Bristol Hash House Harriers Statistics

Run Number: 1103
Date: 27/06/04
Location: Severn View Services.
Hare(s): Paul Hodges

RunnersThis year Total
Kate Bradford44
Wendy Brandl419
"Duracell" Brown14374
"Spiderman" Chamberlain19722
"Lunchbox" Green9579
"Miss Led" Greenwood972
"Gullible" Greenwood14280
"Sewer Rat" Ham5156
"Le Caniveau" Hodges4276
"Hookey" Lawrenson10274
"HBK" Littlewood11110
"Sleepy" Lucas1599
"Clemantine" Mansell25104
"Soprano" McCarthy15231
"Lanky" Miller66
"Fat Controller" Mountford18822
Mary Nutley22
"Puki Jangut" Townsend17418
"Wolfie" Wolff13733

Total Runners: 19

On-on to The Boar's Head, Aust