Bristol Hash House Harriers Statistics

Run Number: 1176
Date: 14/11/05
Location: The Prince of Waterloo, Winford
Hare(s): Kelly King

RunnersThis year Total
"Sweatmonster" Battye18264
"Lightning" Blewitt13171
"Spiderman" Chamberlain36777
"Wet Wipe" Cox3854
"Double O" Dearness11
"Rentahash" Hill19148
Simon Hill1671
Flora Hodges1561
"Le Caniveau" Hodges18298
Courtney Hopkins11
"Iron Maiden" Kelly975
Chloe King11
Jamie King11
"Mini Ha Ha" King12
"Hookey" Lawrenson11295
"HBK" Littlewood23140
"Sleepy" Lucas33149
"Baby Mullet" McMillan22
"Mrs Mullet" McMillan33
"Stiff" McMillan45
"Fat Controller" Mountford32873
Rheanna Mountford1827
"Far Too Far" Nutley1219
"Dyson With Death" Nutley68
"Swiss Tony" Plumley12
"Whyno" Shiell11
"Roger The Lodger" Thorn11
"Puki Jangut" Townsend30467
"Stretch" Tuckfield123
"S*x Goddess" Warren11
"Wolfie" Wolff24772

Total Runners: 31