Bristol Hash House Harriers Statistics

Run Number: 1146
Date: 17/04/05
Location: The George and Dragon, Pensford
Hare(s): Louise Walker, Paul Walker

RunnersThis year Total
"Wine, Wine, Wine" Barr140
"Duracell" Brown9392
"Public Enemy" Bryan11297
"Spiderman" Chamberlain12753
"Toreador" Coates5289
"Penelope Pitstop" Corcoran44
"Wet Wipe" Cox1531
"Gullible" Greenwood11302
"Rentahash" Hill8137
Simon Hill762
Flora Hodges551
"Le Caniveau" Hodges5285
"Gazza" Kimmins12359
"HBK" Littlewood9126
"Clemantine" Mansell13137
Steve Marsh11
"Fat Controller" Mountford11852
Rheanna Mountford514
"Puki Jangut" Townsend10447
"Mad Max" Turner12278
"Hurry Up!" Walker58
"Syphilis" Walker915

Total Runners: 22