Bristol Hash House Harriers Statistics

Run Number: 1020
Date: 01/12/02
Location: The George and Dragon, Pensford.
Hare(s): Paul Hodges

RunnersThis year Total
"Sweatmonster" Battye22204
Wendy Brandl22
"Duracell" Brown20342
"Public Enemy" Bryan23247
"Spiderman" Chamberlain36663
"Toreador" Coates16255
Julian Feather11
"Lunchbox" Green35538
"Rentahash" Hill1789
"Le Caniveau" Hodges21260
"Skippy" Hughes11
"Iron Maiden" Kelly1235
"Gazza" Kimmins25291
Jenny Lambert22
Tony Latham33
"Clemantine" Mansell3333
"Fat Controller" Mountford34767
Jon Stansfield11
"Adonis" Triplett868
"Wolfie" Wolff30693

Total Runners: 20