~ The Kennet and Avon Hash House Harriers ~
All runs start at 7.30pm on Wednesdays, except where shown.
Bring a torch or headlamp when it's dark. Click on OS ref for map.

For your at-a-glance, printable, guide to four local hashes, go HERE.
Run Date Location OS Ref Hare
139412/04/17 The Queens Head, High Street, Box, Wilts SN13 8NH. ST825685 Gazza
139519/04/17 The White Hart, Bath Road, Atworth SN12 8JR. On the A365 between Box and Melksham. ST867659 Spiderman
139626/04/17 The Swan Inn, Kingsdown, near Box, SN13 8BP. E of Bathford. Park in road just past pub. ST810670 Rapunzel
139703/05/17 The Wheelwrights Arms, Church Lane, Monkton Combe, Bath BA2 7HB. ST773620 Pinky
139810/05/17 The Beaufort Arms, High Street, Hawkesbury Upton GL9 1AU. ST777869 The Fat Controller
139917/05/17 The Bell, High Street, Yatton Keynell SN14 7BG on the B4039 between Castle Combe and Chippenham. ST866765 Le Caniveau
140024/05/17 The Langley Tap, The Common, Langley Burrell SN15 4LQ. NE of Chippenham off the B4069 (which joins the M4 at junc 17). ST933751 Spiderman
140131/05/17 The Ring O' Bells, Hinton Blewett BS39 5AN. SE of Chew Valley Lake. ST594569 Chickpea
140207/06/17 The Holcombe Inn, Stratton Road, Holcombe BA3 5EB. NE of Shepton Mallet. ST667498 Nobble and Squeek
140314/06/17 The Druid's Arms, Stanton Drew BS39 4EJ. Off the B3130 between Pensford and Chew Magna. Joint hash with Bogs of Somerset HHH. ST597631 No Shirt and Cinders
140421/06/17 The Star Inn, Hullavington SN14 6DU. Off The A429, NW of M4 junc 17. ST894818 Le Caniveau
140528/06/17 The Rattlebone Inn, Church Street, Sherston, near Malmesbury SN16 0LR. ST854860 The Fat Controller
140605/07/17 The Tuckers Grave Inn, Faulkland BA3 5XF. ST751551 Spider
Kennet and Avon HHH's Sixteenth Magical Mystery Hash. Start from Bath Spa or Temple Meads. More details and registration HERE. Sir Fat Controller and L'Escargot
140812/07/17 Change to earlier list. Ye Olde Grasse Verge in Wood Lane, between Nettleton and West Kington. On on to The Old House at Home, The Street, Burton. ST816776 Perky
140919/07/17 The Bell Inn, The Wharf, Bowden Hill, Lacock, Wilts. SN15 2PJ. ST926680 Soprano
141026/07/17 The Cross Keys, Midford Road, Combe Down BA2 5RZ. ST747619 Our Kid
141102/08/17 The King William Inn, Tunley BA2 0EB. On the B3115 between Bath and Paulton. ST695595 No Shirt
141209/08/17 The Crown Inn, Zion Hill, Clapton, Radstock BA3 4EB. Between Midsomer Norton and Ston Easton, ST641534 Spider
141316/08/17 The Hollybush Inn, Bath Road, Bridgeyate, E Bristol BS30 5JP. On The A4175 East Of Bristol. ST679727 The Fat Controller
141423/08/17 Den and Cathy's, Northend, Batheaston BA1 7EG. Food and beer to celebrate Cathy's birthday! ST778681 Soprano
141530/08/17 The Harp and Crown, Velley Hill, Gastard, Wilts. SN13 9PU. On the B3353 S of Corsham. ST884685 L'Escargot
141606/09/17 The Pear Tree Inn, Top Lane, Whitley, Melksham SN12 8QX.. Between the A365 and B3353 W of Melksham. ST881663 The Fat Controller (Sir)
141713/09/17 The Railway Inn, Station Road, Clutton BS39 5PD. ST624592 No Shirt
141820/09/17 The Rusty Stag (formerly The Fox Inn), 148 The Street, Broughton Gifford SN12 8PR. W of Melksham. ST879636 Pinky
141927/09/17 The New Inn, Upper Seagry, Wiltshire SN15 5HA. NE of M4 junc 17. ST946807 Le Caniveau
142004/10/17 The Plough, Plough Lane, Kington Langley, Chippenham SN15 5PY. Off the A350 N of Chippenham. ST911764 Sir Spider
142111/10/17 The Devonshire Arms, 139 Wellsway, Bath BA2 4RY. On the A367 S of Bath. AGPU follows hash! ST746633 Rapunzel
142218/10/17 The Crown Inn, Bath Road, Saltford BS31 3HJ. On the A4 Between Keynsham and Bath. ST683670 Fruitcake
142325/10/17 The Old Crown, 1 Crown Hill, Weston, Bath BA1 4BP. Between High Street and Weston Park Road. ST730662 No Shirt
142401/11/17 Park near Bath Cats and Dogs Home, The Avenue, Claverton Down BA2 7AZ. ST778641 Shrimp and Baguette
142508/11/17 The Neston Country Inn, Pool Green, Neston, Corsham, Wilts SN13 9SN. S of Leafield Industrial Estate. Please park on road. ST860684 L'escargot
142615/11/17 The Belvoir Castle, 32-33 Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA23EH. On the A36 at junction with Midland Road. ST738648 Sir Fat Controller
142722/11/17 TimbrellíS Yard, 49 St Margaret's Street, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1DE. ST825608 Le Caniveau
142829/11/17 Warmley Railway Station carpark, Station Close, Warmley BS15 4NJ. ST670735 Spiderman
142906/12/17 The Bull Inn, Hinton SN14 8HG. E of Bristol, between Pucklechurch and the A46. ST735767 Perky
143013/12/17 The Royal Oak, Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA2 3BW. At the jumction with Windsor Bridge. ST735648 Le Caniveau
143120/12/17 The Cross Keys, Midford Road, Combe Down BA2 5RZ. ST747619 Gazza
143227/12/17 The Bird In Hand, High Street, Saltford BS31 3EJ. ST686674 No Shirt and Fruitcake
143303/01/18 The Jolly Sailor, High Street, Hanham BS15 3DQ. ST641723 Sir Fat Controller
143410/01/18 The Catherine Wheel, High Street, Marshfield SN14 8LR. ST779737 L'Escargot
143517/01/18 The Metheun Arms, 2 The High Street, Corsham SN13 0HB. ST872702 Le Caniveau
143624/01/18 The Bear Hotel, 6-10 Wellsway, Bath BA2 3AQ. ST745638 Rapunzal
143731/01/18 The Rose and Crown, Parkfield Road, Pucklechurch, Bristol BS16 9PS. Off the B4465, NW Pucklechurch. ST696768 Sir Spiderman
143807/02/18 The Hadley Arms, North Road, Combe Down, Bath BA2 5DH. On the A3062 at the top of Ralph Allen Drive. ST760626 Shrimp and Baguette
143914/02/18 The King's Arms, 42 Monkton Farleigh BA15 2QH. SE of Batheaston. ST805654 Pinky
144021/02/18 St James' Wine Vaults, 10 St James' Street, Bath BA1 2TW. Off Julian Road, behind Royal Crescent. ST745655 Le Caniveau
144128/02/18 The Pulteney Arms, Daniel Street, Bath BA2 6ND. On the A36 at Bathwick. ST755651 Gazza
144207/03/18 The Horseshoe, 2 High Street, Chipping Sodbury BS37 6AH. ST725821 Sir Fat Controller
144314/03/18 The Butcher's Arms, 22 Bath Road, Longwell Green, E Bristol BS30 9DG. ST654714 Sir Spiderman
144421/03/18 The Lock Keeper, Keynsham BS31 2DD. Off the A4175, NE of Keynsham. ST660690 No Shirt
144528/03/18 The Northey Arms, Bath Road, Box SN13 8AE. On the A4. ST816686 Perky
144604/04/18 The Red Post Inn, Bath Road, Peasedown St John BA2 8JH. Off the A367, SW of Bath. ST698571 Le Caniveau
144711/04/18 The Globe Inn, Newton St. Loe, Bath BA2 9BB. At junction of A36 and A39 W of Bath. ST701652 Fruitcake
144818/04/18 The Inn, The Hill, Freshford BA2 7WG. Off the A36 SE of Bath. ST791600 Sir Spiderman
144925/04/18 Wellow public car park, Station Road (off the High Street), Wellow, S of Bath. ST741582 Shrimp and Baguette
145002/05/18 The White Harte, 111 London Road, Bridgeyate BS30 5NA. ST681732 Stiff
145109/05/18 The Compton Inn, Compton Dando BS39 4JZ. ST647646 L'Escargot
145216/05/18 Meet at Cross Hayes Public Car Park, behind High Street, Malmesbury, Wilts. ST933871 Sir Fat Controller
145323/05/18 The Hunters Rest, King Lane, Clutton Hill, Clutton BS39 5QL. NE of Clutton, between Chelwood and High Littleton. ST633600 No Shirt
145430/05/18 Park In Faukland village, near the closed Faukland Inn BA3 5UH, on the A366. Pub afterwards: Tuckers Grave BA3 5XF. Change from previous list. ST737544 Gazza
145506/06/18 The Temple Inn, Main Road, Temple Cloud, S of Bristol BS39 5DA. On The A37, S of Bristol. ST622580 Sir Spiderman
145613/06/18 The Fishermans Car Park, Shackwells Lake, Lower Hamswell BA1 9DE (very approximate postcode). S of the A420, W of the A46 near Nimlet. ST734709 Perky
145720/06/18 The Packhorse, Old School Hill, South Stoke BA2 7DU. Off the B3110 S of Bath. ST747612 Soprano
145827/06/18 The Poplars, Shop Lane, Wingfield, W of Trowbridge BA14 9LN. On the B3109 S of Bradford-On-Avon. ST821567 Le Caniveau
145904/07/18 The Fox and Hounds, 9 High Street, Colerne, Wilts SN14 8DB. ST817710 Shrimp and Baguette
146011/07/18 CHANGE OF VENUE! Meet at 5 Thirlmere Court, Bridgeyate, Bristol BS30 5XP in time for start of England v Croatia match at 7:00pm.. ST676727 Sir TFC
146118/07/18 The Jolly Sailor, Mead Lane, Saltford BS31 3ER. On the River Avon between Bristol and Bath. ST692679 Fruitcake and Horlicks
146225/07/18 The Carpenter's Tavern, Upton Lane, off Wells Road, Dundry BS41 8NE. Joint run with Bogs of Somerset HHH. ST565665 Walky Talky and No Shirt
146301/08/18 Spider's Webb, Cadbury Road, Keynsham BS31 1JW. Off The Wellsway S of Keynsham. ST660667 Sir Spiderman
146408/08/18 Stanton Prior Village BA2 9HT. Off the A39 E of Marksbury. Pub after T.B.A. ST678627 Pinky
146515/08/18 Lacock village, Wilts. SN15 2LW. Off the A350 between Chippenham and Melksham. Afterwards to The Red Lion, High Street, Lacock SN15 2LQ. ST917681 Sir TFC and Rhianna
Roll up for the Kennet and Avon HHH's Seventeenth Magical Mystery Hash. Le Caniveau
146722/08/18 Den and Cathy's, Northend, Batheaston BA1 7EG. ST778681 Soprano
146829/08/18 The Royal Oak, The Street, Leighterton, Tetbury, Glos. GL8 8UN. Off the A46 S of Nailsworth. ST822910 Chickpea
146905/09/18 The Bell Inn, Badminton Road, Chipping Sodbury BS27 6LL. On the A432 E of Chipping Sodbury. ST739816 Le Caniveau
147012/09/18 The Apple Tree Inn, Rag Hill, Shoscombe, Somerset BA2 8LS. ST712564 Gazza
147119/09/18 The Seven Stars, North Road, Timsbury. Turn left (E) off the A39 S of Marksbury onto the B3115. ST670589 No Shirt
147226/09/18 Palladium Electric, 110 High Street, Midsomer Norton BA2 3DA. New 'Spoons pub. ST665542 Sir TFC
147303/10/18 The Cross Guns, Avoncliff, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 2HB. Opposite Avoncliff Railway Station, SW of Bradford. ST805599 Sir Spider
147410/10/18 The Dog and Fox, Ashley Road, Bradford-On-Avon BA15 1RT. ST818617 Baguette and Shrimp
147517/10/18 The Rising Sun, Church Street, Pensford BS39 4AQ. Off the A37. Pub has small carpark, please park in road if possible. ST618637 Le Caniveau
147624/10/18 The White Hart, High Street, Bitton BS30 6HG. On A431 E of Bristol. ST681695 L'Escargot
147731/10/18 Meet at Charlotte Street Car Park main entrance, Bath BA1 2NB. Afterwards to the AGPU at The New Inn, 23-24 Monmouth Place, Bath BA1 2AY. ST746650 No Shirt and Fruitcake
147807/11/18 The Queen's Head, 29 Lower Hanham Road, Bristol BS15 8QP. ST643726 Sir TFC
147914/11/18 The Butcher's Arms, 22 Bath Road, Longwell Green, E Bristol BS30 9DG. On the A431 near the retail park. ST654714 Sir Spiderman
148021/11/18 The Seven Stars, Bradford Road, Winsley BA15 2LQ. Off the B3108 between Bradford On Avon and Limpley Stoke. ST799609 Pinky
148128/11/18 The Centurian Inn, Poolemead Road, Twerton, Bath BA2 1QR. Off Whiteway Road ST721645 Le Caniveau
148205/12/18 The Boat House, Newbridge Road, Bath BA1 3NB. ST717658 No Shirt
148312/12/18 The King William Inn, Tunley BA2 0EB. On the B3115 between Bath and Paulton. ST695595 L'Escargot
148419/12/18 The Pulteney Arms, 37 Daniel Street, Bath BA2 6ND. Off the A36 opposite Sydney Gardens. There definitely WILL be carols! And you'll join in! ST755651 Soprano
3:00pm start
Fruitcake and No Shirtís House. On the A4, Bath Road, Saltford, BS31 3JN. ST687667 Fruitcake
148602/01/19 The Larkhall Inn, St Savior's Road, Larkhall, Bath BA1 6SD. ST760665 Snail's Nuts
148709/01/19 The Wooden Walls Micro Pub, 30 Broad Street, Staple Hill, Bristol BS16 5NU. By the junction of Broad Street and Bath Street. ST650759 Sir TFC
148816/01/19 The Wishing Well, Wapley Road, Codrington, Bristol BS37 6RY. On the B4465 between Westerleigh and Tormarton. ST729788 Perky
148923/01/19 The Butcher's Arms, Timsbury Road, Farmborough BA2 0DH. Off the A39 S of Marksbury. ST664606 Sir Spiderman
149030/01/19 The New Inn, 90 Bath Hill, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1HN. ST652680 Fruitcake
149106/02/19 The Hadley Arms, North Road, Combe Down, Bath BA2 5DH. ST760626 Baguette and Shrimp
149213/02/19 The Queen's Head, High Street, Box, Wilts SN13 8NH. On the A4 between Bathampton and Corsham. ST825685 Le Caniveau
149320/02/19 The Cross Keys, Midford Road, Combe Down, Bath BA2 5RZ. On the B3110 S of Bath. ST747618 Public Enemy
149427/02/19 T.B.A. No Shirt
149506/03/19 The Stumble Inn, 29 Market Street, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1LL. New Micro Pub. On the A363, up the hill from the Dandy Lion. ST825610 Sir TFC
149613/03/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.
149720/03/19 T.B.A. Stiff
149827/03/19 Marshfield, off the A420. [Venue to be confirmed.] Miner's Boot
149903/04/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.
150010/04/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.
150117/04/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.
150224/04/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.
150301/05/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.
150408/05/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.

Hash-style runs are usually, but not exclusively, held on public land, footpaths, or roads. No guarantee can be made that this is always the case if, for instance, public footpaths are not clearly marked, either in situ or on maps; the ownership of the land is uncertain; or for any other reason. Each runner is free to decide whether or not to follow the marked course. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure his or her own safety and the safety of others, including non-participants, livestock and wildlife. Dogs are the responsibility of their owners/keepers. Children under sixteen years must be accompanied by, and are the responsibility of, their parents or carers. Each "hash" covers a different location and route, and is run without marshals or other officials. "Hash House Harriers" defines a style of social jogging and is not a legal entity.

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