inchworm. It was noted that our statistician was wearing her centurian cloak at the Circle, and we wondered why it was missing on the hash.
ON-ON: The Old Inn served up two excellent platters of varied sandwiches in thick slabs of fresh brown bread, and as usual served some fine ales. Definitely worth another visit.
Addendum: The stand-in hash scribe forgot to mention the important news that hash hound Kes was renamed "Pushover" in view of his method of getting over stiles. The down-down was shared between Pushover and his human, Happy Hooker. Also, we missed Royalty on this hash because she was busy bouncing her car off a truck. The car suffered but fortunately Royalty is made of tougher stuff.
Run No. 136, 12th August 2009.
The Royal Oak, West Hill, Portishead.
HARES: Coppertone & Poacher.
WHO: 19 hashers and 1 Hash Hound.
RUN REPORT: Having had a number of hashes through Weston Big Wood in the past, we thought we knew this area quite well but the dynamic duo managed to find some new hashing territory in this ancient (which means at least 9500 years old) woodland. The ON ON proceeded from the Royal Oak onto Down Road and into The Deans, behind High Down School, where a footpath led across the fields. Before reaching the woods, the pack deviated to the left, along a footpath heading downhill towards Gordano School. A check was found before the housing area which then led into the woods on the south-eastern flank. Leaving the wood by the Valley Road exit, a sharp turn right took us back onto fields and eventually to Merlin Park and the Beer Stop.
CIRCLE: Two BOGS Virgins to welcome this week - Vivienne from Portishead brought by Flower Power & Flasher, and Rebore from Bristol (who seems to also go under the title of Dancing With Bulls - there must be a story there somewhere) who found us on the internet. ["Sorry" - from Wolfie, your webmaster.] We hope you enjoyed your hash and that we'll see you with us again. Same goes for Flasher who was next up as a Returnee. Coppertone was found guilty of not addressing Bag Lady by her proper Hash Handle when she and Swallow were taking the scenic route so all three came forward for a Down Down. Finally Rewind took 3 Down Downs representing the number of Fish-hook he didn't take. I see a cunning plan here. Last week he had a Down Down for shocking us all by taking Fish-hooks, this week it was Down Downs for not taking them - could this just be a ruse to get free drinks? There was also a mention of him lying horizontally on trail for which I’m sure he had a very good reason. Walky Talky had a double celebration – 100 runs and her second Hashy Birthday which is quite an achievement. She was duly honoured with the Centurion Cape. Finally – a naming. Andy, in recognition of his happy disposition and his propensity for running Fish-hooks with a smile on his face was named by our Grand Master, Deep Throat, so that henceforth and evermore in Hash Circles Andy will be known as Happy Hooker.
ON ON ON: The Royal Oak had prepared 3 trays of mixed sandwiches, all on brown bread as requested and very nice they were too.
Run No. 135, 5th August 2009.

The Old Inn, Clevedon.
HARES: Lime Cordial and Miss Led.
WHO: 22 Hashers – a record only achieved once before (at The Plough in Congresbury on Run 84).
RUN REPORT: Primarily a woodland trail with perfect weather - clearly the sun continues to shine on the righteous. Looking at my Ordnance Survey map 154, it looked as if we entered the woods behind the church and headed to Court Hill then east to Court Wood and continued in that direction to reach Norton’s Wood. Turning in the opposite direction, the trail passed Keeper’s Cottage (and strangely another Court Hill) before returning to Swiss Valley and ON IN to the pub. There was a Beer Stop somewhere as well. I’m sure local yokels have other names for all these places so please be assured that any corrections will be duly acknowledged and filed in the filing unit under my desk.
CIRCLE: We had a surfeit of Returnees - Up Yours, Up Furrit, Mike, Cinderfella, Big Stick, Lime Cordial and Miss Led – welcome back to the fold, one and all. Cinderfella was back in the circle immediately for wearing a hat – he really should know better but maybe he was still thirsty. Andy and Rewind took a Down Down for racing as did Bag Lady for demonstrating a perfect Drop and Roll technique over a tree root. Up Yours celebrated 15 hashes today. Under the heading "Things You Don’t See Every Day" we saw Rewind up front for actually completing a Fish-Hook. Bag Lady was in trouble for not giving Inchworm and Back Chat credit as hares for their run last week on the Trash (at least, not until version 3 was published) so she and Inchworm came forward followed by everyone else.
ON ON ON: An old stomping ground this for BOGS. The usual warm hospitality along with some decent sausages, chips and bread. All good stuff.
Run No. 134, 29th July 2009.
Rudgleigh Inn, Easton-in-Gordano.
HARES: Backchat & Inchworm.
WHO: About 16, no hounds.
RUN REPORT from our guest scribe, Rewind: Wasn't run 29 Jul 2009 good despite it raining all Wednesday and all Wednesday night? It just cleared all the time we ran with even a hint of sun. D'Cell commented that the sun falls on the righteous (it does on others too but they were probably indoors and missed it). I heard owls (we must arrange another joint one with the owlers) and did you see the donkey seeking attention? Royalty dressed in red was sent first into the bull field just in case (sort of sacrificial offering) but the one bull with cows and young turned out quite friendly and curious about the hash. Did anyone count more than 5 blobs of flour on the whole trail? Inchworm deserves credit for running the whole of a T4 with us; for him it was a T8 as he'd set it! And thanks must go to the Dutch visitor newcomer didn't get name (name of Cindy until she gets a proper Hash name - Ed.) for translating the article from Swiss-German about hashing in Bali. Unlike us where we wait for the tide to go out (see Run No. 124, 20th May 2009 The Seaweed Hash in Clevedon) in Bali they do it at high tide.
CIRCLE: After the Hares (who provided sweeties on the run, btw), Hash Virgin, Cindy, who claimed to be from Clevedon and The Netherlands simultaneously came up for a Welcome Down Down. "Dag", Cindy or as we say around here, "awright?". Another person who seems confused by our local dialect is Paella who was heard to say Easton-in- Gor - Dan – o. We like our vowels like our men around here, Paella – well ’ard. Hence it’s Easton-in- Gor - Dane - o. Talking of Paella, she was up with Duracell as Returnees and that was about it really.
ON ON ON: A singular sausage, a handful of chips and some half-slices of white bread. Not the most inspiring of menus but maybe we've been spoilt elsewhere. It was interesting to try a new pub, though, and you never know what it's like until you try it. So now you know.
Run No. 133, 22nd July 2009.
Rowan Cottage, Redcliffe Bay.
HARES: Coppertone & Poacher.
WHO: 1 Hash Hound and about 16 Hashers.
RUN REPORT: After a quick run around Redcliffe Bay, the trail headed off to Merlin Park and through the fields now owned by the Avon & Somerset Police before dropping down into Weston Big Wood. Taking a different route to previous hashes, the hares nevertheless managed to provide more than the average amount of shiggy but eventually led the pack across Valley Road then steeply uphill to follow the rim of the Black Rock quarry. The Beer Stop was found just before the farm off Valley Road after which the walkers turned tail and headed homewards by the shorter route while the runners passed through the farm paintball area. Both walkers and runners got caught in a heavy downpour which was unexpected as the evening had been glorious until then.
CIRCLE: Didn’t really take enough notice but this is what I can remember (if your moment in the limelight has gone unrecorded, please let me know and I’ll put it in next week – if I remember then) - Down Downs for: Hares, Bag Lady (Hash Grub for tonight), someone’s 75th?, Coppertone’s birthday, everyone else.
ON ON ON: DT & Swallow put in a late appearance but too late to sample Rewind’s anti-Swine Flu formula which claims to be “the only mixture known to severely reduce the risk of catching H1N1 using a well tested mechanism”. It was hot and spicy but I haven’t caught Swine Flu yet so it must have worked. Using the surfeit of produce from Coppertone’s veggie plot, Bag Lady rustled up a selection of curries including Shalgam Korma which turned out to be made with turnips.
Run No. 132, 15th July 2009.
The Star, Tickenham.
HARES: Walky Talky & Kerb Crawler.
WHO: 1 Hash Hound and about 16 Hashers – I think.
RUN REPORT: From the pub, we took our life in our hands running along the road in the Nailsea directions before crossing the road and over the stile built into the wall – a rather unusual feature. Doubling back across the fields and lanes, we headed for Tickenham Church then up and over by a devious route to Cadbury Camp. My co-scribe’s memory gets hazy around here and I never know where I am but somehow or other we managed to get back to the Beer Stop at the other side of the church. After refreshments, the Runners took the long scenic route while the Walkers took the direct route back to the pub.
CIRCLE: After Down Downs for Returnees, Bumbaye & Big Stick to welcome them back, the SCBs came forward –, Centurions Cinderella & Deep Throat plus Bamber who, being a relatively new Hasher, must have been led astray by the aforementioned villains of the piece. Rewind gave pressies to the Centurions which turned out to be The Cloak for Cinders and a bag of yukkie sweets to DT who promptly tried to off-load them onto the rest of us. Big Stick then suggested that The Cloak should be embellished before being handed on. DT thought this sounded like a half decent idea adding that said embellishment should be “in the best possible taste” and, in true Hash fashion, the motion was carried. DT, as a Centurion, then had to come back to the centre for wearing a hat in the Circle and was joined by late-comers Big Stick, Bamber and Cinderella. I thought Lime Cordial got off very lightly for Missing In Action (or MIA as our own undercover Action Man Big Stick would have it) with just a Down Down for causing a search party to go out after him. OK they were only gone about 3 minutes but the thought was there.
ON ON: Quadrupling the number of customers in The Star, we tucked into a tray of sandwiches and had the usual stimulating conversations on such topics as Morris Dancing and Greek toilets. Like you do.
Run No. 131, 8 July 2009.
The Ebdon Arms, Wick St. Lawrence.
Deep Throat.
11 Hashers.
Why were we running from the Ebdon Arms this week? - because the Landlady used to run another pub which was frequented by hashers, so looked us up on the website and asked DT to arrange a run from her new pub! It makes a pleasant change from having to check whether there is a suitable pub to base a run on. Our route was a mix of the green areas around the edge of the new(ish) housing of Wick St Lawrence and the myriad of very similar looking footpaths through the houses.In fact some were so similar that by the end practically everyone was saying "haven't we been here before" as we came to yet another check point at a crossroads in the footpaths. Being Wick St Lawrence all was exceedingly flat, but DT did manage to find the only hill in the area at Castle Batch for the beer stop.
The hash circle welcomed virgin hasher Bamber, and then celebrated Back Chat's 50th run and Deep Throat and Cinderella both reaching their 100th run with BOGS. Rewind, the current keeper of the centurion's cape, managed to forget to bring it to hand over to the new centurions - but promised to bring it next week. Then it was inside for platters of bread and chips.
Run No. 130, 1 July 2009.

Sawyers Arms, Nailsea.
WHO: 13 Hashers.
RUN REPORT: It was one of the warmest runs this year, so I've no idea why the pack seemed to be running faster than normal. DT's normal range of checks and turnbacks led us winding through the streets and pathways of Nailsea - keeping the pack well together. Then we broke into the surrounding countryside for some slightly longer legs, but with fishhooks as well to keep the FRBs and the back of the pack in contact - and if I'm not mistaken there was at least one field where everyone became a walker, as we all took advantage of the fact that we knew the trail was there but couldn't see the flour. Shortly before the beer stop Cinderfella kindly showed us all the need for anyone around 6ft tall to duck under a particularly sharp branch in a path through the hedgerow.
CIRCLE: BOGS virgins Cinderfella and Mike were first in the circle. Cinderfella saw some blobs near his house in the afternoon, thought "that looks like a hash trail" and promptly looked on the internet, found us and came along - Welcome both. Dave received his hash name - Speedyballs. (something to do with his clothing logos - apparently) Then it was inside for chips, sandwiches and bowls of pickled onions - washed down by the odd beer or cider or two.
Run No. 129, 24th June 2009.

The Bird in the Hand, Long Ashton. (Re-live the trail HERE.)
HARES: Cinderella, aided and abetted by Kerb Crawler with Deep Throat on the Beer Stop. Credit where credit's due.
WHO: One Hash Hound and two pub tables full of Hashers.
RUN REPORT: A new pub and new territory. An interesting run around the Long Ashton Research Station area (famed for its work on cider) which included crossing a railway line twice and a surprising amount of common land and woodlands. Very nice.
CIRCLE: So overwhelmed was I by the honour of my 50 runs citation that I can’t recall anything else of note. Luckily for you, there will be a new Scribe for the next couple of weeks who will do a proper job.
ON ON: Sitting outside the pub on a lovely warm evening, plate after plate of sandwiches – all brown bread – were delivered and devoured. The landlady told me that the Sunday Lunch is first class. You get a selection of meats served with three veggies of the day, roast pots, roast parsnips and home-made gravy for £7.95. Certainly the sandwiches weren’t half bad.
Run No. 128, 17th June 2009.
Newton House, Clevedon.
WHO: 14 Hashers and two Hash Hounds.
RUN REPORT: After the warm-up, the trail was called from DT Towers: "On right!". What? Right? We always turn left, cross the road, through the park and, give or take a turnback, it’s On On. Were we going to give the park a miss this time? Well, readers, the answer turned out to be "no". We did turn right, then turned back, down the side of the park, turned back again and – dah dah! – into the park from the bottom entrance. From there we took the Clevedon tour, experiencing all the joys of a town built on a steep hillside.
CIRCLE: Visitor Duracell from Bristol had to leave before the Circle but the rest of us took a long and arduous journey to the top of DT’s back garden where we were rewarded with stunning views (as an estate agent might say) of the town. After the Hare, we welcomed BOGS Virgin Paella from Berkshire Hash who plans to be around for a while. Hope to see you again, Paella. Bag Lady was in trouble for trying to hasten the warm-up and Walky Talky volunteered to join her as she was, indeed, her partner in the crime. By then we could all smell the barbecue so everyone else came forward to complete the Down Downs.
ON ON ON: Swallow meanwhile had been doing a valiant job on the barbie and within minutes food and drink were being devoured. A round of Hashy Birthday To You in honour of both DT and Swallow aging by another year and providing great hospitality rounded the evening off nicely. Many thanks to DT and Swallow yet again.
Run No. 127, 10th June 2009.
The Golden Lion, Wrington.
HARE: Dead End.
WHO: 15 Hashers and one Hash Hound.
RUN REPORT: This should have been Deep Throat’s Hash but on Monday, feeling poorly, he contacted Dead End who agreed to set a trail without even knowing the area. Well, Dead End, you did a splendid job – although it helped that the torrential rain stopped just before we set off. Wrington is a country village set in an undulating landscape with the occasional low-flying plane from Lulsgate overhead. Leaving the pub, we weaved around the village and then set off for the high ground passing through a wooded area and fields, chewing the fat with a few alpacas (or were they llamas?), horses and cows and ending up high above the village with a great view over the whole area. After that it was downhill all the way to the Beer Stop and On In to the Golden Lion.
CIRCLE: Not wanting to miss the craic, DT will show his face at any event involving eating or drinking, including the Circle where he called up tonight’s Virgin Hasher, Nicky from Clevedon, whose Mum, Chris, had dragged along. She seemed rather pleased with her efforts, particularly when she realised the trail had been 5 ½ miles long, including Falsies. Welcome to you, Nicky. Inchworm and Chris were up next for sitting on a check. "But I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed", cried Chris. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, of course, and so it was Down Downs for them both. Flower Power was next for not going back on a Fish-hook but watching her hound, Lucky, do it instead – does that count? Is there a rule about such things? Probably not. Returnee DT joined everyone else for the final Down Down before we went inside the pub.
ON ON ON: I noticed on the run that there was another pub around the corner and wondered why we didn’t go there for a change. When we entered the pub, I knew the reason. Within seconds plates of sandwiches starting arriving, yummy, all soft, brown bread with so many different fillings including ham & lettuce (really fresh), prawn, egg mayo, cheese and pickle, cheese and onion, unidentified poultry and so on, all served on doilies with salad garnish and crisps. As Michael Winner would say – historic. The Golden Lion has set a standard others may aspire to. We’ll be back.
Run No. 126, 3rd June 2009.
Failand Inn, Failand.
HARES: Walky Talky and Kerb Crawler.
WHO: 16 Hashers and one Hash Hound.
RUN REPORT: Despite the fact that BOGS had covered this area in the past, many found themselves in new territory. A left turn from the pub and left again into the Tyntesfield estate led us into some woods and on to a footpath leading back to the Clevedon road opposite the turning for The Downs School. Half a kilometre down this track the trail led right, across some fields where the runners and walkers split to rejoin at the edge of the woods again. Through the woods and after a Beer Stop alongside the Failand Cricket Club, we were directed into a stinging nettle patch and onto open fields before returning to the pub.
CIRCLE: After the Hares' Down Down, we had the initiation of two Virgins – welcome to sisters Lyn from Clevedon and Sue from Pill, both brought by Christine. We hope you enjoyed your first Hash. This week's statistics were Kerb Crawler's second Hashing Birthday and Poacher's 50th run. Bag Lady was charged with not paying attention and Flower Power's birthday was recorded for posterity.
ON ON ON: As sandwiches were not on the menu, we ordered a few rounds of chips and baguettes which, along with the ales on offer, provided the necessary sustenance.
Run No. 125, 27th May 2009.
The Old Farmhouse, Nailsea.
HARE: Duracell.
WHO: 16 Hashers and no hounds.
RUN REPORT: This is written by an anonymous hasher (ok, it was Coppertone): "Through the streets of Nailsea, across some fields with cows in, to Backwell & Nailsea railway station. A few falsies, along by the railway line, turned right across some fields which led to a park on the edge of Nailsea. Another half-hour of not knowing where we were brought us back to the pub where Flower Power’s empty car was spotted".
CIRCLE: Returning to the fold this week we had Up Furrit who brought along a Virgin, Betty. Hope you enjoyed your first hash, Betty. Last week’s Virgin, Christine, must have done so as she came back this week for more of the same but different. And welcome back, Up Furrit! Duracell came forward to have a Down Down in honour of her Edinburgh Marathon attempt at the weekend – did she complete it? Watch this space and all will be revealed. Andy has only been on a couple of hashes but he has already succeeded in distinguishing himself. Noticing a Fish Hook-4 that Bag Lady didn’t want to run, she pointed Andy in that direction saying "Andy, you’ve got to run up there". "Who me?", says he. "Yes you"”, says she. And he did. As On On was then called, Bag Lady did the honourable thing and owned up but no, he’d started so he’d finish and with a cheery smile he went all the way there and back again. Now, fellow hashers, does that lead you to think of a name for this almost-a-virgin-but-full-of-hashing-spirit guy? Answers on a postcard to our illustrious Grand Master. For various crimes we then saw Rewind, Coppertone, Dave, Up Furrit, Andy and Bag Lady up front followed by the few remaining who’d managed to keep out of trouble - or not get caught.
ON ON ON: What a lovely warm welcome the landlady of the pub gave us. She obviously considered us soulmates as it turned out she runs with Nailsea Running Club. The sandwiches appeared, nicely presented and more than enough (a couple of doggie bags were taken home). Eventually a weary Flower Power presented herself after trying – and failing – to find us but she and hash hound, Lucky, had had a good long walk. The pub served an excellent cider which I think was called Stamford Press but as I drank the stuff, my memory, as well as the cider, may be cloudy.
Run No. 124, 20th May 2009.


The Crab Apple, Clevedon.
HARE: Rewind.
WHO: around 16 Hashers and no hash hounds.

Hare Rewind broke with BOGS tradition this week by laying the trail in seaweed. He mentioned that one section had no markings but the reason would be obvious when we got there which, indeed it was. The problem with seaweed is that it is not so easy to spot as blobs of flour and, as a result, the Pack needed a few winks and nudges to find their way down to the coastline and onto the pebbles which were, of course, strewn with the stuff. Picking our way carefully over the pebbles, we arrived at the inevitable climb back up to the top and along the very pretty coastal path back to the pub. Our guest writer this week, Lime Cordial, had this to say: "Seascapes and skyscapes would were a distraction from the ankle twisting route; No good for those with vertigo; a route set by a well known sadist who is also a masochist; interesting new trail marking of an optional fish-hook/regroup". Had the weather been less clement Rewind might have been in for a lynching but on this pleasant evening everyone seemed happy enough. But what will he think of next?
CIRCLE: Virgin Hasher, Christine, seemed to enjoy her first Hash very much and has promised to come back again – a Down Down was awarded to her in the company of BOGS Virgin, Andy. Welcome to you both. Coppertone came front and centre for his 50 hashes along with Splatt and Duracell both on 15 hashes. Dead End joined the hash on the beach but I’m not sure if he took a Down Down for turning up late (he said he couldn’t find us but then spotted some people in the distance fighting their way along the beach and thought "who would be that stupid at this time of night? Yep. BOGS Hashers").
ON ON ON: We don’t ask for much but beer and some sustenance should not be too much to expect from a pub. While the former was forthcoming, the latter seemed elusive and hashers were given several assurances that "they’re working on it", "they’ll be ready soon", "they’re just coming". Dead End and Splatt had already had to leave by the time the sandwiches materialised and were devoured in minutes.
Run No. 123, 13th May 2009.
The Royal, Portishead.
HARES: Poacher, Coppertone & Bag Lady.
WHO: There were 2 Hash Hounds and – er – a number of hashers as well – 17?
RUN REPORT: Having been told to look out for matchsticks, excaliber and nude people sitting around on the trail, the pack set off with puzzled looks on its faces down the steps towards the marina lock. Predominantly off-road, the trail wove its way towards Portbury Wharf, finding lots of walkways and cycle paths hidden among the houses and trees. Most people spotted the matchsticks and other sculptures for which this area is now becoming quite famous. The route cut back through the Precinct on the High Street and headed up to Woodhill and into East Wood.
CIRCLE: Does regular exercise improve your fitness or wear your out sooner? We had examples of both this week with three of the Knitting Circle, Swallow, Back Chat and Walky Talky, actually running while two regular runners, Rewind and Inchworm, were caught sitting down on the trail. All were invited for a Down Down as were Dead End and Cinderella for arriving late but they soon caught up – excellent marking, hares.
ON ON ON: The Royal doesn’t do pub grub anymore so Poacher produced her own variation of sandwiches and healthy snacks which were considered by all present to exceed expectations. “Make sure you mention the sandwiches”, I was told in no uncertain terms. So there you are. I have and they were indeed excellent. Thus fortified, the warmth of the pub beckoned and the hashers were not slow to take advantage of the beer and comforts on offer.
Run No. 122, 6th May 2009.
The Priory, Portbury.
HARES: Coppertone, Bag Lady and Poacher.
WHO: 16 Hashers (approx – didn’t count).
"The Bluebell Run"

"One of the best hashes I’ve even been on", "exceptionally well laid", "as good as it gets..."
OK, so this trash is being written by one of the Hares so what else did you expect? Actually the hares had got the timing just right for this particular spot as the bluebells and wild garlic were in full bloom and came as a nice surprise - even to some local yokel hashers who hadn’t visited this particular woodland before. A left turn from the pub and a right turn on the bend in the road brought the hashers to the entrance of Priors Wood. From there it was ON ON to the right and into the wood proper. With only a short section in fields, the trail was almost entirely run within the woods and there was enough natural light to enjoy it. Before returning to the pub, the pack gathered for a Beer Stop/Hash Circle/Pasties.
CIRCLE: Virgin hasher, Dave was welcomed into BOGS and ex-Virgin Caroline was welcomed back as a Returnee. Rewind, who should have been a caped crusader having achieved 100 runs, was minus his cape tonight although he claimed he was sure he had it on when he started. Would you buy a used car from this man? Dave was up again for running no less than three fish-hooks which must be a record.
ON ON ON: The Priory is unable to provide our usual requirements of simple – and cheap – food hence the pasties for those who wanted them. Others used vouchers for 2-for-£10 deals (sign up on http://www.vintageinn.co.uk/theprioryportbury/) .
Run No. 121, 29 April 2009.
The Star, Congresbury.
HARE: Deep Throat.
WHO: 18 Hashers.
The run started with a gentle run into the edges of Congresbury, then a long slow climb up into Kings Wood, where a multiple of paths kept us checking out the route amongst the trees and bluebells. Rewind took a rest and sat down on a log for a seat, and was rewarded with the pleasure of carrying the log to the next check point.
A couple of fishhooks tried to keep the front runners from getting too far ahead, although Walky Talky managed to accidentally get too close to the front on a few too many occasions. Then it was on to the far side of Cadbury Hill for a beer stop and a picnic of sandwiches before getting back to the pub, a little later than normal, so some were caught out in the woods without torches.
CIRCLE: Down downs welcomed Virgin hasher, Jenny, Rewind's 100th run with BOGS, a belated 50th run for Flower Power, 15 runs for Dead End, and a number of the normal offences.
Run No. 120, 22th April 2009.

The Kings Arms, Easton in Gordano.
HARES: Kerb Crawler & Cinderella.
WHO: 12 Hashers.
RUN REPORT: It was a sunny evening and a route with a gentle climb winding its way up towards Lower Failand giving many picturesque views over the undulating spring countryside and bluebell filled woods. After a beer stop outside Lower Failand church the runners took a long downhill loop before climbing up again to the top of Summerhouse Woods, to meet up with the walkers again and admire the views over Avonmouth and the Severn... except the walkers weren't there. Could they be that far ahead of us? Surely with the shortcut that they took they couldn't be behind us? ...unless Kerb Crawler had managed to lead them into the wrong field and get lost. Finally they found the right field and managed to catch up with us and then it was time for a downhill trek back to the pub for chips and sandwiches. Check where we went using www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2372392.
Down Downs welcomed hash virgin Delia, returnee Twirly, and celebrated all those who lost the trail under Kerb Crawlers' direction.
Run No. 119, 15th April 2009.
The Brewer’s Arms, Banwell.
HARE: Splatt.
WHO: 12 Hashers.
RUN REPORT: Despite a little spitting rain early in the afternoon the evening was bright and clear, sunny even, and most of the hash took place in the remains of the daylight. Hashing on new territory for BOGS, the trail included woodlands and local residential areas which at one point closely resembled a Greek village (according to Cinders) as we slogged up a steep hill with houses opening directly onto it. Splatt’s marking of "RG" confused everyone until she explained it meant "Regroup, Guys". Approaching the ON IN, the church campanologists could be heard doing their thing, ending exactly on 9pm as the last of the hashers returned to the adjacent pub. Other highlights included a castle (or folly), a river and, for the walkers, baby baa baas and gee gees (not seen by the runners who short cut that bit).
CIRCLE: The following Down Downs were awarded:
Splatt, especially for finding new hashing territory;
Kerb Crawler, Duracell, Cinderella, Deep Throat, Dead End, Rewind & Coppertone for short cutting;
Splatt, Bag Lady, Kerb Crawler & Walky Talky for not short cutting and for running around one another at a Fish-hook 4;
Coppertone for admitting to his misspent youth when, in his early teens, he went into a pub for the first time – in Banwell.
For sitting on the trail – Dead End, Walky Talky, Coppertone, Cinders, Rewind, Inchworm & DT.
And some stats:
Kerb Crawler for 75 runs (held over from last week);
Cinderella, Bag Lady & Coppertone for their 2nd hashing anniversary with BOGS;
The mystery of the 50th run was held over again as the hasher was not present – the plot thickens.
ON ON ON: Splatt had mentioned how friendly the landlady had been when she’d rekkied the trail but had been told that swearing was not allowed on the premises. We must have behaved ourselves because plate-loads of fat sausages were delivered along with some upmarket buttered bread. It was a struggle to get through them all but we’re not quitters and demolished the lot.
Run No. 118, 8th April 2009.

The Sawyers Arms, Nailsea.
HARES: Rewind, Duracell.
WHO: 19 Hashers plus two Hash Hounds.
RUN REPORT: The RA, although absent, had arranged for a full moon (handy when in the woodlands) and good weather – well done Bovver.
Hare Rewind had this to say prior to the hash:
"Duracell did a grand job of setting the trail (I just carried the 3kg of unused spare flour and our own beerstop). She is so quick. Two hours twelve minutes must be close to a record for a 5.5km base run. We have one P stop (always useful but so often neglected by Hares), three S stops (this means two things depending on location). A chance to go fishing. A kingfisher-spotting opportunity (the Hares glimpsed one - a flash of brilliant blue). A chance to talk to the tame lambs and the cows. Live Hare after beer stop."
The P stop never materialised so will remain a mystery but two of the three S stops turned out to be S for Sweeties (as in Easter eggs) and S for Swings - Rewind always manages to pleasantly surprise us although he must have been disappointed that there hadn’t been any rain to turn the ploughed field into a shiggy quagmire – well, you can’t have it all.
CIRCLE: The cold night drove us all immediately to the bar so the two hashers with 50 and 75 hashes under heir belts will have to wait until next week to be honoured - umm, who could that be? Virgin Hasher Caroline should have received the traditional welcome but that, too, will be held over until she joins us again. Nevertheless, welcome Caroline, hope you enjoyed yourself.
ON ON ON: Plates of sandwiches were all ready for us on arrival inside the pub with pickled onions, carrots, cucumber and baskets of chips following soon after. Nice.
Run No. 117, 1st April 2009.
The Old Inn, Clevedon.
HARES: Big Stick, Deep Throat.
WHO: 13 Hashers plus 1 Hash Hound
RUN REPORT: This interesting route took us up Court Hill and through Court Wood & Norton’s Wood, looping back to the quarry for the Beer Stop on Norton Wood Lane. Then it was On On to the Gordano Round, dropping down onto Swiss Valley. At this point we all knew where the pub was (turn left) but the trail took us straight on across the road and we had to wind our way through the houses before getting to the beer. Interesting features were the two Viewstops, one overlooking Clevedon Court, the other looking over to the Bristol Channel – this one backed by giant wooden toadstools. The significance of the date was not lost on the Hares as they sent the Pack on a long downhill trail through the woods to a new sign – AF. If it was long going down, it was even longer trudging back up to be met by Big Stick's smug face at the top.
CIRCLE: Down Downs to:
  • the Hares.
  • Inchworm, Rewind, Cinderella, Royalty and Coppertone for sitting down at the Viewpoint.
  • Coppertone & Inchworm for climbing over a gate into private property.
  • Kerb Crawler, Walky Talker, Rewind, Coppertone, Bag Lady & Poacher who all joined the Bristol HHH on Sunday morning.
  • Royalty, Walky Talky and Kerb Crawler who were caught not doing a Turnback.
  • Bovver and BackChat for not getting caught doing anything...
    ON ON ON: The lovely people in the Old Inn had set aside a table for us (despite being full) on which were some long matchsticks which resembled (and, we speculated, tasted like) the plastic basket they were served in. Not an auspicious start but surprises were in store as two large plates of yummy sandwiches were quickly produced followed a few minutes later by freshly cooked, piping hot curly chips – absolutely delicious and far more than we needed – but we finished them off anyway. It would have been rude to leave them.
    Run 116, 25th March 2009.
    The Priory, Portbury.
    HARES: Rex, Flower Power & Poacher.
    WHO: 12 Hashers plus 2 Hash Hounds.
    RUN REPORT: UWE student Paul Saville was arrested this week. He was photographed, finger-printed, forced to give DNA samples and locked up for two hours in a police cell. His crime? Writing on the pavement in chalk. Why am I telling you this? Because we do that every week! Actually this week the chalk markings were especially necessary as there was a marked absence of flour and a fair amount of back-tracking. From the pub the trail quickly led to a short loop through the nearby woodland after which it went over the motorway and took us on a tour around Ashlands, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, an EU Special Protection Area and a wetland of international importance. Apparently. Well, it was nice and on this starry Spring night we could easily forgive the Hares for a hash that was a bit on the long side (10.1kms according to Cinderella) but a great Hash nevertheless.
    CIRCLE: Too cold to hang around outside, so the Circle consisted of a toast to the Hares inside the pub.
    ON ON ON: As we set off for the run, I heard someone comment that they were "three deep at the bar". Luckily by the time we got back the masses had supped, eaten and gone their merry way so there was no real delay for food or drink except that they had run out of Tribute Draught. The Priory menu doesn’t run to trays of sandwiches so we each ordered individually.
    Run 115, 18 March 2009.
    Market Inn, Yatton.
    HARE: Walky Talky & Cinderella.
    RUN REPORT: This week's route was a flat, fairly fast, field free foray where twelve friends ferreted - in fortunately dry weather - through the footpaths of Yatton, with furcated forks furnished with frequent blobs of flour, which served their function and facilitated three additional following runners (one of them a first-time hasher) to catch up - making us fifteen in number for the final furlongs of the run.
    We finally finished off with down downs celebrating three returnees (including Coppertone and Baglady back from a few months visiting far flung parts of the globe), followed by a good few filled sandwiches along with our fluid refreshments.
    Run 114, 11 March 2009.
    Prince's Motto, Barrow Gurney.
    HARE: Dead End.
    RUN REPORT: Regular readers of Hash Trash may recall the description "There was shiggy, wet shiggy, slippery shiggy, deep shiggy, pull your shoes off shiggy, and yet more shiggy" from a few weeks ago. This week we learned to add saturated shiggy, squelchy shiggy, rutted shiggy, "oh no my shoe has come off and I can't even see it in the shiggy" shiggy, whole fields full of shiggy, and even more shiggy to the description.
    The hare's comment about the stream (that we were just about to cross within the first mile) that it was flowing a lot fuller than when he laid the route in the morning, did give the indication that maybe there'd been some rain during the day!
    Still, we all enjoyed a good route which ended up taking us up the hill behind the Princes' Motto, along tracks and through fields. You can get some good views from up here - but not on Wednesday evening when the fine rain and fog which drifted down periodically put paid to that. But at least it wasn't cold!
    The hare decided (with encouragement from all present) to cut out a small section of the route that he'd set - on the basis that he'd been concerned enough about the field with the bull in it when it was just him in the morning, and perhaps a group with lights going through his field may upset the bull a little. So instead we ran on to the beer stop.
    After that it was downhill all the way (almost) back to the pub. Down downs were held for all who lost the trail, fell in the mud, etc, and then it was inside for full platters of sausages, bread and chips to feed about twenty. There were only eight of us eating, but we tried!

    Run 113, 04 March 2009.
    The Royal Oak, Portishead.
    HARE: Deep Throat.
    RUN REPORT: It was a very cold night which ten hashers, two dogs and one hare braved. The hash started with a short loop that led us almost back to the pub again and then out towards Weston Big Woods, going across some shiggy-surrounded stiles. Very shortly after entering the woods we left them again by dipping and diving over barbed wire, we then went down a very slippy shiggy track (where Splatt! stayed on her feet although Buster helped Bovver fall over). We then made our way to the beer stop, where the hare left us. Then, after following the trail until we were just out of sight (and ear shot) of the hare, the trail vanished. We made a group decision to go towards the main road and eventually managed to pick the trail up to go up a steep cobbled road and a short walk back to the pub.
    After down-downs which highlighted that everyone lost the trail and that Bovver had returned to us, it was off into the pub for two trays of plenty of very nice brown sandwiches in our own little room.
    DEPUTY SCRIBE: Walky Talky.
    Run 112, 25 February 2009.
    Newton House, Clevedon.
    HARE: Deep Throat.
    RUN REPORT: As a contrast to last week DT managed to set a route with practically no shiggy at all, winding our way through central Clevedon, then twisting and turning its way towards the fields next to the motorway, before a beer stop at the entrance to Clevedon Court woods.
    A meandering climb took us to the top of Clevedon, before a drop down and back to DT's for down downs and then 12 bowls of home made soup.

    Run 111, 18 February 2009.
    The George, Abbot's Leigh.
    HARE: Dead End.
    RUN REPORT: There was shiggy, wet shiggy, slippery shiggy, deep shiggy, pull your shoes off shiggy, and yet more shiggy for what seemed to be most of the route up to the beer stop ......and the 13 hashers, 2 hash dogs (and hare) all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the hash, which started with a 3/4 mile circuit that soon saw us back at the pub (would this be the shortest hash on record?) before taking us across the road and onto an interesting winding route through Leigh Woods.
    At one of the runners/walkers splits all of the runners missed the subtlety of an arrow pointing the route through a hole in the trunk of an old tree and spent 5 minutes trying to find a route that didn't exist.
    At the beer stop a number of night time mountain bikers came cycling past - now that's a strange activity, cycling along paths through woods at night - give me running in the dark, tripping over tree stumps, and sliding through shiggy any day.
    Then a "short" runners loop (of what seemed like a mile of solid running) did the desired job of bringing the runners up behind the walkers just in time for the final half mile run on in. The Down downs celebrated Walky Talky's 75th hash and the returnees Big Stick, Lime Cordial, Poacher, and Inch Worm, who had all missed a recent batch of runs for various reasons, then it was in to the usual platters of sausage and chips at the George.
    Run 110, 11 February 2009.

    The Plough, Congresbury.
    HARE: Deep Throat.
    RUN REPORT: This was a trail which seemed to find practically all of the lanes, paths and cut-throughs in Congresbury, twisting around either side of the main Brinsea Road through Congresbury.
    The hare suggested that the ground through the shiggy-filled fields was frozen hard when he set the trail - well, global warming had changed that by the time we ran/slipped/struggled through, and the clinging mud managed to hold onto Dead End's shoe while his foot carried on running.
    The beer stop, away from any street lights, gave a good view of a very clear starry sky, and, as we set off for the final shiggy-filled mile back, there was also an interesting view of a very large low moon slowly rising into some low clouds.
    No food available for us at the pub, but Deep Throat found a nearby chippy for sausages and chip butties. We couldn't really take these into the pub, so it was just as well that it was (more or less) warm enough to sit outside for supper and drinks.
    Run 109, 4 February 2009.

    The Rising Sun, Backwell.
    HARES: Cinderella & Walky Talky.
    RUN REPORT: Fortunately most of the snow had gone from the roads, but there were still quite a few large patches in the fields, which made it a little challenging setting the route in the late afternoon...
    [Use powder paint mixed with the flour was the advice - we tested this the night before, and it might be OK in the daytime, but even this gives only limited visibility in patchy snow at night, so it was used only occasionally and we relied on the old standbys of flour on mole hills and fresh dung. If anyone wants to have 2+ kg of pink flour, let me know.]
    ...and a little challenging following the trail at times. Although most managed OK, Flasher & Flour Power managed to miss the mix of white and pink flour indicating to go right as they entered the field, and also missed the sight of head torches running through the field to their right. Fortunately Walky Talky spotted this and they eventually caught up. Then there was the normal mix of Checks, Turnbacks, a fishhook - which Rewind was reluctant to reach - and a pink arrow or two, before going carefully through a field of sleeping cattle (they were docile enough setting the trail, but their horns looked very sharp and pointy!).
    After a beer stop in the edge of some woods near Chelvey Batch, the walkers route took a pleasant back road, while the runners followed a climb through the woods rising some 60 metres, before having a pleasant run downhill, dropping 70 metres, along a (fortunately non-icy) road to end up behind the walkers in time for a brief On Inn back to the pub. Then some quick down-downs before sausage and chips inside.
    Run 108, 28 January 2009.
    The Royal Oak, Clevedon.
    HARE: Deep Throat.
    RUN REPORT: We started with a quick run along the seafront passing the pier before starting the first of what seemed about three or four climbs up to the top of Dial Hill before coming down and going back up again, and again...
    Fortunately Dead End soon managed to catch up after a late start (difficulty finding the pub - he didn't have his Splatt Nav with him).
    The normal range of turnbacks and shortcuts, together with the introduction of the fishhook to the BOGS flour vocabulary, kept the runners and walkers in frequent contact. The top of Dial Hill provided the scenic beer stop before returning to the pub for down downs and filled rolls.
    Then, for once, Cinderella didn't have to leave the pub early to rush back to the music session at the Royal Oak in Clevedon - he just walked into the back room and picked up his fiddle!
    Run 107, 21 January 2009.

    The Grove Sports Centre, Nailsea.
    HARE: Rewind.
    RUN REPORT: The Hare was accompanied by six cold, wet and bedraggled hashers (and that was before we started) for a rainy run along sodden muddy footpaths and through marshy fields en-route from Nailsea to Backwell station, and then back again to a beer stop in Rewind's front garden. It's just as well we enjoy this sort of thing!
    The route was well marked - which was surprising because everyone expected the persistent rain to have washed all of the flour away. However, there was no flour from the beer stop back to the sports centre - instead we had to follow written instruction, which relied on us counting our paces between various landmarks before deciding which way to go next.
    No down-downs tonight - for some reason everyone decided to go straight into the dry and warm sports centre for some baguettes and dips, provided by Rewind.
    Run 106, 14 January 2009.

    "Majors", Weston Super Mare.
    HARES: Splatt and Dead End.
    RUN REPORT: Run 106 was the second run of 2009, but had quite a number of firsts:

    • Splatt and Dead End's first hare.
    • Martin's first experience of hashing - we hope to see you again soon.
    • The first time this year we have ended up sitting outside the pub at the end of the run (and it was warm enough - well up until 10:00pm, anyway).
    • The first time we have been to a pub with Jennings beer (according to DT),
    • and the first time that the hares had to rapidly switch pubs to have the post run drink. Majors (The Major from Glengarry), had decided (despite the arrangements previously arranged to have food and drink) it was a quiet evening so they were going to close for the evening at 8:00pm! The Old Colonial was close at hand and, after being sweet talked by one of the hares, gave us a good welcome and bread and chips were soon brought out to us.
    The run started with what seemed like a mile of climb, from the seafront near Knightstone Pier up to Worlebury Woods. After testing out most of the false trails set in the woods the rest of the trail was fortunately down hill to the Milton area of Weston, and then a fairly flat run through the streets back to the seafront - with Splatt leading the front runners on an extra loop to stop us getting too far ahead. Down downs outside the (by now closed) Majors celebrated newcomer Martin, and Bovver's 25th run, before rushing off to the Old Colonial.
    Run 105, 7 January 2009.
    The George, Backwell.
    HARE: Duracell.
    RUN REPORT: This icy evening run started slightly late as we waited for the (almost) final runners to struggle through the logjam of traffic throughout the Bristol area caused by a motorway closure. Ten hashers set off crossing the near stationary traffic on the A370 and followed the route along some slippery pavements and up the hill and across fields to Jubilee Stone, although frost on the ground made it an interesting challenge to work out which white blobs were the trail.
    Heading back down and into Backwell a good selection of false trails, turnbacks and runners' loops kept the runners and walkers together, and latecomer Cinderella managed to catch up at the beer stop near the railway station
    The final mile and a half finished with a run across some fields, where the hare discovered that a trail can look very different if you run it the opposite direction from the direction it was set.
    Back at the George the (rather brief) circle saw down-downs for Duracell (the hare) followed by short-cutters Cinderella, Kerb Crawler and Deep Throat. Statistical down-downs followed for Royalty (50 runs) and Cinderella (75). Finally Tom Crosse was called in to the circle to be complimented on his navigation and named Dead End.
    Then it was inside for beer and good butties, but not enough of them!

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