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Run: Rewind's birthday bash. 29th December 2010
Flour Power's pad, Portishead.
WHO: About 10 hashers/bathers and Lucky the hash hound.
REPORT: The carbon footprint hash. After conflicting and confusing emails some hashers went to Flour Power's pad and some to The Windmill Pub. The only actual hash was from the Windmill to Flour Power's place along the coastal footpath which was only negotiated by a keen Rewind and Flour Power with Brigadoon walking in the opposite direction. Most cheated and drove to the venue. After preliminary eats and drinks most hashers plunged into the Hot Tub in the unlit garden and basked there all evening. Rebore commented on the lack of champagne, but a great last non-hash of the year was had by all.
The Little Harp, Clevedon seafront. Organised by Clevedon Athletic Club.
WHO: about 14 hashers, 900 runners and one dog.
TEMPERATURE: A challenging minus 5°C!
REPORT: The race kicked off at 11:00am sharp. Hashers spread out infiltrating the pack and took off at a quick pace. Walkie talkie had thoughtfully positioned herself at the end of her road ready to take photos, as hashers flashed past. The route wound through the town on the flat and middle of the road stuff, until just after the Unhealthly Centre, when we started a small incline, or decline for some, past the Old Inn. Speeding along now, well into the groove by the school, arriving at the bottom of the infamous Holly Hill Lane . Encouraged by tooting drivers, or enraged car owners impatient to get past, we dug in at the beginning of the slope. Queen were there singing for us, ‘We are the Champions’ and many of us believed it; plenty of peeps lined the pavements, smiles on their faces, cheering us on. The brow of the hill came soon enough and everyone dropped into cruise control to let the downward path carry us on on. Normal viewing points were obscured by freezing fog, Wales had disappeared. (bonus) Dodging cars along Marine Parade, before running down past the pier and up the last hilly bit by the Sailing Club, hashers could see the end of the road in sight. Racing now towards the finishing line, cheers from the crowds roared in our ears, as we returned safely, one by one.
Down downs of hot mulled wine cups were offered by DT and we gratefully received them. Individual times were available off the back of a lorry.
  • Cinders for expecting a beer stop just after the start and impersonating an oven ready turkey;
  • Flour Power for enticing hashers with thoughts of a hot tub;
  • Big stick for being in the crowd and not on the pitch;
  • Aaron for taking it seriously.
Run No. 213a, 22nd December 2010.
The Ship Inn Uphill and The Old Inn (and/or Royal Oak?), Clevedon.
HARES: Ill in Bed & Gammy Leg.
WHO: Not a clue as I didn't turn up either.
RUN REPORT: From what I've been told, by various non-existant sources, somebody may, or may not, have turned up at either, or maybe even both, or all three, of these venues. It is believed that the trail was possibly longer or shorter than usual with more, or less fish-hooks, turnbacks, checkpoints & false trails, and, although in places the markings were hard to find, this may have been the best, or worst trail to date.
CIRCLE: Was there even enough hashers to make a dot. I know not.
ONON: I must confess I held my own on on with Lem-sip laced with whiskey.
Run No. 213, 15th December 2010.

The Crab Apple Inn, Clevedon.
HARES: Whopper and Brigadoon.
WHO: 22 plus 2 hounds.
RUN REPORT: This was a Silly Hat Hash, and everyone looked the part. Cheesespot could have doubled as a traffic warning sign and stuck close to a ginger bread man, in case someone took a nibble, whilst Brigadoon had obviously strangled a muppet earlier and tied that around his head. Hashers dashed off up a false trail at the start, many held a separate hash, and some were just plain lost, Inchworm again!! Do you need a bigger torch? Phone calls and a regroup sorted some things out. The hash wound its way up out of the estate through the caravans and back out across the river bank, a checkpoint on the bridge could mean only one thing, jump! Hash flash took many pics at the beer stop, some even with the camera switched on. The hares had taken a lot of trouble getting their markings in unusual places, high up on trees, on buildings and best of all above the subway!! Brigadoon must have bounced extra hard for that one! Whopper decided at the last minute to tack on an extra mile for some hashers.
CIRCLE: Crimes galore, as most had taken short or long cuts, many stats, but none of the recipients present. Cinders sang some seasonal down downs, practising for BGT?
ONON: Pleasant pub, so Pushup showed her class by changing into a red dress. Hash flu culled the numbers drinking and eating, Tumbling Ted, Walrus and Flour Power all poorly, (FP was really just grumpy) Swallow skulked in late with DT who said his leg was falling off. And Eager Beaver came at the end to check on the leftovers. Excellent amount of food, but sandwiches were mainly meaty, who ever disorganised this should be taken out and shot...pat pat pat...BANG!
Run No. 212, 8th December 2010.
WHERE: The Swan, Rowberrow, North Somerset.
HARES: Tumbling Ted and Hare Net.
WHO: 16 plus 3 latecomers, and a Lucky hound.
RUN REPORT: A very starry night, an almost empty moon, and a hash over a frosty Dolebury Warren territory which the hares warned was lengthy - things were never likely to go entirely swimmingly. There had been an outbreak of tinsellitis for this special Christmas Tree Hash, with most hashers so adorned at a Jumping Jacks-themed warmup; this also featured the reassurance of the use of straw markings and the delightful appearance of Lucky the Red Flashing Hound. Early on Tumbling Ted abandoned his duty of escorting the walkers, though this was water off a hasher’s back when measured up to the runners’ fate. The latter had meandered through a white woody labyrinth, with Eager Beaver falling heels over head on ice and Call Girl acting as a lighthouse in the interim, but semi-disaster struck when two runners were declared AWOL. Of these, Cinderella was rescued by the loud playing of Christmas music by the in-form Call Girl, but nobody could see a Worm Inching along anywhere. Prior to the regroup overlooking much of an illuminated Somerset and featuring a tree hastily decorated by the frontrunners, only 4 souls had decided that “a good hasher never leaves a man behind” and gone Inchworm hunting. Word reached us however that Inchworm had retired back to The Swan, meeting late-latecomer Deep Throat in the process; suspicions were raised about the sandwiches’ fate, but “we must go on”. As if to lighten the mood, mischief in the form of shaking a snowy tree was predominant at the next regroup - clearly there were at least 5 big kids in tow. At the imminent Sweet Stop after several fish hooks, Spooky Treats and Jelly Babies were distributed, as well as congratulations to Limpet and Flour Power for first runners’ route and first fish hook followed respectively. Several of us soon realised we had strayed onto the maze that is Burrington Coombe, with the runners sent straight into a turnback and the Beer Stop encountered in amongst many a checkpoint. At said stop we feasted on fruit juice, beer, mince pies and clementines, and then proposed a minute’s darkness as a mark of respect for the sparkling constellations above us. Another fish hook for 7 was encountered at the bottom of a steep hill shortly after, with some claiming it was not numbered and thus was for all; however the hares reassuringly denied this. An On In along School Lane in Rowberrow was a welcome sight for a just-intact throng, who touched down just after the 2 hour mark.
CIRCLE: The snow-shakers went unpunished, but Inchworm knew full well what was coming - clearly missing out on two thirds of the trail was not punishment enough. Nor was a bruised behind sufficient retribution for Eager Beaver’s fall - he had boasted about the easy footing literally a second before slipping, after all. Latecomers Kerb Crawler and Cinderella also received Down Downs, as did non-participant but worthy Inchworm-rescuer Deep Throat. Limpet and Brigadoon also came forward for switching to runners’ routes, but stats were the real order. A once-again-bare-armed Turbo was congratulated for his 25th hash while Backchat was crowned a hash centurion, before every Xmas hasher gathered to sing a day-late 72nd birthday to the great hashing tradition. Here’s to drinkers with a running problem!
ON ON ON: Happy Birthday/Xmas, hash! Intact ham, cheese, tomato and prawn thousand island sandwiches were accompanied by a huge plate of chips which Brigadoon claimed as his own using a “Reserved” sign - it didn’t work. A non-hashing party was also announced at the Old Inn, Clevedon on December 17th - we clearly need to work on the drinking group part.

Run No. 211, 1st December 2010.
43 Old Park Road, Clevedon.
HARES: Brigadoon & Whopper.
WHO: 12 hound-less Hashers; who won’t let the dogs out?
RUN REPORT: Cometh the twelfth month, cometh the Tartan Hash! A far from dirty dozen of us assembled at the hares’ Dial Hill abode donning chequered hats, scarves, shirts, pigtails on Walrus’s part and shorts from Cinderella who may have drawn inspiration from Rewind and Turbo last Saturday. There was no alternative than to warm up with a lively Highland Fling, to Call Girl’s ring tone of “Scotland The Brave”. Brigadoon’s trademark trickery as a hare immediately surfaced with everyone bar two sent the wrong way up Rippleside Road; steps were then retraced and diverted to a trail by Esmond Grove leading to Clevedon’s highest point - on the way Tumbling Ted took a tumble and was left turtled (literally, with limbs waving, though unharmed) while Call Girl retired to go on a family errand. At this altitude much of the weekend’s snow had survived the thaw, and Brigadoon had made good use of orange flour/powder arrows to mark the way. Another sporadic symbol on this hash was crossed circles - basically regroup symbols from previous nights that were to be ignored. After descending, several pace-setters were sent down Clevedon’s famed zigzag above Hill Road and straight into a big fat F, before the chasing pack branched off and encountered a small, thin T3. Descending rapidly out onto Wellington Terrace, we beheld the first walker/runner split - the only walkers present were Limpet and Cheesepot who needed a gentleman for company, but they settled for Eager Beaver instead. This threesome trod cautiously along the cliffhanger path leading to Ladye Bay, but they encountered fish hooks for 6 and 4?! The only solution in both cases was to continually swap places, though Rewind had the courtesy to check up on them. Doubling back, a rendezvous with the runners occurred at the top of Bay Road - apparently the latter had enjoyed sea views and two fish hooks also. Destiny then pointed back up Dial Hill which roused the interest of a resident in Cambridge Grove dubbed “The Curtain Twitcher”, eventually reaching via Kings Road the same peak of Clevedon as before. Clearly this was a well-planned trail, as the pack then ran/walked around the Cricket Club’s home field to the beer stop. Here Irn Bru (not a hash name) made a very welcome guest appearance, as did shortbread and McEwans Export Scottish Ale (likewise). With the starting abode literally around the corner, everyone knew better than to second-guess Brigadoon, and so it proved as the On In comprised down Park Road, along Highdale Avenue, past its primary school (that’s suburbia to those not from Clevedon) and up one final slope that was at least free from snow or shiggy.
CIRCLE: With the weather still biting and Call Girl reappearing, an indoor circle up was arranged and therein a law was passed regarding the offence of Long Cutting, with Limpet, Cheesepot and Lime Cordial being the precedents. Escort Eager Beaver was presumably also guilty, though he was only too glad to drink to a quarter of a century of hashes with the bogs instead. Walrus seemed to escape punishment for taking a seat at the Beer Stop, and host Whopper (perhaps unpopularly) refused to down down a glass of red wine. If we could be so lucky...
ON ON ON: Predictable, perhaps, but impossible to argue against. Yes, humble haggis appeared in plentiful supply along with chestnuts and chequered attire for what must have been a fully enjoyable Tartan shindig. It turns out the hastily departing scribe could have stayed longer as he still had to wait 20 minutes to play his skittles set - hopefully not too much hate mail will be forthcoming...
Run No. 210, Saturday, 27th November 2010.

WHERE: The Winford Arms, near Dundry.
HARES: Walky Talky, Cinderella and Kerb Crawler.
WHO: 14 plus 2 latecomers, and 1 hound.
RUN REPORT: Every hasher tucked up warm in bed on Friday night knew what was coming – it was time to don hats, scarves and mittens and follow pink flour blobs on the trail as we took to the snow-enveloped countryside around Dundry – Brigadoon bemoaned the lack of a bobsleigh throughout, though surely that would be sitting on the hash. Some of the 14 souls present at the start were brave, but Rewind and Turbo were deemed to be plain crazy, appearing in shorts and with bare arms respectively. There was no point in trying to WARM up, so instead we limbered up with a shortened hoki-coki, before “going out for a walk – we may be some time”. Near the start the throng was literally divided by a fence for choice before Kerb Crawler pointed out the right direction going past the trail's first of many inquisitive horses; this led us to an ascent of Dundry Hill via fields and tarmac and news soon reached us that latecomers Deep Throat and Flour Power were playing serious catchup. To compensate, they elected for a walkers' route shortly after, while those who ran were confronted by a symbol resembling a “half-sun” - the correct of the three choices gave a lovely viewpoint of the “Barrow Tanks” (2 reservoirs) nearby. The runners, however, remained separate from their supposedly-snail-paced chums for a good while yet, and the throng were only reunited in the presence of a hastily constructed snow-hash-man at the Sweet Stop – kids and snow go so well together. The sweet stop also provided oh-so-appropriate white Maltesers and a group photo where Happy Hooker resisted the temptation to say “freeze!”
The next few activities on the route's agenda were walking the wobbly planks twice, wading through frozen shiggy, doing the splits to avoid liquid shiggy and tackling many a stile that not even Kelly Holmes could hurdle, albeit as a mere taster for what was to come. For in another field soon after the hashers were in danger of being rounded up by 6 or so equines of the inquisitive breed – tactics for tackling this included shouting orders at the horses, walking at snail pace and even running away like Rewind did. 2 legs won out over 4 in the end, and after following this up with many a footbridge, shiggy and a welcome temporary switch to tarmac terrain (for runners anyway), the Beer Stop beckoned. Here the sole hound present, Pushover, was given the canine equivalent of a Down Down with a small coating of snow, due to scrambling down a wrong route when off the lead earlier. Elsewhere the pack found fruit drinks and sucky sweets to be most appetising, especially Happy Hooker who had no qualms about eating his off the ground!
Most of the remainder was completed with the pub agonisingly in sight, and there was time for one more big shiggy. Eager Beaver and Walky Talky here invented a new technique for avoiding slips in shiggy – basically dash headlong through them while shouting “Lalalalalalala!” for good luck - it worked for both; you can't argue with results. For the On In, Stretch and Mini Haha from the Bristol Greyhounds appeared from their abode and provided all their Bogs “rivals” with a shot of brandy (though possibly not the young 'uns) – it warmed the cockles of our hash. A quick pace along by the main road followed back to the pub, with Rebore again electing for a sprint finish.
CIRCLE: We had soaked up 2 hours of Autumn Wonderland upon our arrival; however no stats were forthcoming due to Walky Talky having the much more important task of haring. Pelting with snowballs had been very popular throughout and thus were excused as crimes, though shortcuts from Rewind, Deep Throat, Happy Hooker, Limpet, Cheesepot and Swallow were duly noted and down-downed. The Greyhounds turned up again with kids Charlie and Chloe in tow, and all 4 were rewarded for this enthusiasm with Down Downs for turning up but not hashing. I think they enjoyed the free drink really...
ON ON ON: The Winford Arms provided the increasingly common private room for a hash of three generations, along with brown and white sandwiches of the cheese, ham, tuna and (I think) prawn thousand island variety. We also cashed in on several bowls of chips, and all in all the On On On clearly refuted the negative review of the Winford Arms that yours truly had encountered while Google-Mapping the place. On to the next hash, which may this time be slush...
Run No. 209, 23rd November 2010.
The Old Inn, Clevedon.
HARES: Limpet and DT.
WHO: Numbers were a mysterious affair, now you see ‘em now you don’t. 25 at the beer stop, more and less at other places, Whopper appeared, disappeared then re-appeared, Big Stick grew out of the shadows, and Eager Beaver teleported into the pub, (fresh from Munich, see Rewind’s investigations, you can hash but can not hide!) Plus 3 hounds, Basil, Pushover and Lucky.
RUN REPORT: The hashers set off up into the woods going this way then that, before a hash crash health and safety warning; hashers got out their plasters for disasters and chased off , where only eagles dare, along a cliff hanger of a path, by the quarry. It was a hasher’s moon, a balmy 5°C, which explained why several had their summer shorts on and Turbo felt the need to take another layer off along the way.
DT and Limpet had squeezed in part of the Boxing Day hash for everyone to try, and most took a hash bash at it, chased by a Double Decker bus to light the way up Holly Lane Hill. False trails and more checking had the hashers running around the top of Clevedon where the big nobs hang out; then out for a view point with a bovine painted trig point and a bunch of petrol station roses (Rosa petroleum stationius Last Minute) thoughtfully displayed earlier by Tumbling Ted.
The sweety stop bench tempted many, before another viewpoint out across the bay, then zig-zagging down into the beer stop.
CIRCLE: A messy affair, hashers not listening, not making a circle, but getting in everyone’s way. A PU in a pub car park, more or less. Offences: a) Brigadoon vandalized a road sign by sitting on it, later to be heard rambling on about tarten knickers; b) Rewind for partly sitting down on the hash; c) Hat wearers got off scot free; d) Flour Power announced she had gone into the piano removal services.
ON ON: We had a room without a view to ourselves and plates of ok-ish sandwiches. Swallow arrived late with a non-hasher claiming to have seen Harry Potter, whoever he may be. Cinders kindly invited everyone to join him at the Moon and Sixpence this Sunday 28th 4pm 6pm where he will be playing with his instrument, all welcome, and the drinks are on him I think he said, thanks very much, I’ll have a half, it’d be rude not to. See you there.
Run No. 208, 17th November 2010.
The Angel, Long Ashton.
HARES: Rewind and Happy Hooker.
WHO: 15 plus 1 latecomer, but no hounds.
RUN REPORT: "A hash by Rewind" was the frank suggestion for the run report, though even this tag would not quite suit the night’s events. The hares bemoaned setting the trail in pouring rain in the afternoon, so the slightly-smaller and hound-less throng could not say they weren’t warned. In amongst a warmup that featured a brilliant penguin-themed song by Deep Throat, the trail was christened "The Shrek Hash", containing many swampy areas akin to that of the grumpy green ogre. So it proved. After negotiating a cemetery on the night of the un-living dead and performing a limbo under an electric fence (for the most part), the Bogs encountered their namesake in practically every way. First there were 2 fields worth of shiggy that were more cow pat than mud, and then the runners were led astray by Deep Throat up a nettle infested path skirting the Park & Ride. Eventually someone spotted a falsie right at the start, but by this stage the runners had turned round, complete with shiggy splashes and nettle stings, and were seriously considering following the walkers’ route; no such luck. Arguably the evening’s highlight followed the first regroup, where the runners had to make a leap of faith over a stream – all except Eager Beaver who valued his scribe’s pen and paper too highly and elected to make more of a stride of faith. Proceeding up a muddy riverside path, the next regroup took place by a level crossing, and proved to be virtually the end of Shrek Land for the evening. Ashton Gate was just round the corner, as was a fish hook for 7 which led to tailender Brigadoon teasing the hooked by running back the way we had came – naturally they had to follow. On the subject of fun and games, the hashers then proceeded through Greville Smyth Park and a few found time to play on the swings – best to fulfill life’s little urges when it’s dark and there’s nobody else around, eh? After reassembling in the presence of some graffiti that looked like the work of Banksy, the still very muddy throng proceeded homebound along the Cumberland Basin, passing the novelty of a "Stuffed Spooky Owl Stop" (fairly self-explanatory) along the way. A very welcome Beer Stop greeted us next to Ashton Park School, complete with apples, oranges, beer, fruit juice and a hand wash station that succeeded in making everyone about 1% cleaner. At this point the walkers were sent on ahead and the runners followed 2 minutes later – to pay the runners back, there was a final fish hook for 7 waiting just after passing the Dovecote Inn. The On In comprised a brief return to Shrek Land over a field of bovine shiggy with the finishing line in sight, though as many as six hashers decided to go round to the finishing line from another direction, including Rebore who went "Full Bore" with a sprint finish.
CIRCLE: Not a night of landmarks, but a night to savour all the same. Down Downs were for the most part given for accidents, not crimes. For example Rebore and latecomer Cinderella had been stung and mildly electrocuted respectively, Eager Beaver was summonsed not for his cowardice at the stream but for getting caught on barbed wire immediately prior, and Deep Throat and Walrus had amazingly been the only Bogs to slip up in this…well, this bog. Only Walky Talky, straight from evening college, was punished for an "offence"; that is, turning up at the end but not hashing. It’s the effort that counts…
ON ON ON: On a night when anything was better than watching England's footballers lose again in the main bar, The Angel had set aside a room that was cosy even for what was now 17 of us, complete with all the usual sarnies plus Frisps, salted and dry roasted peanuts and plates of chips. Call Girl was again flogging mince pie innards, and as the night of The Shrek Hash drew to a close, they all hashed happily ever after…
Run No. 207, 10th November 2010.
Ebdon Arms, Weston-super-Mare.
HARES: Sally and G Spot.
WHO: 23 Hashers and 3 Hash Hounds, including 1 Virgin Hound.
RUN REPORT: A bright and sunny November day equals a cold, cold evening, and the assembled throng of hashers were wrapped up warm to suit, with the moon resembling a Cheshire Cat grin to give us its blessing. The posse included virgin hound/poodle Daisy, plus Brigadoon in a proclaimed “Beaver hat”, though the Eager one does not have a case for copyright theft. The warm-up constituted an orthodox “Father Abraham” coupled with the not-so-orthodox barging through of a non-hash driver; well, we were in the middle of the car park. During the early stages of a fully urban hash the scenery was of a riverside nature, with the runners playing “follow the poodle” - yes, the virgin hound was setting the pace at this stage. A great feature also was the presence of “G spots” to symbolise fish hooks by the namesake hare, and there were plenty of them. Later on at a regroup by the main road, Rewind encapsulated the Bogs spirit by posing in the middle of a (raised) roundabout, though not to direct traffic. A vicious shiggy caught out several runners shortly after, though in spite of this they still managed to beat the walkers to the next regroup - quite a rarity. After circumnavigating Priory Community College a horrendous discrepancy was encountered in the form of a chalk arrow pointing the wrong way - the hares denied its existence beforehand, but any malicious intent from the public will never be proved or disproved... Plenty of incident still followed - the novel invention of a “Dog Stop” was laid for the sake of the hound Daisy to be retired prematurely; when you have little legs you can end up leaving your energy behind. Rewind was later declared Missing In Action despite an anxious rescue attempt by Eager Beaver; however he later reappeared at the Beer Stop to end all Beer Stops. This one felt like the On On On with pecan cakes, drinks, melon, oranges and pineapple aplenty. A few village idiots were out with words of (presumably) encouragement as we set off again for the On In through suburbia, arriving back at near to quarter past 9 - the hashers had been forewarned to get their woolly socks on!
CIRCLE: It was a red-letter circle with welcome returns afforded to second-timers Jenny and Ken, as well as the long absentee Kerrie. DT was announced as having narrowly beaten Brigadoon with hare commitments this year, with a score of 14 to 13, while Limpet was lauded for a quarter of a century of hashes and Pushup proposed 10 hash commandments, not necessarily for naming here. The biggest mention though has to be reserved for G Spot, though, who by UNpopular demand was renamed Cheesepot - does this mean that she will be leaving slices of Cheddar as fish hooks if she is the hare in the future? Time will tell... On to the issue of crimes, headwear in the circle was spotted on the part of D.T. and Pushup, Rewind had made too generous a use of a park bench, Ken had beginner’s bad luck in sinking his drink too early and Walrus compared Pushup to a Hound in the circle; tut-tut.
ON ON ON: We thought the pub would be up against it to beat the Beer Stop, until we got inside, that is. The spread was a candidate for best ever with garlic bread, potato wedges, pizza, salad, nuggets and Eager-Beaver-friendly sandwiches; yum-yum. Call Girl found a good night’s work as a mincemeat saleswoman on behalf of Motor Neurone Disease - this year’s mince pies will be made for a very worthy cause, then. The pub’s ambience kept several hashers behind till after 10:30; we will certainly be back!
Run No. 206, 3rd November 2010.
Rowan Cottage, Queen's Road, Portishead.
HARES: Coppertone and Poacher.
WHO: 23 Hashers (including 3 latecomers), but 0 Hash Hounds.
RUN REPORT: 'Twas the night of the Bogs of Somerset AGM, and the hashers were promised a slightly-shorter-than-usual route to suit. Shorter, maybe, but certainly no less exhilarating. On a slightly damp November evening, the warmup provided a moment of controversy with a hoki-coki that blatantly missed "putting the right leg in"; this did not mean that everyone had to resort to hopping the trail, fortunately. There were also, almost uniquely, no hounds in tow, and because of the heavy-ish rain during the day, blobs of flour were subbed in favour of flour lines for this hash. The location suggested an urban-coastal route, and this premonition was soon borne out. While swerving down through the subdued suburbs, several hashers were confronted by a blob resembling an infinity sign, but were informed reliably that it actually was a line - still, that could be an idea for the future!
The group soon reached the Portishead-Clevedon coastal path and encounted many a checkpoint, fish hook and, most notably, a "T4-almost-on-the-beach" along the way to keep order. This also needed to be done at close to walking pace, since the day's rainfall had reduced the path to one long shiggy, without quite being a fall hazard to any over-enthusiastic hasher. The coastal lighthouse along this path provided the trail's only, but very worthwhile, viewpoint - any incoming ships would probably not have seen the hashers' headlights until it was too late, though. After rejoining suburbia and passing near Flour Power's abode, it was onward and upward through an intestine-like zigzag path, with a final fish hook for 6 thrown in for good measure. The On In along Seaview Road then greeted all, though the plain and clear finishing line that was Rowan Cottage was still temporarily missed by several hashers including yours truly.
CIRCLE: The hares timed the route at 1 hour and 10 minutes - perfect for an evening where business and partying was on the agenda, then. It had been an evening of many minor misdemeanours - Coppertone had to take his hat off to the eagle-eyed among us, Swallow, Deep Throat & Co had made improper use of a shortcut just before the zigzag, Brigadoon, Pushup and Swallow took their seats for the AGM too early and Call Girl had by-passed a "falsie" to enter somebody's garden. Brigadoon also saved Call Girl's bacon from further embarrassment by pointing out discreetly her headwear in the circle - Deep Throat was no-doubt waiting to pounce on this.
ON ON ON: Too many cooks may spoil a good broth, but it seems you cannot have too many providers of AGM grub. By the time every savoury and sweet item had been devoured, every hasher had equal rights to declare themselves stuffed and satisfied. The AGM went off very well as well - after "overheads" the Bogs of Somerset can declare a £200 or thereabouts profit for the year. Every nomination and notion went off popularly - perhaps the most notable idea was that of themed daytime hashes like St Patrick's Day or Shakespeare - To Hash Or Not To Hash, That Is The Question... Roll on the Bogs of Somerset's next business year - we are after all, a drinking group with a serious running problem!

BOGS AGPU 3rd November 2010 at Rowan Cottage, Portishead.

As Grand Master of BOGS Hash House Harriers, Deep Throat welcomed everyone with a special mention for those who had mismanaged BOGS Hash over the previous year. He also thanked all the Hares who had saved him the trouble of having to set extra runs himself.

    • HASH CASH:
      (1) An accounts summary was distributed showing a positive cash year-end balance of £397.15 (£404.35 at AGPU in 2009) plus £210 due for 200th run shirts creating a potential balance of £607.15 about £200 profit over the year.
      (2) Two T-shirt runs during the year – in both cases the cost of shirts was subsidised by the hash.
      (3) Agreed to continue to pay insurance against third party risk. Reminder that all hashers come along at their own risk.
      (4) Asking the pubs to provide sandwiches or whatever for about £30 seems to still be about right.
      (5) Agreed to keep Hash fee at £1, food fee at £1.50 for the moment. These can be varied during the year if Hash Cash advises we should do so.
      (1) Since BOGS hash began (December 2006) there have been 204 hashers and 12 hash hounds.
      (2) Since the last AGPU there have been 82 new hashers and 4 new hash hounds.
      (3) Of these 82 new hashers, 16 have been on 2-4 hashes and 26 have been 5 or more times.
      (4) The most hashers we've had on any event this year was at the Blue Flame in Nailsea where there were 35 hashers, 34 of which had been on 2 or more hashes.
      (5) Since BOGS hash began we have used 75 different locations
      (6) Since the last AGPU we have used 43 different locations.
      (7) There have been 15 new locations since the last AGPU with many of these in and around Weston-Super-Mare.
      (8) Since BOGS began, the pub used most often is The Old Inn in Clevedon – we've been there 11 times. Next is the George at Abbot's Leigh with 10 visits and then Newton House with 9 visits.
      (9) Since BOGS began the most popular places for setting hashes have been: Clevedon: 38 times at 12 different locations, Portishead: 24 times at 9 different locations and Nailsea: 24 times at 8 different locations. Weston-super-Mare is creeping up!
      (10) There are around 35 people who regularly turn up.
      (11) Last November there was an average of 12 hashers at each event with approximately 1 new hasher each week. In March 2010 the average was 18 rising to 26 in May. Since then the average has been 22-26 hashers on each hash.
      (12) There are now 6 BOGS Centurions (with over 100 hashes to their name).
      (1) Saturday Hashes – very popular, good to bring/see the hash horrors (aka as kids); BBQ good idea.
      (2) Hallowe'en Hash – innovative and very enjoyable (and, as it turns out, used by the Bristol Greyhound Hash the following week when they came across the trail while setting theirs!)
      (3) DT – who was thanked for being our Anchor Man. Not being of a nautical nature I've no idea what that means but I think it's a compliment.
      (4) Bluebell Woods hash also mentioned as very enjoyable.
      (5) The variety of locations was appreciated.
      (6) The social side of the hash and the warmth of welcome given to Virgin BOGS hashers – commented on by Baboon, Paella, Tea Leaf and others. Quote “one of the friendliest hashes I've been on” – aren't we nice?
      (1) Long turnbacks – no names – you know who you are!
      (2) People not checking at a Checkpoint. If a front runner heads off to check for the trail and then it's found elsewhere he/she could be left a long way behind - and on their own. Hashers should not just gather at the check but follow the front runner at a short distance so they can relay the calls back to the check or on to the front runner.
      (3) Chatting at the check so that calls cannot be heard.
      (4) Not enough calling! Especially important for those coming behind who need to know they are on the right trail. If you see a trail marker (blob of flour, chalk mark) call On On.
    • GRAND MASTER: Deep Throat
    • RELIGIOUS ADVISER (RA): Pork Scratchings along with Pushup and Flour Power
    • HASH BEER: Rewind and Limpit. Rewind has promised Real Ale and Irn Bru for the Tartan Hash!
    • HASH CASH: Kerb Crawler has agreed to continue in this role along with Pushup.
    • HASH STATS: As Walky Talky is now at college on Wednesdays, she is happy to hold & maintain the records but would need someone to update her with specific information. G-Spot and Call Girl will fulfil this role.
    • HASH SCRIBE: Eager Beaver will take this on with Call Girl happy to help out when necessary.
    • ON SEC: It was mentioned that Hair Net had expressed an interest in the role but she was not available to confirm this. Rebore is happy to play second fiddle.
    • HARE RAISER: Brigadoon & Whopper
    • HASH FLASH: Happy Hooker & G-Spot
    • HASH HABERDASHER: Brigadoon & Flour Power
  • AOB:
    (1) WINTER HASHES: We should take care to ensure that during the winter hashes are shorter (aim for 3 miles rather than 4) as finding our footing is less easy in the dark and it may be slippery underfoot. It may be more appropriate to use trails around and through towns and villages rather than through woodlands over the winter.
    (2) HARING EMERGENCIES: Discussion on what to do if the hares are unable to turn up eg in the case of extreme weather: Rewind remarked that BOGS hash has been running for nearly 4 years and there has never yet been a reason to cancel a hash. DT added that the hash should go ahead even if only 2 people turn up. Presumably it would be nice to know if the hares themselves aren't going to make it in which case they should phone the Hare Raiser who will decide (if possible in consultation with the GM) what action, if any, to take.
    (3) PEOPLE GETTING LOST: Discussion on what to do in the event of people getting lost on the hash: those concerned about this were advised to carry a mobile phone and ensure they have telephone numbers of others who are on the hash that week with their phones switched on.
    (4) FIRST AID: Discussion on injuries which might occur during the hash: a couple of people carry First Aid kits and, of course, anyone particularly concerned about this can also do so. It was reported that there has not been a serious injury requiring First Aid yet.
    (5) SPECIAL EVENTS: Suggestions were requested for special event hashes and they came in thick and fast: St Andrew's, St David's, St George's Day which neatly coincides with Shakespeare Day, St Patrick's, Valentine's, MARLENS Hash (to coincide with the Clevedon MARLENS Festival in September each year), Hash & Splash, Christmas Tinsel Hash and so on. The decision was taken that any hare who wishes to declare a special hash event can do so – talk to the Hare Raiser.
    (6) LUNDY ISLAND HHH: The Lundy Island Hash House Harriers annual hash event: a few BOGS hashers went to this event in 2010 and seemed to have had a great time; many at the meeting expressed an interest in doing so in 2011. Suggestion that a mini-bus could be hired if there was enough interest even though it wouldn't float too well on the Bristol Channel. The event takes place on Lundy Island but hashers stay overnight in Bideford with camping and DIY B&B options.
    (7) HASH HABERDASHERY: Discussion on what the well-dressed hasher would need this year: suggestions included T-shirts or something else for notable personal hash achievements eg 200 runs, 50 hares; any T-shirts should be in wicking technical material not regular cotton; Hi-Viz strips, car stickers. Any other ideas to Hash Haberdasher.
    (8) AWARD FOR MOST HARES: Bag Lady and Coppertone have donated a British Airways tankard which will be given to the hasher who has laid the most trails over the past year. As this information was not available (on account of the fact that no-one mentioned it to Hash Stats until 5 minutes before the meeting), Walky Talky will try and juggle the statistics and tell us who the lucky winner will be. The tankard will be held until the next AGPU and will be engraved with the name of the holder.
    (9) BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT: Decided to buy a new cool bag for Hash Beer's supplies.

And so, full of food and the amber nectar, it was time to say goodnight. Goodnight.

Run No. 205, Saturday 30th October 2010.
Ccar park, NE end of Sand Bay, Weston-/super-Mare.
HARES:Brigadoon, Up Yours and apprentice hare Joanna.
WHO:31-ish Hashers and 3-ish hash hounds.
RUN REPORT: Still T-shirt weather. Leaving the car park, the trail led uphill to a trig point and View Stop after which the Walkers set off along the ridge to Sand Point on the seaward tip of the hill-range while the Runners dropped downhill before contouring around to meet them. Rebore and Elliott made it all the way out to the point but thought better of a swim to Steep Holm, to general disappointment. From there we followed the scenic northern cliff path which, owing to an absence of opportunities for false trails, incorporated a number of fish-hooks to keep the pack together. Eventually we turned south over the top of the hill in the direction of Woodspring Priory, contouring around the hill to descend through woods to the Chariot Park.
CIRCLE: The Hash beer failed to materialise for the circle, but beer, wine and cola appeared as if by magic to fill the mugs held out by eager hashers. After the usual chorus for hares - Up Yours, Brigadoon and apprentice hare Joanna - we moved on to welcome 7 Hash Virgins (though 2 were dogs): Brian and Theresa Bailey with their hash dogs Snowy and Sandy, and also John, Jane and Lottie Wayman. Welcome all. Returnees Up Yours, Bovver and Koko came next followed by down-downs for the sliders (too numerous to mention), sitters (the hash trail was challenging enough to have several hashers landing on their bottom) and (shock, horror) sprinters: Eager Beaver and Katie were duly awarded a down-down for racing each other in public.
ON ON ON: The promised barbecue materialised in the form of two gas barbies, which were quickly covered in burgers, sausages, bacon and steaks. Many thanks to the Hares for putting all this together.
Run No. 204, 17th October 2010.
The Battle Axes, Wraxall.
HARES: Brigadoon and Ballsport.
WHO: 23 Hashers and 1 hash hound.
RUN REPORT: "The Hallowe'en Hash"
Well this was a bit different. Instead of following flour, the trail had been laid in white ghost face masks (120 of 'em) with the occasional whole skeleton putting in a spooky appearance. Brigadoon was invited to write the trash for this week but declined as he didn't want to rate it too highly, being of a humble nature, so I shall say it for him – this wasn't half bad. Lots of woodlands, ups and downs, views and even a bit of shiggy – what more could we ask for? There was even an illuminated pumpkin at the Beer Stop. Coppertone says it was brilliant – the hash as well as the pumpkin. Respect.
CIRCLE: After the Down Downs for the hares, two Hash Virgins were brought forward – Kelvin from Calgary (bro of Flower Power) and Katie from Shirehampton, also brought by FP. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. DT noted that Katie was pretty good at calling on the trail; she also carried the large and heavy pumpkin back to the circle from the Beer Stop. Clearly she's mad and therefore well-qualified as a hasher. Kelvin, should you wish to repeat the experience of hashing in your own land, just go to http://onon.org/asm/ where all five Calgary hashes are listed along with the comment: Hash House Harriers are an international disorganization of drinking clubs with a running problem – got it in one. Coppertone and Poacher found out what happens when you touch an electric fence while Backchat and Swallow were up for not bringing torches that worked properly. Returnees Duracell and Walky Talky were welcomed back.
HASH STATS: Hare Net – 25th hash last week, Tumbling Ted – the same, Kerb Crawler – 150th last week and Poacher - 75th 2 weeks ago. They all took their Down Downs to a chorus of "Get a life, get a life".
ON ON ON: A bit of a disappointment here as the pub was unable to provide our usual sandwiches or anything similar as it messes up their accounting, apparently. The place was hardly full but rules are rules – aren't they?
Run No. 203, 20th October 2010.

The Lord Nelson, Cleeve.
HARES: Eager Beaver and DT.
WHO: 25 hashers (three latecomers) and 2 hash hounds.
RUN REPORT by this weeks guest scribe Happy Hooker: On the coldest night of the year so far, the hashers set off expectantly with clouds of hot breath. Leaving the Lord Nelson the hash climbed into the alleged haunted and spooky Goblin Coombe nature reserve woodland with easy going along well-made tracks. Fireworks were heard from the housing below indicating November the 5th was close at hand and a group of children singing "Old MacDonald had a farm" in the distance. At a great viewpoint cliff edge fireworks could be seen in the distance as Dusty the visitor hash hound diced with death at the edge of the cliff significantly worrying the hare. Slaloming through pitch dark woodland trees this was probably one of the best marked trails using enough flour to bake several cakes. A massive descent down steps made hashers think they were going to the centre of the earth. Later Walrus was nearly run over by a large meandering badger. A late beer stop in a car park and on in.
CIRCLE: Hares eager Beaver and DT were congratulated on a welL-set and interesting hash which DT indicated was 4 miles. Returnees were welcomed back including Big Stick and DT and Swallow from their twinning trip to Etlingen. After a vote on the two names proposed of "Hand bag" and "G-spot" Christine was duly given the unfortunate hash name of G-spot.
The Lord Nelson produced excellent plates of sandwiches and chips and some hashers played skittles in the alley.
Run No. 202, 13th October 2010.
The Star Inn, Rhodyate Hill, Congresbury.
HARES: Walrus and Call Girl.
WHO: 21 Hashers and 3 Hash Hounds.
RUN REPORT: It was a case of thrills and chills for hash number 202, incidentally a Hash that was about 99% rural, as the temperature had dropped noticeably by the time circle-up approached. There was also plenty of incident before we got under way, with a dogfight between 2 of the hounds only averted at the last, some excellent symbol demonstrations for the 2 virgins present, and Pushup electing to warm up with...her namesake. Once up and running, most agreed that there was some bias against runners in place - almost after the first corner there was a fish hook for 6, for example, on at least two occasions the runners were sent up a "blind alley", and I think less Fs were seen by the whole of Britain's school leavers in the Summer! This was all in the spirit of the Bogs of Somerset of course. Nature itself had a contribution to make in providing us with many a minor hazard, such as low branches, more hurdles than at the Commonwealth Games, and a slope that could have caused a "Hashers Landslide" in the wrong hands. With risk came lots of reward, however, not only in the form of 3 viewpoints (a beautifully illuminated Cadbury Garden Centre, Cadbury Stock Pond and Yatton itself being the subjects), but also the very appropriate choice of Cadbury Roses by the hares for the sweet and beer stop, seeing as we were on Cadbury Hill at the time. At first many envisaged arriving back at The Star too early by Hash standards, but the hares' judgment proved to be (just about) accurate as we arrived at quarter to 9 in time for Down Downs.
CIRCLE: For Down Downs the hares were quite wrongly brought into the circle 2nd, after welcomes had been given to virgins Jenny and Ken from Clevedon (the hares made them come, apparently, though judging by their assessment of the evening they should not need too much coaxing in future). Pushup did not get away with wearing a hat on the trail, and Walrus took it upon himself to summon Call Girl for the crime of getting the route wrong, even if it meant having to be summoned himself for embarrassing a fellow hasher (the less said the better). The returning Bottle It was also supposed to have snuck up a tree, though this only comes from hearsay evidence.
ON ON ON: The Star provided a brilliant spread of all the usual sandwiches, plus chicken nuggets and spicy wedges with sauces; testimony to this standard was that even the ever-fussy eater Eager Beaver (yours truly) was only too keen to get stuck in!
Certainly The Star was another gastropub to return to in the future, and not just because of the wide range of hasher territory nearby.
Run No. 201, 6th October 2010.
The Nut Tree, Worle.
HARES: Brigadoon and Christine.
WHO: 18 Hashers and 2 hash hounds.
RUN REPORT: The Hares began the proceedings in the usual way by indicating what trail marking we might encounter along the way. Hare Brigadoon asked Hare Christine to draw her version of a fish-hook as "it's rather different to mine". Christine then drew a perfect capital G. OK. Thus informed, the trail set off through the surrounding urban area with lots of Falsies keeping the pack together nicely. Eventually a woodland was found and the trail dived in and up, up, up to Weston Observatory and a Viewpoint where Jelly Babies were distributed. Skirting the golf course, the route took us along a variety of tracks – concrete, woodland, stony, muddy - but nothing that could really be described as shiggy (thanks to the relatively dry weather over the past couple of weeks). The usual beverages awaited at the Beer Stop and then it was On In back to the pub.
CIRCLE: RA called the pack to the Circle, toasted the Hares and then called Limpet and Brigadoon in for a Down Down for sitting on the trail. Returnee Poacher was welcomed back and Christine was called forward to be thanked for introducing a new variation on the fish-hook – the G-Spot. One hasher thought that would make a good Hash Handle for her which received a warm response. Watch this space...
ON ON ON: A section of the pub had been set aside for us with sandwiches already laid out – and very nice they were too. Even better, two big plates of chips were soon delivered by a guy who looked like the barmen in Mamma Mia! You know the one - where Tanya sings "Does your mother know" on the beach. Definitely a pub worth returning to
Run No. 199, 2nd October 2010.


The Old Inn, Congresbury.
HARES: HHHappy HHHooker & Rewind.
WHO: 12 Hashers and 2 hash hounds.
RUN REPORT by this week's scribe, Walky Talky: At 2pm there were only eight hashers. We waited for a bit to see if anyone would turn up late. Then Brigadoon's van appeared and we were all guessing how many people would come out of it. In the end it was only four. We then set off away from the pub and quite quickly found a swing which the children and big kids had a go on. We then went through a field where the runners were told to follow Rewind. Initially only Inch Worm did, but then Rebore and Walky-Talky decided to join him. Luckily this was only a short loop and they were all soon back with the walkers.
The next section of fields was actively being used for horse jumping, so we wandered along the river bank watching the horses and also stopped at the wear for a quick view. This was then not long followed by an early beer stop. Once we crossed the A370 and went into a field Inch Worm was hesitantly leading as he had not seen much flour, with Rewind not stopping him and Happy Hooker taking Brigadoon's family (minus Brigadoon) on a short cut. It turned out that Rewind did not point out the "T" checkback and cut out quite a bit of the trail. After Happy Hooker caught up with us and told us, we then went backwards along the trail to the impromptu sweetie stop. There we were given the choice of do the trail we missed (it would take a while) or follow the trail back to the pub. The vote was unanimous and back to the pub we went.
CIRCLE: Hares as normal were in first. Rewind was then brought in again for misleading the main pack and he was joined by those sitting on the hash. We then had one virgin, Ginny (Brigadoon's wife). Joanna (Brigadoon's daughter) then was named with the hashers choice of Cow Slip (the other option was Final Demand). Finally the few remaining hashers had their down-down. We were then told it was lucky the beer stop was not further along the trail, otherwise Rewind's lack of navigating would of meant that most of us would of missed it.
ON ON ON: We all sat outside in the garden and between the 12 of us (and the 2 dogs) managed to munch our was through the nice two-and-a-bit platters of sandwiches.
Run No. 200, 29th September 2010.

The Walton Park Hotel, Clevedon.
HARES: Brigadoon and Whopper.
WHO: 30 Hashers and 1 hash hounds (according to Lime Cordial).
RUN REPORT: This interesting route took us at one point through a wooden gate and onto a delightful woodland trail - new hashing territory which pleased and surprised regular hashers as the Clevedon area is definitely on our patch. At the end of the trail, as it opened up into a field, a sign revealed why we hadn't been there before: "Private Property – Keep Out"! Brigadoon declared that he hadn't seen the sign before but, as we all know, ignorance of the law is no excuse and he should have been hung, drawn and quartered for this heinous offence. As it was, he got away with it. There's no justice.
Turbo decided that running into a fence rather than over it would be more challenging. He clearly subscribes to the philosophy of "no pain, no gain". Personally I believe in "no pain, no pain" and that suits me fine.
The Beer Stop at Whopper's Gin Palace was transformed for this auspicious occasion into a Champagne (served in flutes, no less) and Physalis Stop, with side orders of white and black grapes – a fitting way to celebrate 200 runs. The stagger back to the pub got the FRBs in at 9.28 with everyone else close behind them.
CIRCLE: Diving straight for the bar was deemed to be the accepted procedure to end this hash so there wasn't a Circle as such. However, BOGS 200th was toasted (even though the astute among you may have noticed the absence of Run 199 which takes place on Saturday, see above).
ON ON ON: The food was laid out for us when we arrived and seemed to disappear fast. Walky Talky helpfully turned up to check out the beer and sandwiches.
Run No. 198, 22nd September 2010.
The Swan, Rowberrow near Shipham.
HARES: Tumbling Ted, Harenet, Brigadoon and Turbo.
WHO: 24 Hashers and 1 hash hound.
RUN REPORT by guest scribe Call Girl: Tumbling Ted led a team of hares out and up on the hills for an excellent trail well hidden by the dark evening and frugal use of flour. Warm temperatures were enjoyed by all; limpet was seen stripping down to her singlet. Walkers were noted evading a fishhook, Cinders fell over and was excused a fishhook and there was some soft shiggy for those who needed it. Whopper laughed her socks off after discovering a turnback half way up a cliff face and the virgin hasher ran off checking anything and everything, then shied away from the circle; mmmm, will he come back?
CIRCLE: DT and Swallow declared their other profession as undercover trail inspectors and declared the trail light on flour! Everyone had a misdemeanour except Lu and Walrus! Rewind brought a pile of shiggy into the circle for those that hadn't had a chance of stepping in it earlier. No stats again this week, so must be lots next time.
ON ON ON: Superlative feasting in the pub, many bowls of chips and platters of sandwiches and proper plates to eat off! Walrus was joyous after finding his hat in the men's loo (shum mishtake shurley?)Turbo sipped his port like the gentleman he is, but Brigadoon cad and bounder, was heard propositioning lady hashers for the price of a celebratory shirt!! How low can you go?
Run No. 197, 15th September 2010.
The Ship Inn, Uphill.
HARES: Brigadoon, Ballsport and Turbo.
WHO: 25 Hashers and 3 hash hounds.
RUN REPORT by guest scribe Call Girl: 24 hashers and 3 hash hounds gathered at The Ship, Uphill, for an iconic hash laid by the triumvirate that is Brigadoon, Ballsport and Turbo. A warm up in winds of at least 20mph and then the hash was on on up the road led by Rewind, through streets and paths around Uphill and the entrance to the hospital, joining the smokers for a breath of fresh air, then around by the playing fields with short cuts for those that needed them; the familiar silhouette of Cinderella appeared just before a false trail, then walkers and runners were reunited. Entering the woods in the dark, everybody remarked on the happy camper in a large tent. The happy camper shouted out how unhappy he was and what the dickens were we doing waking him up? Turbo raced some of the public and won and Supremo and Shandy were seen fraternising. Finally the trail took us through the golf course with the church lit up on the hill and the outline of Brean Down in the far distance; a sea breeze of up to 25mph and onto the beach past several cars with who knows what going onon inside.
CIRCLE: No hash stats as Walkie Talkie was AWOL and no circle, everyone disappeared into pub to test the beer or something.
ON ON ON: DT arrived in time for the excellent spread of sandwiches plus many bowls of chips. A hashy birthday was sung to Natasha celebrating her 27th.
Run No. 196, 8th September 2010.
The Darlington Arms, Redhill.
HARES: Cinderella and Walky Talky.
WHO: 25 Hashers and 1 hash hounds (more or less).
RUN REPORT: Good hashing territory with great views and a police escort for a short stretch of it. There was even shiggy which is surprising considering how dry it's been.
CIRCLE: Four Hash Virgins to welcome this week: Aaron and Charlie from Clevedon, Alison "Baboon" from Bristol and, oh blast, I didn't catch his name but he came from the Jakaranda Hash in Pretoria (which has been running for 24 years according to their website). Anyway, we hope you all enjoyed yourselves and the lovely weather which is a permanent feature of BOGS hashes. Deep Throat was caught sitting on the trail, Eager Beaver was caught complaining about slow hashers but then valiantly made sure that they weren't left behind – bless. Kerb Crawler celebrated her birthday to a rousing chorus of Hashy Birthday To You and Christine's 10th hash was noted for last week.
ON ON ON: Getting into the pub a bit late I discovered, horror of horrors, that a plate of chips had come and gone already but all was not lost as another appeared later and there seemed to be enough sandwiches to go around. Our first visit to this pub (well done Hares for finding it) – comments included "beer extremely cheap", "worth a second visit" and "great chips".
Run No. 195, 1st September 2010.
Pre-hash gathering at The George, Abbot's Leigh.
ON ON ON: The Rudgleigh, Easton-in-Gordano.
HARES: Deep Throat and Limpet.
WHO: 25 Hashers and 2 hash hounds.
RUN REPORT: Passing near the church at Abbot's Leigh, the trail set off into the countryside in the direction of Leigh Woods. But strange things happen in woods at night and hashers recorded feelings of being warm in some spots and chilly in others especially as they approached the viewspot overlooking the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Scary or what? There was a strange seat here too, carved from the bare wood but that wasn't a patch on the stunning much longer seat hashers had come across earlier – a real work of art. It seems there are a number of sculptures in the woods. Check them out on HERE. The trail continued, in parts running parallel to the gorge until the Beer Stop. After what had so far been a wonderful hash, it all went pear-shaped as hare DT had gone off in his Beer Wagon leaving Virgin Hare Limpet to lead the part of the trail which she hadn't set. Everyone was lost but spirits were high and eventually someone ran off purposefully and everyone else followed. DT had meanwhile wondered where we all were and came looking for us. Nobody died and so it was On On back to the George and then to the Rudgleigh (the George being currently closed for business).
CIRCLE: There wasn't a Circle as such having arrived a bit on the late side and beer taking priority over proceedings. However, discussion included comments on Tumbling Ted mooning (and there wasn't a camera in sight) and Brigadoon and Rebore who were caught imitating monkeys up trees.
ON ON ON: Although the publican said the food would not be served for 20 minutes in fact dishes of the yummiest chips appeared very quickly followed by sandwiches with lots of mayo which suited me just fine.
Run 194, 25th August 2010.

Campbell's Landing, Clevedon.
HARES: Call Girl & Walrus.
WHO: Pack 19 (inc hares) plus one hash dog (Lucky).
RUN REPORT by this week's guest scribe, DT: This was the first trail set by Call Girl & Walrus and they did a great job. An entertaining route and well-marked, considering the wet day they had for setting it. At 7:10 it looked as though the hares might be running the trail by themselves, but a respectable pack soon trickled in. We turned up dressed for a really wet hash (see photos) and the rain dried up just before the start - we should have had more faith in the RA - (well done Pork Scratchings). After the usual warm-up by Clevedon Pier Walrus led the runners off on a bit of live trail while Call Girl cut corners with the walkers, The trail took in many unexpected corners of Clevedon before arriving on the sea wall at the Pill in time for fine views across to Wales in the last sky-glow of the setting sun. Next stop was Call-Girl's allotment for some Raspberry scrumping in semi-darkness to accompany the beer stop. Big Stick took a short cut to the raspberries and found the fishpond.
Down-downs were awarded to the hares (of course) then to Big Stick and Brigadoon for hats in the circle plus a further DD to Big Stick for treading on the tadpoles. Two names were awarded: Natasha shall henceforth be known as Drop-em, and Jo as Limpet.
Run No. 193, Saturday, 21th August 2010.
Portishead Outdoor Pool.
HARES: Brigadoon and Turbo.
RUN REPORT by this week's scribe, Rewind: Based on the outdoor pool at Portishead 18 or so of us gathered for a 5:00pm warm-up ready for getting wet several times; once in the heavy thunderstorm and later in the very hot showers and warm water of the swim pool. Brigadoon took a cold shower fully clothed. Young hashers present included Jacob, Joanna and Skid Mark from the Brigadoon stable and Gemma (and Turbo) with Ballsport. The first POI (Point of Interest) was the Matthew riding out to sea past Battery Point or was it the Dawn Treader with a majestic dragon's head and tail? (Who is going to join Rewind and Deepthroat seeing the 3D film when it appears on the 10th December?) The route then took in the docks and the newish housing estate with some live haring. In the woods it was slippy and Kerb Crawler had to take her glasses off because the intense rain was making viewing difficult. With willing helpers to catch them, people shot out of the woods into the road opposite a past beerstop location close to the Royal Hotel. Rebore needed rescuing from the top of a climbing wall at the beer stop. It rained so much Coppertone reminisced about Sharm El Sheikh where hashers do it underwater whilst also showing us more POIs: a) the old power station gates (where apprentices as young as fifteen were incarcerated and taught to make home made beer) and b) the burnt match sculpture marking where the Albright and Wilson phosphorus factory used to be, its remaining silos were removed in 1999.
DOWN DOWNS: Swallow for a shortcut to the tea stop to avoid getting even wetter. Jo and Flour Power for sitting down (rather suddenly) on the trail. We all enjoyed the swim and ball games in the pool. Flour Power unsuccessfully attempted to borrow some dry clothes from the male lifeguards and drove home in her swimming costume. The Lockhouse Lounge gave us excellent sandwiches plus tattie wedges with skins and those who found their way to Coppertone's place later enjoyed bread and cheese washed down with Coppertone-label beer; sad to miss if driving. Meanwhile Bag Lady was rumoured to be putting up Guide tents in the rain when she could have been hashing!
Run No. 192, 18th August 2010.

The Blue Flame, Nailsea.
HARES: Happy Hooker and Rewind.
WHO: 35 Hashers and 2 hound which Walky Talky (in her official capacity as Hash Stats) tells me is a BOGS record.
RUN REPORT by this week's guest Scribe, Coppertone: Off down the lane, behind the pub and, after a fair amount of twisting and turning, it was On On to a 1.6 kilometres straight-line run across the moors. Almost arriving at Tickenham Church, the trail turned right and entered the edge of Nailsea where there was a regroup. Things got confused around this time as trails were sought, not found but taken anyway; all was well in the end when everyone regrouped at Nailsea Rugby Club. At one point we ran through what looked like someone's back garden – a mini-orchard. The Beer Stop was in a field somewhere with cider, beers and softies. Apparently Rewind had handed out PYO blackberries bags for the Beer Stop but most hashers ate them along the way.

CIRCLE: Every week this Hash Trash gets published on the web. This is all down to a hasher named Wolfie who honoured us with his presence this week, the first time he'd come on a BOGS hash for which he was rewarded with a Down Down. He was joined by fellow Virgin, Rodders, both of whom claimed that they wanted to bring a bit of class to our act. Are we not classy enough? OK, probably not. For fraternising with cows (see above), Brigadoon was called out next along with Flower Power, George and Push Up but I don't know what for as I was protecting the sandwiches from marauding Vikings and not paying a lot of attention. But for Carol the great day had arrived – the awarding of her Hash Handle: henceforth and forever more in Hashing Circles she will be known as "Ballsport".
And from Hash Stats: Walky Talky – 150 runs, Deep Throat - 150 runs, Inchworm - 3 years, Backchat - 3 years and Pork Scratchings – 1 year.
ON ON ON: The Blue Flame is a bit of a bloke's pub so it wasn't surprising that the fare was simple – hearty chunks of French bread, slices of cheese, a bowl of pickles and another of sliced red onions – none of which lasted long!
Run No. 191, 11th August 2010.
The Star, Tickenham.
HARES: Kerb Crawler & Whopper.
WHO: 26 Hashers and 2 hound (which is an increase of exactly 1 on last week, albeit the additional 1 was a hound).
RUN REPORT (by this week's guest scribe, Coppertone): Taking our lives in our hands, we dashed across the road from the pub and headed for the safety of the fields around the corner. Along the bank of the rhyne, coming out near Tickenham Court, we crossed the Tickenham Road and started to climb, ending up at the Iron Age hill fort of Cadbury Camp. The Walkers and Runners met up here and the trail then headed downhill, skirting the golf course (and the yellow and red balls – see later) until the sign "BN"* was spotted.
CIRCLE: This was held at the Beer Stop where we found Whopper's Gin Palace ready, waiting and fully stocked with all the necessary liquids and solids. After the Hares, Virgins Lee and Gill introduced themselves as coming from Nottingham to which Gill added that Kerb Crawler (who bore a striking resemblance to her) had made her come while under the influence of one of Cinderella's pies – that's something we didn't know about our Cinders, isn't it? Those pies must be quite something to lure innocent victims to an evening of hurtling around the North Somerset countryside. Crimes were recognised including Carol's unnatural interest in golfers balls which apparently are red and yellow; for sitting down on the trail – Bag Lady, Supremo and Walrus who was also caught wearing a hat in the circle. Eager Beaver seemingly whacked poor Walrus with a stick but I have no more details on that story.
And from Hash Stats: Jo – 10 runs, Eager Beaver - 10 runs, Walky Talky 3 years and Rebore 1 year. Seems longer.
ON ON ON: The Star can seem quite sterile up at the "canteen table" end of the pub but we were all gathered nearer the bar which was a lot cosier although only about half managed to find something to sit on. Trays of sandwiches offered white and brown bread with cheese, ham and something else with a nice salad garnish. All delicious but we could probably have managed a few more.
*BN = Beer Near – always a welcome sight!
Run No. 190, 4th August 2010.
The George Inn, Backwell.
HARES: Duracell and Rewind.
WHO: 26 Hashers and 1 hound.
RUN REPORT: As the excellent summer weather continued, the pack set off from the pub heading towards the Jubilee Stone. The walkers, having reached there first, were escorted by Rewind to the remains of a little cottage in the woods where the warrener used to live (he being the one employed in days gone by to maintain the traps and paraphernalia for catching rabbits). But don't mistake Rewind for a softie as the next thing we knew he was taking all the walkers back down the hill – in the wrong direction. Faced with anarchy, he had to give in and the pack shortly came together again. A number of deer were spotted, church bells rang out and sweeties were dispensed to keep up our sugar levels.
CIRCLE: Rewind came front and centre for shortcutting, followed by the fruit pickers (yummy plums and blackberries, by the way); these included Bottle It, Bag Lady and assorted vagrants. Cinders, having arrived late, completed the whole hash in 40 minutes, setting a BOGS record (at least for tonight). Lime Cordial and Miss Led were seen racing, suitably admonished and given Down Downs. Our Hash Stats, Walky Talky, reported the following:
Cinderella 150 runs, Miss Led 25 runs, Bag Lady 75 runs, Brigadoon 25 runs and Lucky (represented by Flower Power) 100 runs. Finally Rewind was up again for disrespect of a Mismanagement Committee member – he really is incorrigible.
ON ON ON: People generally seemed impressed with the food on offer which comprised mini pork pies, various sandwiches on baguette/Viennese loafs and, interestingly, sliced tomatoes in a very nice dressing.
Run No. 190, Saturday 31st July 2010.

Nailsea Rugby Club, Nailsea.
HARES: Brigadoon and Turbo.
WHO: 22 Hashers including 4 keen young hashers plus 1 hash hound.
RUN REPORT: The confusion started with a lone Duracell at Nailsea Rugby Club at 2.00pm wondering if the venue was at The Grove Sports Centre. But steadily the hashers arrived and after a energetic DT warm up of the Hokie Cokie they innocently set off on the trail down a lane in the direction of Clevedon. A couple of fish hooks were encountered, then after around half a mile the ultimate turn back, T24, which took the frustrated hashers all the way back to the start at the Rugby Club. Rumour had it that Pork Scratchings had put Brigadoon up for the T24 and retributions included threats of him being slowly roasted on a spit over the barbeque later..
It was a pleasant warm overcast day and the trail continued through rural fields encountering the usual herds of stampeding cows sending some hashers and hounds careering towards the exit style. The young hashers took it in turn to lead Pushover the Hash Hound astray. Regrouping at a large decayed tree trunk a semi naked Rewind decided to adorn himself with a stone hat indicating this may have been worn by hashers in the Stone Age. Brigadoon had successfully found thick shiggy next to a gate which adorned several hashers' boots and ankles. Many hashers took avoiding action clambering over a dry stone wall with rusty barbed wire on top into the lane which was probably even more dangerous than being bogged down in the shiggy. Brigadoon had devised a cunning plan by hiding a pair of wellington boots behind a tree close to the shiggy to keep himself clean. After a runner and walkers split the hashers converged on the beer stop in the car park of the notorious Blue Flame public inn, consuming various healthy fruit including large blueberries. ON IN across fields to The Rugby Club with the young hashers catching grass hoppers.

Brigadoon received a reasonable reception despite creating the longest turn back in hashing history, T24, back to the start and a hash 2.5 hours long. Duracell was congratulated on hashing with Bogs for 2 years. Happy Hooker was congratulated on becoming a grandfather for the first time. Hash offences included missing a fishhook 7 and bypassing shiggy by climbing over a wall.
ON ON ON: It was a successful healthy hash BBQ with an amazing selection of veggie and fruit items. The large tart of viennese pastry base spread with cream cheese, sugar and vanilla essence and arranged fruit on top by Christine took the prize for best presentation. It went down well with the Doombar. The festivities went on well into the evening.
Run No. 188, 28th July 2010.
The Golden Lion, Wrington.
HARE: Deep Throat.
RUN REPORT by this week's guest scribe, Rewind: This was the second time Bogs hash was nearly eliminated by people with less than their fair share of brain cells. Common sense says "Never drive so fast that you cannot stop comfortably within the distance you can see to be clear" as in the safe stopping distance rule of the police driver's handbook Roadcraft. The first time above The Barn, Nailsea, a young male drove three others in a car down Tower House Lane at high speed probably trying to impress his mates with how many people he could kill. This time above Wrington on a similar downhill narrow lane a tractor driver rounded a corner and found himself facing into a low blinding sun and lead runners who he only briefly slowed for. Accelerating down the lane chased by Royalty(?) and fumbling for his sun visor he nearly wiped out the main hash party tucked well into the hedge. Inchworm had his own share of problems when his foot slipped on cow shiggy. Then there was a tricky hole in a hedge with judging for style going on the other side; Hairnet was a winner here. Crossing a field of cows that behaved rather like swarming bees an irate woman arrived saying we were on private land and we would face costs for harming the animals (the hash was on a public footpath at the time and going slowly). In fact Rebore was heard to say he'd had a good walk for most of the hash and everyone had a good time.
CIRCLE: Down Downs included corrective procedures aimed at Brigadoon who went through a slot meant for dogs.
ON ON: The Golden Lion treated us well and food, drink and chatter flowed freely after.
Run No. 187, 21st July 2010.
The Rudgleigh, Easton in Gordano.
HARE: Backchat, Hairnet & Inchworm.
WHO: The Hares, plus Brigadoon, Cinders, Clem, Duracell (Bogs one), Flour Power, Jo, Kerb Crawler, Lime Cordial (looking splendid in Lime), Paella (marvelling at the warmth of England after Ethiopia), Rebore, Rewind, Shandy (Pip), Sue-from-TAC, Supremo (Jeremy), Tumbling Ted, Turbo (fastest on earth) and Walky Talky - wot no stats this week WT :-(
RUN REPORT: All were disappointed that Bag Lady derelicted her duties and didn't write us up after the hash. Clem, with over 300 runs to his name with Bristol HHH, showed disappointment at experiencing no famed Deep Throat-style warm-up that sometimes takes almost as long as the hash itself. In fact Bag Lady, Coppertone, Deep Throat and others never turned up - consequently this by guest Scribe, REWIND.
We all had a good time. The stars of the show, Backchat and Inchworm, put on a splendid trail with fresh carrot and Bombay mix at the beerstop and no fish-hooks. Hair Net and Pushup went past the viewpoint and at least two talkers missed an arrow. The sky filled with sunshine and stormy grey/black simultaneously, but we stayed dry from above. Pork Scratchings missed a super double-headbanger hazard opportunity.
CIRCLE: Afterwards several were held to account. Examples were for; a) being with Bogs for the first time (Clem and Sue - a runner from TAC); b) singing The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music on the hash (Tumbling Ted was found guilty); c) Brigadoon for being Brigadoon or something, and; d) taking the walkers' route (Turbo and Clem again).
ON ON ON: Finally all thanks to the Rudgleigh staff - great sandwiches, chips and drink (e.g. Sharp's Doom Bar and Bath Ales' Gem) and could they please return Clem and Rebore ready for the next HHH happening.
Run No. 186, 14th July 2010.
The Miner's Rest, Long Ashton.
HARE: Deep Throat.
WHO: 23 Hashers and 1 hound.
RUN REPORT: It all started with confusion when Coppertone and Call Girl ran down a lane which turned out to be the route for the On In. After that it all settled down to a pleasant route on to the golf course, through woodlands and the usual excellent hashing territory we take for granted in North Somerset. Delightful weather, warm, no rain.
CIRCLE: With apologies to all who were called front and centre (and especially our virgin hasher) because I've lost my notes and have no idea who you were. You really can't get the staff nowadays, can you?
ON ON ON: Lots of sandwiches on chunky but soft bread which went down a treat – no wonder we keep coming back.

Run No. 185, 7th July 2010.
The Sawyer's Arms, Nailsea.
HARES: Kerb Crawler & Walky Talky.
WHO: 18 Hashers and, would you believe it, no hounds – is this a first?
RUN REPORT: While the rain threatened to come, it turned out to be a perfect evening ending at 2 minutes to 9 – excellent timing, hares! The trail led around the north side of Nailsea and over by Wraxall but I can't tell you much more other than it was very pleasant.
CIRCLE: The circle took place at the Beer Stop, a fact that had not been relayed to Hash Scribe in advance and who therefore arrived without the necessary equipment (which to this point had been a notebook and pen but an iPad would also suffice – hint). DT, on the other hand, was well-prepared and scribbled furiously while crimes were brought to the RA's attention. This is wot he rote: SCBs: DT, Rewind; Sitting: Brigadoon, Whopper, BL; Superman: DT (but we knew that, didn't we?); Hab (or could it be Hal suggesting Artificial Intelligence?): Jo; Crapicide (look, don't blame me, I'm only telling you what's on the paper): Eager Beaver.
ON ON ON: Lots of sandwiches which I recall devouring with enthusiasm not having had a proper lunch. Should we appoint a sub-committee to review food offerings?
Run No. 184, 30th June 2010.
The Full Quart, Hewish.
HARES: Brigadoon came as Superman, Turbo came as himself and assistant hare Carol(e?) came laden down with emergency water and flour.
WHO: 23 plus 2 hounds.
RUN REPORT (written by guest scribe, Call Girl): The run started well once over the busy A370, fields of grass and newly mown hay, no hills, plenty of style for the ladies, to get their leg over and bridges galore, there was, a view from the bridge, whilst queuing, a bridge too far, which was really a hedge and an abridged version for the walkers avoiding potential shiggy. Farmer Giles was recruited along the way for future hashes, Pushover showed his natural skills by pushing up and over a very high stile, wildlife on view included pigs and llamas. The hares scored a record 3 beer stops, as Brigadoon hadn't packed his car keys in his tights, (no room, none that was visible anyway) so he couldn't get in his van, valiantly trying two more times before finally catching up just before the on in. The hash then sped through a speed trap up the last bit to the on in.
CIRCLE: Flour Power was awarded a centurion, Pushover was awarded 25 hashes and took it like a man, virgin Andy was welcomed, Pushup did some impromptu pushups, Pippa was named Shandy and David was named Eager Beaver.
ON ON ON: Lots of sandwiches at the Full Quart and crisps, some left over! Useful for packed lunches the next day for some.
Run No. 183 Saturday, 26th June 2010.
Newton House, Clevedon.
HARE: DT & Happy Hooker.
RUN REPORT: 23 Hashers and two hash dogs lined up, on a warm sunny afternoon, for a shady tour of the woods of Clevedon. Plenty of up and down, including a couple of interesting steep bits on a scree of dry leaves. Amazingly, no-one got permanently lost and we all returned to Newton House in time for the barbecue, gallantly made ready by self-sacrificing hashers Swallow, Backchat and Pat Kooiman.
CIRCLE: Hares DT and Happy Hooker were duly honoured, followed by hash virgin Theo Carpenter. Hash names were awarded to Tabitha Roxburgh (Skid Mark) and George Carpenter (Bottle It).
ON-ON: A leisurely barbecue in the garden, with lots to eat and enough to drink and shady trees to sit under, while the young-uns and the dogs leaped around being energetic.
Run No. 182, 23rd June 2010.
The Ship, Redcliffe Bay.
HARE: Coppertone.
WHO: Rumour has it we were 23 in number plus hounds.
RUN REPORT: Last week's scenery seemed hard to beat but Coppertone came up trumps once again with great views on an undulating trail through woodlands, pastureland and – er – military hardware including tanks and sandbagged foxholes with gun lookouts. You never know quite where you'll end up on a hash, do you, but it's never dull. Believing that if some is good, more is better, Coppertone made sure that the trail took a full 2 hours to get round and, luckily for him, the weather was glorious so no-one seemed to mind except Flour Power who was already worn out before she started having tried to tame a wild horse – but that's another story. Coppertone saw four deer while setting the trail but he didn't mention the cows that corralled us into a corner overlooking the quarry after the Beer Stop. In the style of the suffragettes, Deep Throat hurled himself into their midst causing them to scatter (well, wouldn't you do the same if DT hurled himself into your midst?).
CIRCLE: Hare Coppertone had also been hurling himself around, in his case down a hillside resulting in blood injuries to his forehead but was soon sorted out by the administering of beer during his Down Down (down his throat rather than topically applied to the wound – wouldn't want to waste any). Virgin Louise introduced herself as coming from North Yorkshire via Clevedon and was made to come by Carol (this may have been Call Girl, not sure) - she was welcomed in the traditional way. Returnees Carol (a different one) and Flasher came back to say hello. Flasher is a bit of a magician – we must try and persuade him to show us some of his skills in the pub next time. Coppertone was then joined by George, Joe and DT – all walking wounded; I don't think we've ever had so many – what were you all up to? And finally, it's farewell to Picasso – we knew she'd only be with us for a while but as a long-term hasher we enjoyed her company and wish her all the best. ON ON Picasso!
ON ON ON: The Ship can appear austere in daylight but with all of us crowded in, it didn't look too bad as all. And the sandwiches! All on brown bread, there were 6 plates and 5 choices with the vegetarian options kept behind the bar initially so that the veggies got first dibs when they were brought out – smart. Probably the best spread we've had for a while.
Run No. 181, 16th June 2010.
The Old Inn, Hutton.
HARES: Turbo and Brigadoon, who dresses to kill and came as action man. Like it!
WHO: 31 hashers and 1 hash hound - but many regulars absent without a note.
RUN REPORT (written by Call girl): The hash started off from the Old Inn car park, which most navigated wrongly, coming in the exit and annoying the landlord by rolling barrels out of the way. A 1-in-1 hill out of the main road took everyone up to the top of Hutton Hill, where a lengthy regroup took place, some sang, some wheezed, although a monkjack was seen skipping up the slope without any bother. Further along, some of the walkers lost themselves, although Walkie Talkie claimed to have walked and run the same bit three times; early signs of dementia there then.
Beautiful scenery throughout and several view points were carefully included by the hares, and the beer stop was a triumph, view, wildflowers, seats, sunshine, seclusion etc.
CIRCLE (also by Call girl): Back at the pub down downs were a long affair, the hares thanked, virgin Jo welcomed, hash birthdays celebrated, Rewind 150,000, Harenet, Tumbling Ted and Whopper only a few in comparison.
ON ON ON (also by Call girl): The Old Inn is a large pub, and we were able to disappear into a side area away from the big screen showing silly men running around trying to find a ball. Swallow let it be known she is now 37, so many happy returns to you! Sandwiches were interesting, big and full, perhaps a few more would have been nice, no chips, just crisps.
Run No. 180, 9th June 2010.
The Salthouse, Clevedon.
HARES: DT & Happy Hooker.
WHO: 33 hashers and 2 hash hounds (this is a new BOGS record!)
RUN REPORT by this month's scribe, Duracell: A great scenic run planned by the hare to make the most of the sunset. The Hashers were sent off on a loop around Salthouse Fields and then up into the trees. After a windswept turn back it was 'On On' over playing fields to a Sweet Stop. The route followed the river before hitting the 'semi road'. Plenty of turn-backs were included. Although avoidance tactics were tried (Pork Scratching was spotted adopting a zigzag running pattern) and outright refusal (Picasso claimed to be a revolting fishhook) they couldn't be missed! Cinderella even threw Picasso over his shoulder and ran her back to emphasise the point! As the Hashers continued along the coast to the Beer Stop and On In, Rewind and Cinderella gallantly ran back for latecomer Sally. Not finding the Sally they went for they returned with another one!
CIRCLE: Back at the pub DT set about proceedings to prepare for the Circle only to find that everyone else had headed straight for the bar and were settled comfortably around a table laid with tomato ketchup and mayonnaise waiting for the sandwiches to be delivered. Making the wise decision that "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em", our Grand Master did likewise and after one drink he'd forgotten all about having a Circle. There was one virgin hasher, David, so despite DT failing in his duty to welcome you to the hash, David, I will do so here and now. Hope you enjoyed yourself and no doubt DT will give you the traditional welcome next time you come along.
ON ON ON: The Salthouse is a big pub and could easily accommodate all 33 of us. The sandwiches were all made with white bread (we do like a bit of brown sometimes) with a choice of cheese and pickle or ham and were delivered along with 4 bowls of chips which seemed to satisfy those who were partaking of the victuals.
Run No. 179, 2nd June 2010.
The Old Inn, Clevedon.
WHO: 24 hashers and 2 hash hounds.
RUN REPORT: Hashing from The Old Inn invariably means a chance to pop into the woods behind Clevedon Court to see how they're changing with the seasons. Turning right from the pub and right again at the church took us straight inside where various turn-backs, fish-hooks and false trails made sure we had a good chance to explore the area well. A couple of regroups kept the pack more-or-less together, eventually crossing the motorway just past Norton's Wood and returning on the south side of the motorway on virgin trails following the Land Yeo.
CIRCLE: After hare DT had taken his down down, 3 Hash Virgins came forward to introduce themselves. First up was Just Geoff-with-a-gee from Wrington who told us that the one over there made him come. Next up was David who claimed to be from the local areal but I don't believe him because he didn't pronounce the "L" at the end of areal. Then we met Sue who admitted being married to Geoff-with-a-gee and had only herself to blame for being here. Duracell was recognised as a Returnee even though she was here 2 weeks ago; she took her down down with Picasso who "missed" a fish-hook. Brigadoon and Turbo's haring last week had gone unrecognised (because everyone headed straight for the beer and sarnies so there was no circle) - that was rectified today. Call Girl lost her shirt last week (what did your mother tell you about gambling?) but had to take another down down for wearing a hat in the circle. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Cinderella was up for "driving on the hash"; his cries of "it was only the last bit" didn't wash so a down down it was, followed by a shed load of SCBs* – Pip, Rewind, Coppertone, Big Stick, Lime Cordial and Happy Hooker.
ON ON ON: We can always rely on good grub at The Old Inn and there waiting for us were a couple of plates of sandwiches, a big bowl of crisps and a big tray of tasty potato wedges. Before long a big bowl of chips appeared as well – all good stuff. The chef tells me that he's trying to open another pub in Clevedon and may well be off to pastures new. If so, let's hope the après Hash grub here maintains its fine tradition – tasty, varied and enough of it. Alternatively, we could follow him to his new place. Watch this space.
Run No. 178, 26th May 2010.
The Queens Arms, Bleadon.
HARES: Turbo & Brigadoon.
WHO: Quite a lot.
RUN REPORT: New territory is always good and this varied and interesting route did the hares proud. Hardly out from the pub, there was a turnback and later on the trail there were a couple of fish-hooks returning 13 to the back of the pack. The highlight of the route was a bridge over troubled waters. Well not so much a bridge as a plank of wood suspended at one end on dry land with the other end in the water. Those who had connected brain cells found another way around (this included some virgins) while the rest of us ended up with wet feet. There was a fair amount of abuse hurled at the hares and an attempt to hide Brigadoon's boots as retribution, but we all ended up happy bunnies especially as the rain held off until we were safely back in the pub.
CIRCLE: See below...
ON ON ON: Returning to the pub at 9.35pm, everyone dived inside, drinks were ordered and the ready-and-waiting sandwiches were quickly devoured without a second thought given to having a Hash Circle. Consequently, I didn't get the names of the Hash Virgins but you are welcomed nevertheless. Sandwiches consisted of white bread with tuna and brown bread with cheese and pickles – nice enough if unimaginative.
Run No. 177, 19th May 2010.
The Star, Tickenham.
HARES: Pork Scratchings, Brigadoon & Turbo.
WHO: 27 hashers and 1 hash hound.
RUN REPORT from this week's guest scribe, Pip: Gathering at The Star for what was the sunniest hash of the year so far our eager hash crew set off on an uphill course, first through fields of rather bemused cows, then on into the woods. Greeted by the unmistakable smell of garlic and surrounded by bluebells the dauntless hash charged on. First a rocky path which ended in a longish turn-back, then some confusion as we push on up what may or may not have been a path up the hill. A (rather steep) path was found and all regrouped at the top: a chance for a well-earned rest and an opportunity to almost get run over by a horse. On again to another pause where we stopped to eat worms, and onwards on a welcome downhill course. At some point during the next section the walkers snuck off, and were later found lounging under a tree. The more hardy among us bravely continued under the motorway, and back up again, rejoining the walkers and finding the beer stop on the top of Cadbury Camp. Abandoning the original beer stop after being seen off by some territorial cows, we decamped to the battlements to enjoy the view. The post-beer stop run started with a scarily steep hill tantalisingly near to the pub, but we crossed over the road and continued our journey. On through the rather flatter fields at the bottom and past the rather peculiarly named St Quiricus and Julietta church to the on-in back at our guiding Star. I've also attached the map of the route. It's the walkers' route, so it's not all on there, but it might be interesting: Click HERE.
CIRCLE: DT had clearly had his eye out for Hash Criminals. As soon as the hares had taken their down downs, he pulled a list from his back pocket and called the following up front and centre: the SCBs – himself and Swallow; for ignoring a fish-hook – Picasso (who's been hashing since the mid-80s, I learned, and is staying in the area for a little while); for a sprint finish (surely not racing on the hash!) – Rebore; for running a fish-hook up hill – Walrus (with his go-faster swimming hat it's probably easier for him than most); for an attack of Alzheimer's – Inchworm; and lastly, Coppertone and Lime Cordial were reported for sitting down on the trail. Rebore was also celebrating 15 BOGS hashes so a chorus of "Hashy birthday to you" was his punishment. By the power invested in him, our Grand Master, DT, declared that henceforth and ever more in hashing circles Sallie will be known as "Whopper" and Jeremy will be known as "Supremo". Fully fledged hashers now!
ON ON ON: The Star usually feels somewhat sterile and devoid of atmosphere but with so many of us we seemed to bring the atmosphere with us, albeit we were still sitting around what look like cafeteria tables. The sandwiches were fine but there weren't enough of them but that may have more to do with how many were ordered.
Run No.176 12th May 2010.
HARES: DeepThroat and Swallow.
WHO: 20 assorted hashers and two hash hounds.
RUN REPORT: After several attempts at a Father Abraham warm up (DT turning up a little late from setting the beer stop) the hashers set off from the car park in the village of Dundry for a rural trail across fields and farm land towards Felton. Spectacular elevated views were experienced over the Barrow tanks supplying water to Bristol and the Chew Valley and lake to the Mendips opposite. Being in the flight path from Bristol Airport the aircraft were seen roaring in and out above, with thoughts of whether the absent Rewind had managed to fly on holiday to the South of France for his bargain 99p despite the volcanic ash cloud hanging over Europe. Uncharacteristically, early in the hash Walkie Talkie sprinted ahead and caught herself on a fishhook, but she still persisted happily to run. Passing vast fields of yellow oil seed rape the rain descended on the later part of the hash. The usual cows were encountered on the hash but they did not run (probably as it was raining) and some confused the hashers as to their sex having both udders and horns. A loose sheep on a lane ushered in the shepherding instinct of some hashers who managed to turn the lost sheep back in the right direction. Deep throat invented a new form of hashing after the beer stop directing hashers from his car, this included a route over a barbed wire fence. ON IN to the car park at Dundry the heavy rainfall prevented an outdoor Down Down and a cavalcade of cars took the hashers onto the hospitable Carpenters Tavern nearby.
CIRCLE: In the pub the circle congratulated DT and Swallow on a great rural but wet hash, then welcomed hash virgin Gary (Sandra's brother) and awarded down-downs to offenders Walrus, Walky Talky and others who shall be nameless. Pork Scratchings had achieved 25 hashes and Walrus and Carol 10 hashes. After due deliberation Sandra was awarded the hash name of Hair Net (or Hare Net?) and Carol the hash name of Call Girl.
The Carpenters Tavern is a friendly olde worlde pub of great character, but they only supplied a modest two trays of sandwiches and a few chips. The sandwiches were highly rated but too few in number for our hungry pack. After the circle there was competition for sponsors between Brigadoon (a 30-mile charity walk) and Deep Throat (6 miles of a 140-mile charity run) but all was settled amicably.
Run No. 175, 5th May 2010.
Gordano Rugby Club, Portbury.
HARES: Coppertone & Poacher (aided and abetted by Bag Lady).
WHO: 30 hashers and 3 hash hounds.
Before setting off, this being the eve of a General Election, the hares wanted to make clear that the "blue" in bluebell did not imply endorsement for any particular party. To further press the point home, their hash shirts represented all 3 major parties being red, blue and yellow.
RUN REPORT: Starting from Gordano Rugby Club there seemed to be two clear choices: either amble around the nearest field of bullocks in a dazed and confused manner or walk along the road to the next stile and wait for the cows/runners to come home. Then it was across the road and up into the springtime splendour of Priors Wood where, sadly, there wasn't a daffodil in sight, we threaded our way through a carpet of green and blue to a regroup at a wooden bridge over the stream. It was then up up up to a clearly marked trail along the edge of a fenced off field only to become a turn back which then took us along the other side of the field and I believe around the back of Noah's Ark. Awaiting us over the next stile was another field of rather feisty bullocks but to confuse our beefy playmates, we cunningly split into three groups and, as the bovine bothered one group, the others made progress across or around the field. We followed Charlton Drive past the very old Charlton House (some parts of which date back to Tudor times) now part of The Downs School but formerly part of the Tyntesfield Estate. Here to our delight, after a very dog unfriendly stile, was sighted the eagerly awaited beer stop. Onwards and downwards and another false trail and plenty of barbed wire skirting some more modern school buildings then round the edge of Priors Wood and back through the fields of sheep to Caswell Lane and the rugby club.
CIRCLE: Until now Happy Hooker had kept his other half, Gill, locked up at home on hash nights, only allowing her to walk the trail each Thursday morning but the time had come to let her out and thus she became the sacrificial BOGS Virgin for the night. She seemed to enjoy herself so we may see her again. Inchworm has obviously been scouring the suburbs of Bristol and managed to convince Roger and Sue of Westbury-on-Trym that they, too, should come to a BOGS hash - welcome all of you. Rewind, Pip and Lime Cordial were up for some offence (not sure what) and the lost tribe of DT, Swallow and Bag Lady took a down down for straying. Walky talky, in her role as Hash Stats, told us that Brigadoon had 10 hashes to his name, Swallow had 50 and Back Chat a grand 75. The greatest honours were then awarded to Gavin and Tom as today they were named. Gavin, who has been seen wearing a swimming cap on the hash was named "Walrus" (swimming cap – egg head – egg man – Beatles song – Walrus – coo coo cachoo – you probably had to be there) and Tom, on account of the fact that he's always charging past us, was given the hash handle of "Turbo" – very apt.
ON ON ON: This was the first time we'd used the Gordano Rugby Club and they opened specially for us providing a fine spread of sandwiches and proper chips (you know, made from potatoes, not reconstituted and pressed into shape). With plenty of parking and well-located for Priors Wood, this made a nice change to the Priory or the Black Horse, neither of which are able to supply sandwiches for us.
Run No. 174, 28th April 2010.

Emergency repairs following Happy Hooker's dive onto gravel to amuse the cows.

The Bird in Hand, Long Ashton.
HARES: Walky Talky & Cinderella.
WHO: 24 hashers and 1 hash hound.
RUN REPORT: Going west from the pub this was uncharted territory for your Hash Scribe. Looking at the map, we may well have spent some time in Ashton Hill Plantation, George Hill Plantation, Shipley Brake and Cook's Wood. The trail ended by descending Keeds Lane to the pub.
CIRCLE: The hares were congratulated on managing to find some shiggy after one whole month of dry weather. A request for virgins produced one dog, Digger, who delegated the job of taking his down down to his personal servant. For lying down on the hash we saw Happy Hooker up front and centre displaying his blood-strewn leg (see photo), and for sitting down on trail Bag Lady, Coppertone and Swallow came forward along with a number of others whose names I couldn't take down as I was busy drinking. Deep Throat was caught missing a fish-hook and then he was in trouble again, along with Gavin for going AWOL. Returnee, Ann (without an "e") was welcomed back while Anne (with an "e") was awarded her hash handle for demonstrating a perfect press up during our warm-up routine. So, henceforth and evermore in hashing circles, Anne (with an "e") will be known as Pressup. Hash Stats, Walky Talky, noted that Coppertone had 75 BOGS hashes to his name and Tea Leaf announced that it would be his last hash for a while as he was off to London to seek his fortune.
ON ON ON: We've been fed and watered a number of times at The Bird in Hand so I'm not sure what happened today with the sandwiches. They certainly looked nice and there seemed to be enough of them but somehow.... they didn't really taste of anything. Perhaps they had a new chef on duty. They all went so they couldn't have been too bad.
Run No. 173, 24th April 2010.

The Old Farmhouse, Nailsea.
HARE: Duracell.
RUN REPORT by Hash Scribe-of-the-week, Happy Hooker:
Probably the final Saturday hash of the season for the Bogs with 14 hashers and a hot sunny day, great for getting a hash ON the trail sun tan.
14 Hashers: Hare Duracell plus DeepThroat, Swallow, Inchworm, Backchat, Brigadoon, Walkie Talkie, Cinders, Kerb Crawler, Flour Power, Happy Hooker, Rewind, Tom and guest hasher Picasso from the Surrey hash staying at Cheddar, plus two hot hash hounds Lucky and Pushover.
After a warm up of the Hokey Cokey led by DT the hashers set off in urban Nailsea. However, the Hare had set an interesting rural trail over fields towards Backwell.
Report on the route from the hare Duracell: The hash route was a scenic one with plenty of fields and sunshine! From The Farmhouse the hashers set out for Backwell Common and then wound their way to Nailsea and Backwell ponds. The beer stop was at Backwell Lake before a short On In to the pub.
Uncharacteristically, DT missed a Regroup mark (saying he was simply following Kerb Crawler who was calling on-on), taking the unsuspecting Picasso with him. The hare (putting her neck on the line?) had warned the hashers that the trail would take them over a railway, and over the main line they gaily hopped hoping no high speed trains were coming. Later, at a stile defended by 3 dogs, Swallow became caught on brambles and was nudged back over the stile by an over-friendly horse. On back to Backwell Lake for the picnic beer stop. This proved a well-needed watering hole for the hot hashers and hounds alike. A short but interesting on in to the Farmhouse followed, where DT was seen impersonating Arnold Swarznegger trying to push his car over. He was obviously worn out as he could not even push over the light Smart car.
CIRCLE: Duracell was congratulated on the rubbish (but really good) trail. Picasso was welcomed to Bogs. Offences included KC, DT and Picasso for going past a Regroup and some hashers sitting down on a bench at the Beer Stop.
AND FINALLY: Picasso impressively drove a left hand drive imported Jeep Wrangler 4x4 trying to compete with Rebore's Jeep for the poorest car MPG.
The Farmhouse aptly had a beer on tap called Hopping Hare and produced extremely good sandwiches. These were consumed outside in the beer garden under the umbrellas.
Run No. 172, 21st April 2010.
The Ship Inn, Uphill.
HARES: Flour Power & Brigadoon.
WHO: 31 hashers and 2 hash hounds. (That's not a typo, btw, there were indeed 31 of us – another new record!)
RUN REPORT: The Up-Hill-and-Down-Dale Hash. From the pub we headed up and away, with the walkers going through the churchyard while the runners contoured around the hill, rejoining for a regroup at the tower on top where Flour Power had hidden some treasure (KitKats). Having gone up, the next part was down where some cows thought a game was on and decided to run alongside and at us but chickened out of jumping the gate. As the sun set, we followed the sea defences to the estuary and back again to the Beer Stop near the Uphill boatyard. While continuing the trail along the beach, the runners route took them to a jetty which they had to descend a ladder before circumnavigating the caravan park and then returning to the pub via the back streets.
CIRCLE: RA Pork Scratchings called forth the hares for the obligatory down down after which no less than 6 Hash Virgins were called front and centre. Carol from Bleadon had made Jemma and Natasha come along, Brigadoon had made both Carol and Tom come and he was also responsible for Irene's presence (although she had to leave before the circle). The final Virgin was Will "from down the road" – I don't know if he came with anyone or just got swept up by the passing pack. All are welcome. We hope you enjoyed the hash and will come again. Some Stats were carried over from last week - Cinderella, Coppertone and Bag Lady were celebrating their 3rd anniversary of BOGS Hashing. Then Nick was called up as he was limping (having strained something) and was given the title of Tumbling Ted by Bag Lady. Grand Master Deep Throat thought the name suited him (presumably as he could no longer walk properly, just tumble along) and duly named him. So, henceforth and evermore in Hash Circles Nick will be known as Tumbling Ted. The rest of the pack either took a down down for avoiding a fish-hook or for not getting caught doing anything, then we all headed indoors.
ON ON ON: I guess the pub wasn't expecting quite so many of us but the lone barmen, faced with 30 thirsty patrons, coped valiantly and drinks for all were eventually served along with a few plates of very pleasant sandwiches. The price must have been quite good too as Hash Cash, Kerb Crawler, only needed £1.00 from each of us rather than the usual £2.00. Result!
Run No. 171, 14th April 2010.

Nailsea Rugby Club, er, Nailsea.
HARES: Rewind, DT & Duracell.
WHO: 25 hashers and 1 hash hound. Another first for BOGS – 25 hashers is the new record!
RUN REPORT: "The Circumnavigation-of-Nailsea Hash."

We never quite know what to expect when Rewind is involved with setting a trail – remember this is the hasher who strung seaweed on trees instead of laying flour. But we can always rely on a very long run and this week proved to be no exception as we started at 7.30 and finished at 9.45. Comment from a hasher: there weren't many roads in Nailsea he left out. Fortunately it was a lovely evening and everyone seemed happy enough.
CIRCLE: No circle as the sandwiches were ready to be eaten and the beer was on tap. However, I am led to believe that we had some Virgins – Anne, George (can this be the Famous Five?) and Henry plus a returnee, Lara – welcome all.
ON ON ON: Now this is what I call a sandwich spread – lots of sandwiches on brown and white, good fillings and a load of chips thrown in! Comments from hashers: best food we've had for some time and we love Nailsea Rugby Club. Well done guys! I understand that we've even been invited back for a daytime run and to use their barbecue – aren't they nice?
Run No. 170, 7th April 2010.
The Bird in Hand, Long Ashton.
HARES: Inchworm & Backchat.
WHO: 23 hashers and 1 hash hound. On this auspicious occasion, namely that of achieving the highest number of hashers ever on a BOGS Hash, I will attempt (without the benefit of a safety net) to name each and every one of you. Here goes: Deep Throat, Swallow, Coppertone, Bag Lady, Happy Hooker, Inchworm, Backchat, Cinderella, Kerb Crawler, Walky Talky, Poacher, Rewind, Lime Cordial, MisLed, Royalty, Brigadoon, Carol, Gavin, Jeremy, Nick, Sandra, Pip, Sallie. If I've mis-spelt your name or missed you out completely, feel free to inflict whatever punishment you deem appropriate. Oh! I should add our intrepid Hash Hound, Pushover.
RUN REPORT: Our RA had arranged excellent springtime weather for tonight's hash. Turning left out of the pub we fell upon a check almost immediately, sending the pack off in all directions. However, the correct trail led onwards and upwards to a split where the walkers headed in one direction and the runners in another, continuing uphill. The trail crossed the golf course, went down one side of it, then crossed it again. We had been warned that we'd be crossing one road which we later found to be the main road through Long Ashton then, after taking a track through woodlands as daylight faded, the Beer Stop appeared at the edge of a residential area. Duly refreshed we set off again, taking a track parallel to a railway line which proved to be a dead end but eventually it was ON IN and back to the pub.
CIRCLE: After the Hares were honoured for their endeavours, Cinderella declared that everyone except him had shortcut and were duly called into the circle for a down down. Next up were Returnees: Coppertone, Bag Lady, Backchat and Royalty and then the Virgins aka The Three Sillies: Deep Throat, Jeremy and Brigadoon. Not quite sure how DT got into that list – I probably missed something. As for statistics, there was a discussion of how many people we'd started with tonight (generally agreed to be 24) and how many we'd finished with (exactly 23) so if we lost you somewhere along the trail, dear reader, please make yourselves known to us next week. That left just 5 hashers (who either hadn't been paying attention at the beginning or had not knowingly shortcut) to take the final down down. Well not quite final as Sallie took hers with her hat on so she had to do it all again. You are young but you will learn.
ON ON ON: Plenty of sandwiches (rolls and sliced bread). Sustaining but not exciting with mostly squishy white bread. Didn't stop us eating the lot, though.
Run 169, 31st March 2010.
The George Inn, Abbots Leigh. (On-on at The Rudgleigh, Easton in Gordano.)
RUN REPORT: 18 hashers Dave, Lime Cordial, Mis Led, Kerb Crawler, Carol, Gav, Flour Power with dog Lucky, Cinders, I'worm, Poacher who fell asleep, Pip & Jeremy, Tealeaf of no fixed abode, Happy Hooker, Pork Scratchings, Walky Talky, Deep Throat, Rewind plus very honored guest from Bristol Greyhounds - Old Legover ABV 4.1% mid-strength with a medium-dark colour. Morover the George Inn continues unmanned closed down and devoid of beer. We were the only cusomers but there is a notice in the window suggesting this may change.
Legover was anxious to start but the pace of sumerset is slower and had to wait until DT the Hare returnde from setting the beer stop. Only Dt knew the way. And the way was good.
First evenign hash since the clocks changed, starting in the lite. This week diffreent persons atempted nite vision withuut using torches/hedtorches and failed.
Erly in hash Rewind found the ON IN. Short hash. Runners seperated on trale threw chiggy wodland passing a super lake with bothowse. Later down a streem (shoe wash opportunity) with tree fawlen accros - DT indictaed not their erlier when hash set, so it cud have fawlen on hashers if timed better and DT wudhavgot a DownDown.
Each yere approx 150,000 sq. Km of forest is being destroyed and sum pepole seemed to be attepmting to increase this figgur in one large area that we crossed.
G'hounds pls take note (in case we ever run with you) we did offer Legover a drink at the beertsop but he declined; posibbly an aleean ideal to him. Got lost after beer stop but found a map on a bord and rembered we'd seen the ON IN on the ON OUT. Miss LED was with the elleet runners on the last fine sporty leg attepmting to get back to the pub bfor the warkers (the attempt failed due to a fishook 6 on the run in - Ed). What did we fink of the hash? Not enuff trees, see deforestation note, to bang PS. (Ref. Run 159 from the other George.)
Let it be known hencfourth Downhill Daav will not be knwn as Dave but Brigadoon dew to his Scottish ancestory and kilts (not to mention his preferred diraction of running - Ed).
No stats said WT who got admonisghed. Four tomes more food at the Rudleigh than Run 167 and all had a good wind dun especially those that fell asleep.
Regards from Your ilittterat temprary hash rats waiting fro baglady to return from vulcanic hashes.
Rwind and 'ooker.
Footnote: Old Legover is available to other hashes, please click icon for information:

Received via the Hash Telex machine, 29th March 2010:
From your intrepid reporters in Nicaragua: You lot don´t know how easy you have it. Yesterday we hashed with the Managua Pussy HHH which involved a climb to 1300 feet or metres - I don´t know but it was high - and looking down on the Masaya volcano. And what goes up, goes down, and, in true hash style, up and down again. 2 hours. After the circle, one of the hashers had made goulash soup for us all to eat - alongside drinking the local beer, of course. We are seriously unfit and looking forward to returning to hashing in temperatures less than 30 degrees C. See you next week! On On!
Bag Lady and Coppertone.

Run 168, 27th March 2010.

The New Inn, Kewstoke, Weston Super Mare.
HARES: Up Yours and Bovver.
RUN REPORT: "The Lost Hash". Another Saturday daylight family hash for the Bogs with 22 hashers and no less than 8 new hashers including 5 young hashers and three hash hounds, Pushover, Lucky and the famous Buster.
Instead of heading to Sand Bay beach and the headland, the hash took an uphill route over projecting stone steps (which Lucky had problems with but Pushover made light work of), over the Kewstoke Road and up steep stone steps. An early sweety stop (one of no less than two), a split for runners and walkers (one of no less than three during the hash) at Worlebury. Bovver indicated the runners may get lost, and they nearly did on the edge of Weston Woods. By the time they got back to the main Worlebury Road the walkers were not in sight. ON ON beside the golf course, onto tracks and woodland a young hasher Tabitha was lost but later found and Buster also became lost but was found without any ransom demanded. He struggled with breathing and at a check point decided to take a drink at a puddle and a cool basking mud stop.
The hash was set the morning before and some marks had been washed out. Happy Hooker called the ON ON seeing three washed out marks to find the F (false trail) but take half the hash with him. At another check point the hash went in all directions with a hare also declaring herself lost when the false trail was seen. The correct trail was eventually picked up by Rebore and Cinders past an Observatory built in 1750.
ON ON to the beer stop with view point over Worle to the coast and Clevedon beyond. Down a very slippery bank with several hashers down on their backsides complaining of extreme hashing and over the Kewstoke Road. Another runner and walker split and ON IN with a welcome long lane run for the runners led by a keen Rebore who was in the pub before anyone got back.. Despite hashers getting lost they all successfully made it back.
At the DOWN DOWN CIRCLE the hares were congratulated on a great varied trail providing they could find their way. New hashers were welcomed including Sandra. Nick, Jacob, Reece, Coco, Sharn, Roxanne and Tabitha. Offences – Hares and Happy Hooker for following false trails. Returnees were welcomed back – Up Yours, Bovver, Royalty and Up For It.
The New Inn was found very friendly and produced good quantities of wholesome sandwiches.
Run 167, 24th March 2010.
The Poacher, High Street, Portishead.
HARE: Pork Scratchings.
RUN REPORT: The inclement wet weather did not deter the hardy 22 hashers, including three hash virgins, and one hash hound. From the High Street ON up and up hills zig zagging around the urban environment, including slippery steep cobblestones of Portishead. The pack never found itself far from previous checkpoints or more than half a mile from The Poacher. After a sweetie stop ON across the coastal fields with great viewpoints over the Bristol Channel and Wales and a beer stop overlooking the Lake Grounds, we headed back to the centre of Portishead. Twelve static hashers (must be farmers as opposed to hunter-gatherers) seemed stuck to a later check point, even when the ON ON was called. The rain stopped and only resumed heavily when we were safely back in the pub indicating the Religious Advisor and Hare had friends in high places.
DOWN DOWNS: The Circle was held in the car park of the Poacher. The hare was congratulated on a great shiggyless route (apparently a false shiggy trail was cunningly missed) full of viewpoints. The three virgin hashers, Jeremy, Anne and Rachael were welcomed in the usual way. Rebore was in the circle for the offence of sitting down on the hash (possibly getting too old for active hash service) and Rewind for leading him on. The Poacher sectioned the hashers off into the function room ideal for chatting, where a previous meeting had just ended, and produced a frugal two plates of sandwiches, around one bitesize sandwich per hasher (if fortunate) with no chips or extras. Pubwise the George Inn, Abbot's Leigh on run 162 questionably offered more. The hash food was kindly supplemented by crisps bought by the Hare; he declined to give a lecture, although accustomed to public speaking. Regulars like Backchat, DeepThroat, Swallow, Paella etc were missed and Poacher never made it to the pub named after her.
Run 166, 17th March 2010.

Campbell's Landing, Clevedon.
HARES: Big Stick & DT.
RUN REPORT: A super run, all up hill, slightly longer than usual at 8.8km (5.5 miles) urban and country. After doing a zig-zag above Hill Road we took in the lights of Portishead, the high tide on the Severn, glowing embers, the golf club, fruity beer stop and donkey path. Poacher moved a toad (or frog?) to safer ground to avoid it being trampled by the 19 strong hash stampede; we'll see if she kissed it first and her Prince comes on the next 27th March Saturday hash. The Hares did a splendid job in ensuring no-one got too separated and in designing a well-marked trail. Just to show Bogs do it better the trail came with a giant white arrow (see photo above).
This contrasted better in the dark, needed approx 576 snowdrops and shows the advance planning detail that is put into every Bogs hash. The hare was concerned the bulbs would not flower in time and rumours are that use was made of hair dryers to get them ready.
DOWN-DOWNS: Newcomer and "first time on a hash" Pip was welcomed after managing the whole trail using bionic vision, in the dark, saving on batteries. Also newcomer to Bogs was Tealeaf, from Leigh-on-Solent, who claims he did not technically steal the Horn of Quorn. Lime Cordial stood forth for accomplishing 50 runs and Walkie Talkie for a delayed start and meeting the hash half way round. Inchworm looked splendid in his new centurian outfit standing tall, holding crayons and dressed in cloak and helmet.
The pub served London Pride and Butcombe etc. and lots of cheese and onion baguettes that KC thoughtfully divided into more manageable thirds.
Run 165, 10th March 2010.
The Barn, Wraxhall.
HARES: Happy Hooker & Rewind.
RUN REPORT by this week's guest scribes, Rewind & Happy Hooker: For the good of the environment instead of consigning hashes to landfill Bogs re-cyled an Old Barn hash set by Bristol HHH on 17th January 2010. Better still, Bogs ran it in beneath the stars with 43 mostly human legs plus vehicles parked neatly in the correct car park to keep on the good side of Cherise the Barn manageress who had mentioned the other running group that came one Sunday. Sallie, Carol, Dave and Gavin as newcomers were read their non-rights before the hash commenced. Crossing the B3130 beside Wraxhall school the hash circumnavigated the woods above leaving the footpath at one stage. Despite using 4.5kg of flour, dry conditions and both Hares laying parallel trails over fields the trail was hard to find perhaps due to the moonless night. DeepThroat did well after arriving late in reaching as far as the Battleaxes pub; he heard an OnOn once, he said. After that seven tricky fields needed crossing; some cutting us off with rynes (streams - if from London) and gapless hedges before the beer stop was reached.
POST-HASH: Due to Quiz Night we took over the smoker's outside Bedouin style tent complete with heating and sofas. 98 sandwiches (made by the chief Hare), including coronation chicken, egg, tuna, cheese and onion and ham, vanished and were followed by must-have-more chocolate cake; recipe can be got from Happy Hooker. Beers: London Pride, Tribute, Butcombes and ciders: Thatchers and Ashton Press etc were all on tap for assisting food digestion.
Downdowns were held for the hares, newcomers, latecomers (DT and Rebore) and for Inchworm for showing too much enthusiasm and as a result KerbCrawler modelled the centurian cloak for the last time before handing it over to Inchworm now off to learn embroidery. Possibly the most successful run this year in the opinion of both temporary scribes (Baglady still sunning herself - don't they get bored?) ;-) .

Run 164, 3rd March 2010.
The Ebdon Arms, Wick St Lawrence.
HARE: Deep Throat.
RUN REPORT by this week's scribe, Flour Power: Hare today gone tomorrow - Deep Throat got lost looking for his beer stop. Swallow was most concerned that DT had lost her car. We waited and waited going the way of brass monkeys (reference to nuts removed - Ed). No sign of DT so, after a quick traditional Father Abraham warm up and search for signs, we went not waiting longer for our hare. Somehow (we are still working this out - Ed) Flour Power managed to get into the lead with Swallow and encountered her first ever fish hook. Inchworm got bored and kept hiding behind trees saying boo whenever anyone got near. Beware ordinary people if you ever get entangled with the hash. A well signed mostly urban hash with parts alongside water. Lucky ate the most perfect blob ever seen.
Flasher and Flour Power were yawning on the hash after emerging from the Ebdon Arms before the start of the hash full of curry with pint of beer for £5.25 each. Flour Power also showed her cauliflower ear wound after losing balance on her horse and getting trampled the day before. In view of the monkeys and nuts the circle was speedily done with no stats from Walkie Talkie. The pub featured good sandwiches and plenty of room except people using the ATM machine closeby were into a long rousing team building session before hitting the jackpot. All ended happily with DT finding the beerstop, car keys, the car and his wife.
Run 163, Saturday 26th February 2010.

The Swan, Rowberrow.
HARE: Jenny-the-academic-with-no-hash-name.
RUN REPORT by this week's scribe, Happy Hooker: 15 Hashers - Deep Throat, Cinders, Inchworm, Rewind, Duracell, Flasher, Flour Power, Kerbcrawler, Walkie Talkie, Maggie, Jenny, Animal Magic (visitor from the Oxford hash), Jane Burstow with Alana (6) and Eliot (8), Hash Hounds Pushover and Lucky. Plus 2 Beer stop servers: Stuart MacNamara and Damp Patch (also a visitor from Oxford H3).

This was the second winter daytime hash for the Bogs which turned out as a great woodland (including Christmas trees) fun family hash with two of the youngest ever, but enthusiastic, hashers of only six and eight years old. Meeting at the Swan Inn the horses tied up in the car park implied a pony trekking hash, supported by the hare indicating the hash trail was set from horseback. Given the gross chiggy muddy and wet conditions horseback would have been a good option. After a resounding warm up of the Hokey Cokey led by DT the trail took a challenging uphill route through woodland tracks with Animal Magic off like a terrier roaring "ON ON" from way ahead. Although the rain had stopped, the tracks had turned into streams and the chiggy prevailed with the hare warning us of worse to come after the beer stop. A BH sign confused the hashers thinking it was a part washed out BN(Beer Near), however it stood for Beer Here. This was well named as there was beer but more in harmony with the surroundings also Thatchers cider, cinnamon cider and fruit of the forest juice plus fresh fruit and sweets. Hash hounds were rewarded with bone shaped biscuits, preferring to call it a Bone Stop. ON ON down the forest track into a valley where it crossed a stream a stream (torrent of water off the Mendips) many times with increasing wet chiggy conditions underfoot. A regroup resulted in the children (including DT who never grew up) and dogs having a great time splashing around in the stream, under the pretence of cleaning off. Sadly Poacher phoned too late and missed coming but would have enjoyed it and the hash. ON IN to the Down Down at The Swan car park. Hare Jenny received her down-down on a great first trail; Inchworm, Rewind and Animal Magic were in the circle for offences of over enthusiasm checking out trails prematurely from Regroups. Flasher was congratulated on his 50th hash. The Swan produced no less than six large plates of sandwiches with great fillings including ham, tuna and cheese and onion. The pub was quite busy for mid afternoon, probably due to England playing Rugby, although they unfortunately lost. Rewind was seen grovelling on the floor for lost coins and Flasher was up to his usual entertaining magic tricks.
Run 162, 24th February 2010.
The George Inn, Abbotts Leigh (closed down).
HARES: Rebore & Paella.
RUN REPORT by this week's scribes, Happy Hooker & Rewind: 13 hashers, 28 legs. Three hashers were excused fish-hooks, 2 being Hares Rebore and Paella (combined effort) in matching & distinct red. DT and Rebore back from snow and sun walking holiday in the Lake District faced a large contrast with tonight's 9 degC balmy air temperature with no rain. Thanks RA (Pork Scratching); now recovered well after the showdown with tree. Those managing the George Inn saw us coming and decided to close down with an excuse of not being able to afford the £56,000 plus rent etc outgoings per year. Last-minute new food and drink venue was therefore at The Rudgleigh Arms, Easton in Gordano who treated us well post-hash with 2 massive trays of sandwiches one meaty and the other unmeaty. Happy Hooker checked out wrong trail from start towards Abbotts Leigh pool and nearly got lost from the start. Hash took route down the main road, across into Leigh Woods. Trail went along slippery bank next to stream. Paella took a tumble on her bottom into the mud. Down to the River Avon and Avon Cycle footpath then back into the woods. Spooky trail through woods with mist forming. Short diversion loop up slippery bank. DeadEnd came close to needing winching out of a gulley after he'd followed two flour blobs with great dedication (the Hare later said they'd slipped down there setting it up). Memories of a long straight path with bright light at end of it. Another hash experience. The Beer stop, surpassed only by a K&A hash with proper pint glasses (see photo), was in woods laid out on a picnic bench with red and green grapes, oranges and apple segments. Umm - really good fruit. Bogs do food better.
Gross shiggy at end of hash in valley before climb towards church and on in. Down Down at The George Inn. Rewind and DT offences of missing a washed away fish hook ("What fishhook?" they both said). Pork scratchings received a down-down in recognition of the perfect hashing weather.
Flasher performed magic with Walkie Talkie and told story of finding body washed up on beach at Portishead with a potential police murder enquiry almost stopping him hashing until they discovered it was the carcase of a sheep with the give away of hoofs. Paella fresh back from Peru and Argentina left her clean trainers at the Rudgleigh Arms. A nicer way to spend Wednesday evening could not be found.
Run 161, 17th February 2010.
The Moorend Spout, Nailsea.
HARES: Kerb Crawler and Walky-Talky.
RUN REPORT: We've had a complaint of hash trash being too long so: 10 hashers; 20 legs; super run - urban plus random fields (quote); some old flour spotted; everyone misled except Miss LED off to Ecuador; prolific food after in a super pub with good cider. All enjoyed themselves.
CIRCLE: Down Downs for two offences: Inchworm SCB jobbie and Duracell too enthusiastic 25 runs today. Come back Baglady and RA. PS: RA did a good job keeping us dry.
Run 160, 10th February 2010.
The Old Inn, Congresbury.
HARE: Deep Throat.
RUN REPORT: Fourteen hashers and two hash hounds set off from the pretty village centre of Congrebury on a cold winters night. The hare, DT, was late back for the start after dropping the car for the beer stop, later disclosing in the pub this was due to remodelling the end of the hash as a large bull was found (or heard with audible examples) in a field on the original route. Lime Cordial and Rebore in red would have been good fodder for the bull. Rose forgot her head torch and had to rely on other hashers torches in the dark countryside. Having passed the well-lit church the hash went down a path by a ditch to the Strawberry Line. Once again the hash went towards Sandford, but hopes of a beer stop at Thatcher's cider factory were dashed as the trail went back into the streets of Congresbury. Off cross country over the fields, this was a magical cold night with crunchy ground underfoot and the best starry night seen for a long time with no moon. There was no shiggy to mention (rare for a DT set hash) but stiles in abundance to climb over, much to the pleasure of the eager hash hound Pushover, hoping to be renamed the Stile King. Down the busy narrow Wrington road, causing traffic havoc, to the Beer Stop under the flight path of Bristol Airport with great views and roars of the aircraft close overhead. Although this was a very cold Winter night snowdrops were shown off by the Hare indicating a hint of early Spring. Back to the pub via the swings used by the FRBs and playground in Congresbury to the Down Down Circle. Rewind was a record three times in the circle for offences. This included missing a two fishhook claiming Pushover (the hash dog) counted as the second hasher and with Happy Hooker as FRBs (Front Running Bastards) for arriving at the pub early (cheek as they even stopped for a swing at the On-Inn). The Old Inn Congresbury charged the keenest price for driver's drinks/soft drinks seen in the locality and were equally frugal producing only one tray of sandwiches but these were of high quality with chunky bread and fillings. Cinders reminded the hash that it was Walkie Talkie's 25th birthday which was celebrated with the traditional hashy birthday song.
Run 159, 3rd February 2010.
The George, Backwell.
HARE: Deep Throat.
RUN REPORT by this week's scribe, Rewind: It drizzled and then, as the hash gathered, it stopped - the Religious Advisor was working well. Encouraged by DT's Bogs hash traditional warm-up routine DeepThroat, Backchat, D'Cell (aka Duracell female), Inchworm, WalkieTalkie, KerbCrawler, PorkScratchin, FlourPower and Rewind headed off. A few minutes later PS head-butted a tree that crossed the public bridleway at head height. The astute observer will notice the blood and the False trail mark in the photo except it was a very dark evening with no moonlight.

PS came to his knees then recovered sufficiently to deploy his first aid kit. That's the sort of fellow he is. Because he didn't have a mirror the hash trauma team moved in to operate under headtorches. Happily PS went on to finish the run, swallow his down-down and tell us stories about the extremes of Iceland in the pub after. Congratulations to those carrying medikits. Then Cinders joined the hash. On one field we had to go single file to avoid new plants (not Coppertone's beans) and on another, just before the beerstop, the mud was so sticky we all grew 40mms taller.

Warnings of several electric fences waiting to encircle us turned into a non-event - someone had nicked them between laying and running the trail. FlourPower missed watching the ballet just to be with us. Apologies for absence from Swallow and HappyHooker. The pub fed us well, three plates of sandwiches all brown and a good choice. Those who eat together stay together as the saying goes.
Run 158, 2:00pm, Saturday, 30th January 2010 (daylight run).

The White Hart, Weston-in-Gordano.
HARES: Kerb Crawler & Cinders.
RUN REPORT from this week's scribes, Rewind1 and Lime Cordial2:
1 What a lovely day, and Coppertone and Bag Lady popped in en-route between Hong Kong and the Dominican Republic, leaving just enough time for a superlative but rare Saturday Bogs Hash and to plant some beans. Fifteen other hashers accompanied them. The occasional Saturday Winter hash allows us to build up our vitamin D reserves and allows hashers who can't always make or Hare the usual Wednesday evening meets to take part. The BS sign stood for Bone Stop for our lucky hounds Lucky and Pushover. As it was Saturday afternoon we didn't do the hash-food bit at the pub although most concluded with a drink together.
2 A welcoming pub named after a beast with a light coat and fleet of foot to provide momentary inspiration. The steepness of the ascent to the top of the ridge left even the fittest breathless. Several fishhooks and false trails later walkers and runners united to descend to the coastal path untouched by sun and white with frost. With the ridge between us and our return there was only one way back. Fortified with lime cordials (the sweets from Kerb Crawler, not this scribe of similar name) we made another steep ascent passing "BN". With hopes raised momentarily and then dashed as bones – not beer- were distributed to Pushover and the aptly-named Lucky. Beer did appear with a warning that on this last day for the shooting season we might encounter beaters and guns saving Gordano from pheasants. We put the hashers wearing brightest clothes first as easy target so that the guns could get their eyes in and proceeded with the usual deviations on our descent to the nature reserve surprisingly uneventfully. Back at the White Hart, returnees – Bag Lady, Coppertone, Poacher, Speedyballs, Up yours and Lime Cordial were welcomed – and Lucky did downs for her 75th appearance with the Bogs of Somerset. A glorious outing with many viewpoints courtesy of Kerbcrawler and Cinders, who also provided a "spot where we took these photos on the Hash route" quiz in the pub afterwards.
Run 157, 20th January 2010.
The Prince of Orange, High Street, Yatton.
HARES: Inchworm & Backchat.
RUN REPORT from this week's scribe, Happy Hooker: This was the second week running that DT was late (rumours of possibly an under-powered car). After a very modest warm up the hashers sadly left without him but he soon found the trail and caught up. Thirteen hashers good and true plus one hash hound pounded around the streets of Yatton to the Railway Station then down the Strawberry Line. The idea of a beer stop at Thatchers cider factory were dashed as the hash was sent back into the depths of urban Yatton. This was a kindness on the part of the hare as the recent rainfall had turned the fields into a watery sticky mess. The best was left to last with a rural route over Cadbury Hill. Despite being carefully set the trail flour had been seriously washed away and even the hare nearly became lost. Passing close to the Cadbury House Hotel (recently taken over by the Hilton Group and now looking like a block of flats) there was debate over how few sandwiches we would get for the normal hash fee of £2. Returning to Yatton, we found the beer stop at last, then set off again via a (muddy) stream and another field before the final run in to the pub.
CIRCLE: At the circle down downs Bogs welcomed Richard Grahn, who has previously hashed in Nairobi but not in the UK, welcomed back returnees Walky Talky, Inchworm and Backchat and duly penalised latecomers DT and Cinderella. Happy Hooker was congradulated on 25 hashes and Pork Scratchings 15. Despite apparent staff shortages the Prince of Orange eventually produced some good sandwiches including beef, egg, tuna, ham and a mystery something. They also provided a nice open fire to keep us warm.
Run 156, 13th January 2010.
The Crab Apple, Clevedon.
HARES: Happy Hooker & Pork Scratchings.
RUN REPORT from this week's scribe, Rewind: This was the second week for Bogs this winter with hash-snow and a super trail to follow; the promised ochre coloured trail got various descriptions like brown, buff and choc-ice coloured. Do others obtain brighter colours? Lost and Bubushka on Malvern HHH last year used Bisto and Ketchup. More snow is needed to continue research. The roll of honour this week reads 'Appy'ooker Cinders DeepThroat Flasher FlourPower KerbCrawler PorkScratching Rewind + hounds Lucky and Pushover plus returnees, after some discussion, JoeII Paella Rebore and Rose who all qualified for a down-down. The on-hash debating society theme was what to do if you fell over face forwards with a lollipop stuck in your mouth and whether they should be banned from sweetie stops. At the beerstop Pork Scratching is to be thanked for his mulled wine and the co-hare for introducing Arnold by name and his mates (the friendly donkeys). Lucky also liked the donkeys. Pub food was grand with chips and sandwiches (tuna, cheese/onion, the always popular egg as well as meat) plus a good beer selection. Statistics: This is the second week our statistician has been away. Come back Walkie Talkie (as well as Hash Scribe). Also this is the first run from the Crab Apple that has not been dependent on the tides!
Run 155, 6th January 2010.
The Priory, Portbury.
HARES: Flasher & Flour Power.
RUN REPORT: "The hash does not stop for weather and the trail looks very pretty in the snow" wrote Deepthroat, the creator of the Geneva Hash where the weather can be more extreme. "....hashing in the snow is a different experience".
What was different? A whole large pub almost to ourselves, mandarins, for the first time, with other fresh fruit for the down-down that took place, unusually, after hot soup and bread inside the pub. But first the run:
This was the first Bogs hash in fairly serious snow, Flour power (or Snow Power whilst conditions continue) and Flasher (now you see the trail, now you don't) added a substance rumoured to be cocoa to the usual hash marking material and chalked arrows on posts and trees. Maybe next time we'll evolve to use a brighter colouring like flour-escent orange drink powder that you give to children to help keep them hyperactive. Rewind who arrived later overland was confused by the X marks and afterwards discovered Snow Power had got tired of arrows so started chalking kisses. Arrows show direction but kisses don't so doing a trail backwards gets even trickier. Kerb Crawler made the hash thanks to Deepthroat bringing Swallow's four wheel drive. This time Cinders never caught up with the hash. Is he still in Priory wood or snowbound in his car? Next week the word is ochre and a pleasant trail brought to you by another dedicated team.
Our scribe, Rewind, excelled himself by walking from Nailsea to Portbury for the hash (and back) arriving some time after the pack had departed. On phoning the hare he discovered we were back at the point he had walked past half an hour before! For this he received a richly-deserved down-down or three in honeyed mulled cider.

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