Bristol Hash House Harriers Statistics

Run Number: 1056
Date: 11/08/03
Location: The Hope Pole, Upper Bristol Road, Bath
Hare(s): Paul Mountford

RunnersThis year Total
"Wine, wine, wine" Barr132
"Old Legover" Bridgman1233
"Turtle" Clarke331
"Whiffy" Clarke282
"No no" Cox614
"Hookey" Lawrenson9255
"HBK" Littlewood1588
"Sleepy" Lucas877
"Soprano" McCarthy17207
"Fat Controller" Mountford21790
Mick Quinn55
"Cup Cake" Sleigh210
"Puki Jangut" Townsend23390
"Mad Max" Turner12239
"Wolfie" Wolff16710

Total Runners: 15

Joint run with Greyhound