NEXT RUN (Sunday, 21/07/24): The Blue Bowl, Bristol Road, West Harptree BS40 6HJ. Full list HERE.

ello, and a warm welcome to the Bristol Hash House Harriers' website. Bristol Hash, "BH3", was founded in 1983 by Aza Adlam (who previously Hashed in Hong Kong) with the first run from The Miners' Rest, Long Ashton.

We run, usually, within about fifteen miles of the centre of the City and County of Bristol, an historic inland port in the West of England. Runs are usually about four miles long (although keener "hashers" can go further) and take place from carefully-selected pubs every Sunday at 11.00 am (with a few exceptions - check the RUN LIST).

Fitness is NOT a pre-requisite and sociability and friendship takes priority over competitiveness. See "What IS Hashing?" in the panel on left for what Hashing is all about, and also visit the sites of the many other clubs in the area, and throughout the world. If you'd like to try Hashing, put on some old jogging togs and get to one of the venues described in the RUN LIST (don't be late; we start on time). All ages, creeds and sexes are welcome, as are dogs (as long as they bring responsible owners). We look forward to seeing you!

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